` NATO Air Force ' Manoeuvres have Commenced in ` Lithuania ' with United States, Germany and Sweden '

#AceWorldNews – VILNIUS – April 01 – Two-day manoeuvres of the NATO Air Force with the participation of warplanes of Lithuania, the United States, Germany, as well as NATO partner – Sweden, have begun in Lithuania on Tuesday.

The Lithuanian Defence Ministry reported that the manoeuvres would focus on drilling search and rescue operations, as well as interaction of the Air Force with civil aviation.

The manoeuvres will be held at the military airfield of the Zokniai air base, as well as at Vilnius International Airport and at Palanga International Airport.

“The NATO Air Force manoeuvres demonstrate the alliance’s solidarity and readiness to fulfil the allied commitments.

They give an opportunity to Lithuanian military to improve their skills and interaction with the allies,” Lithuanian Defence Minister Juozas Olekas said.


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` Political Section of the `Ukrainian-EU Association Agreement ‘ was signed at two-day Summit ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS, March 21. – The political part of the Ukrainian-EU Association Agreement was signed in Brussels on Friday on the sidelines of the two-day EU summit.

The first to affix their signatures to the document were the chairmen of the European Council and the European Commission, Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Manuel Barroso.
After them, the agreement was signed by Arseny Yatsenyuk appointed by the Supreme Rada as Ukrainian prime minister, and after him, by the heads of the 28 states and governments of the European Union.

The association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and the member states was originally planned to be concluded at the Eastern Partnership summit on November 28-29, 2013, in Vilnius.

However, a week before, the Ukrainian cabinet headed by Nikolai Azarov suspended the preparation for the signing.

After the decision, the opposition started mass protest demonstrations, which developed into violent clashes with police and led to the change of power in Ukraine.


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` Lithuania’s suspends broadcasting of `Russian TV ‘ Channel ‘

#AceWorldNews – Lithuania’s commission for radio and television broadcasting, which supervises the operations of radio and TV relay networks and reports to the national parliament, has suspended for three months the programming of the Russian channel NTV-mir via cable networks.

The decision to take the channel off the air was taken unanimously but it is also to be confirmed by court.
Commission chairman Edmundas Vaitekunas said that Lithuanian legislation prohibits the dissemination of data enticing the audiences to war, having a deceptive character and/or containing calls for physical reprisals targeting a group of people.

The commission’s claims against NTV-mir are linked to the airing of a documentary that discussed the events in Vilnius in January 1991, which cause heated political debates in Lithuania even now.

The country’s authorities offer a sharp reaction to any interpretations from the officially appointed one. In October 2013, First Baltic Channel was fined for airing a talk show on the same issue and was also denied access to relay broadcasting for three months.

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#Ukraine : Members of the `Ukrainian Parliament’ Set to Debate Constitutional Changes”

#AceNewsservices says `Ukraine MPs to debate constitutional changes Members of the Ukrainian Parliament are set to debate new constitutional changes aimed at resolving the current political crisis in the Eastern European country.

UKRAINE-POLITICS-PARLIAMENT-BUDGETAccording to Press TV the parliamentary session was suspended until Wednesday after Ukrainian lawmakers failed to strike a deal on Tuesday on the proposed reforms that curb the powers of the country’s President Viktor Yanukovych.

The parliamentarians will meet in a bid to resolve the current crisis although the members of the ruling party and the opposition remain as divided as ever.

The western-backed opposition is pressing for a return to the 2004 constitution, which does not let the president appoint the prime minister and the entire government as well as regional governors.

The opposition also wants unconditional amnesty for those detained in anti-government protests across the former Soviet Republic.

The Ukrainian government has already granted his opponents a series of concessions, including an amnesty for jailed demonstrators, except for those who were suspected of committing major crimes.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and the entire cabinet have resigned and a series of laws restricting the protests has been abolished.

Authorities believe the president could call early elections if no other way is found to end the turmoil.

Ukraine has been rocked by anti-government protests since Yanukovych refrained from signing an Association Agreement with the European Union (EU) at the third Eastern Partnership Summit in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, on November 29, 2013 in favor of closer ties with Russia.

Kiev and Moscow reached a strategic economic and trade deal last December, which provides Ukraine with significant discounts on imported Russian gas and billions of dollars in credit.



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