AceNewsServices – Featured Post:FRANCE:Jan.08: As anyone who knows me well and reads my news regularly, l always like to give both sides to every story. In this case l have been asked by the writer would l feature this post, l have agreed and here it is:   

Hello fellow humans, Muslims and Non Muslims, once again we stand divided and divisive on world matters.

What happened yesterday in France is just so terrible, I seriously have no right words to express my horror, my sadness at this nightmare that left twelve people dead in the Charlie Hebdo attack, as a journalist I am greatly grieved and angered for the death of eight fellow journalists, followed by two police officers, a maintenance worker and a visitor.

In recent years, space for journalists seems to be shrinking for varied reasons and these attacks are a tip of the iceberg of what will follow. Now coming to the point, as I watched international news of the event unfold with headlines and bold boxes with Ces musulmans, questi pazzi terroristi musulmani, those terrorist Muslims etc and etc, I was again back into my numb state.

At work with some western colleagues I passed through repetitive cycle of apology  that was demanded for this latest act done by us Muslims. As a Muslim, I understood that in 21 century we will need to apologize all the time, because Islam and Muslims ARE always on trial.

Such people would not believe the emotions that run in our hearts every-time a terrorist attacks happens anywhere in the world by alleged Islamist militant groups. Despite showing solidarity and expressing my condolences, most spent the day was spent being recipient of countless emails, demanding this, that when all in all they probably wanted my blood. Sighs, another regular day in the life of a Pakistani Muslim…

Some hours later my computer screen got lambasted with the image, news of a twitter hashtag that kinda made me think, am having a bad dream and going to wake up any moment. While its sad to see that in name of freedom of expression such things are actually thriving on social media like Twitter with its trending hashtag #KillAllMuslims.

Now just to make it clear,this is not a defense of Islam, nor is this a defense of 1.6 Millions of normal regular going Muslims that are under fire for the actions of a minority group. But what strikes most is that all sort of expressions that are full of hatred, toxicity and negativity against Muslims and Islam are allowed to thrive. Since going viral, the hashtag is trending very interesting reactions and I will share some of them here.

French media silence is telling

The maddening crowd.


White Supremacy anyone?

True Western Patriots, Indeed.

Terminate Muslims, Pls Save Western Civilizations

Ok we get it

Since 2013, the hastag was circulating at a low-level, but it’s getting boosted by the attacks and also thanks to a Twitter user based in the US that had posted provocative material related to Islam.

As France, struggles to cope with the aftermath of nightmarish Charlie Hedbo attack, that global community is criticizing the negative sentiments of the offensively provocative hashtag #KillAllMuslims



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#AceNewsServices – PAKISTAN:Featured Post:Dec.27: This fellow blogger and friend posted this after the carnage of Peshawar and was kind enough to add a link to all my stories, l feel honoured and in tribute this is the post:

There was a point in my life when stress almost killed me, but here I am almost one week after the Peshawar Carnage, still alive but with a dimmed soul that is still grappling to come to terms with all that has passed over us, as a nation.

To say 2014 was a trying year for Pakistan is an understatement, because every year is more or less the same for us. Annually thousands of Pakistanis lose their lives and livelihoods in this game of intra-international state politics and the militant factions. Both are trying to use their triumph cards to gain the control of this totally out of control country, or is it that out of control really?

Despite crying tears of blood, grieving and burying some 150 innocent lives, most Pakistanis have gone about functioning their daily daily routines and done what they do or have to do.

This resilience is what makes, Pakistan a very unique country with a very conscious nation whose souls maybe broken, but they carry on. 

The whole country is buzzing with so much activity and I want to share with readers, some exceprts of these, through cartoons.

These cartoons are sketched by national award winning cartoonists whose work is a daily section of our newspapers, for my readers’ ease I have chosen English language based work.

I: Cartoonist Zahoor’s work, Dawn Newspaper

Unfortunate Pakistani Mothers Look Upon Sky Bleeding

II: Cartoonist Maxim’s work, The Nation Newspaper

Summation of Reality

III: Cartoonist Maxim has captured the essence of reality behind Peshawar carnage, The Nation Newsdaily

Prime Minister Seeking Divine Assistance?!

IV: Cartoonist Khalid Hussain’s work depicts the Pakistani mothers’s plight by linking to Humanity and Future of Pakistan, The DailyTimes Newspaper

Power Struggle: Leaves Humanity Dying

V: Cartoonist Khalid Hussain depicts nation’s fury & the military’s will for flushing terrorism from Pakistan, for those who kill innocent citizens are basically enemies of humanity and our homeland, Pakistan. The DailyTimes, Newspaper

Military Offensive on Enemies of Pakistan

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the readers and editors for the wishes, support, reblogs and messages full of love, compassion and solidarity with The Human Lens, myself and my country.  These are helped me immensely beyond words can express, truly.

Yes, my soul maybe battered and bruised, but am not yet beaten yet. 

Pakistan Zindabad. 

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#NSA Fake War on Terror: ” Hidden Agenda as Prevention of Terrorist Attacks”

#AceSecurityNews says the US National Security Agency’s spying programs are not aimed at preventing terrorist attacks, but the agency’s “fake war on terror” is about “control and dominance,” says Stephen Lendman, an author and radio show host in Chicago.

Activist Friend Bomb“The #NSA claiming its spying to foil terror is a bald-faced lie,” Lendman said in an interview on Wednesday. The claims are “absolutely false,” he said. “I have proved it myself in my own writings over a number of years.”

The American activist said the #NSA spying “is not about foiling terrorism. It’s about control. It’s about dominance at home. It’s about ending personal privacy.”

Lendman called for a halt in the US government’s widespread spying activities. “Something needs to be done about it,” he said.

According to a recent study by the New American Foundation, the #NSA’s massive data collection has barely helped the United States thwart terrorist attacks.

#NSA spying revelations over the past six months have caused “a lot of public outrage,” Lendman said. But the outrage has not been enough to change government’s surveillance policies, he added.

“Unfortunately it does not translate into street action, it does not translate into activism. There may be a lot of angry Americans around, but they’re doing pathetically little to protect their own rights.

Stephen Lendman’s MP4


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