#AceNewsServices Sen David Vitter is pushing back against…

#AceNewsServices – Sen. David Vitter is pushing back against a legislative proposal that alludes to his prior connection to a prostitution scandal.

In a letter to the Senate #Ethics Committee, the Louisiana Republican seeks an investigation of Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Ethics Chairwoman Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., contending that the offices of the two senators are running afoul of the rules with “attempted #bribery.”

Politico reported that Senate Democrats have drafted an amendment to pending energy efficiency legislation that would keep lawmakers from getting employer contributions for their federal health benefits in the new health exchanges under Obamacare if there is “probable cause” that the lawmaker solicited prostitutes.http://blogs.rollcall.com/wgdb/vitter-seeks-ethics-investigation-of-reid-boxer-over-prostitution-amendment/

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