#AceWorldNews – ROMANIA – November 03 – Romanian PM Victor Ponta has won the first round of the country’s presidential elections.

'Victor Ponta Wins First Round of Presidential Elections '

‘Victor Ponta Wins First Round of Presidential Elections ‘

Meanwhile the foreign ministry only sent 600,000 ballots to its embassies, although there are 3 million Romanian voters living abroad.


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SCOTLAND: ‘ Britain’s Banks Quietly Move Millions of Bank-Notes North of Border ‘

#AceNewsServices – SCOTLAND – September 16 – Britain’s banks have been quietly moving millions of banknotes north of the border to cope with any surge in demand by Scots to withdraw cash in the event of a Yes vote in Thursday’s independence referendum, it has emerged.

'Moving the Money Finally Britain Realises its a YES  '

‘Moving the Money Finally Britain Realises its a YES ‘

Sources told The Independent the moves have been taking place over the past week or so in order to make sure ATMs do not run out on Friday in the event of a panic reaction to a “yes” vote. There have been some suggestions that people will want to move their money to English banks in the event of an independence vote.

Bankers stressed there has been no sign yet of any increase in the amount of withdrawals from deposit accounts or ATMs, stressing that there was no need because the Bank of England has pledged to stand behind all accounts for at least 18 months in the event of a “yes” vote.

However, concerns about how safe is their cash still linger. It was this that led to RBS and Lloyds last week to reassure customers that they would be moving their registration addresses south of the border.

As a result, part of the banks’ contingency plans has been to ship more cash to secure locations in Scotland in readiness to keep up with the potential increase in demand.

Sources at major banks said they had been issuing clear instructions to their Scottish branches to reassure customers there was no reason to panic.

The revelation comes as David Cameron made an impassioned plea to the people of Scotland to reject independence, telling them that the UK was not just “any old country” and that millions of people would be “utterly heartbroken” if it was broken up. 


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` Voters Waited in Long Queues to Cast their Ballots in the Third Stage of ` India’s Nine-Phase ‘ Elections ‘

#AceWorldNews – New Delhi – April 10 – (ALJ) – Voters in New Delhi waited in long queues to cast ballots in the third stage of India’s nine-phased parliamentary elections, with hopes of controlling inflation, ushering in development and ending corruption.

Residents of the capital on Thursday started gathering at the poll stations in the early hours under the watchful eye of thousands of police and election authorities.

An estimated 12.7 million voters will decide the outcome of seven lower house seats for which 150 candidates of several political parties are contesting.


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Egypt: ” Ninety Eight Percentage Voter’s Back New Military-Backed Constitution”

#AceWorldNews says More than 98 percent of Egypt’s voters have approved a new, military-backed constitution, said the country’s High Election Commission on Saturday. 38.6 percent of the country’s more than 53 million eligible voters participated in the referendum on the constitution. The approved constitution will replace the one signed into law by Mohamed Morsi, the former Islamist president. Morsi was overthrown in a military coup in July last year. The Muslim Brotherhood movement that backed the former president had called for a boycott of the two-day vote and to stage anti-government protests.

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