' Warwick School Children Have a Taste of Being Homeless for Charity '

#AceUKNews – WARWICKSHIRE – June 09 – Eleven and 12-year-old boys from Warwick School had a small taste of the life of a homeless person for a night to raise funds for a homelessness charity.

One hundred year seven pupils at the school spent a night sleeping in cardboard boxes outdoors as part of the school’s fundraising efforts for Emmaus, which aims to help homeless people find permanent living arrangements.

Not only did the boys have to sleep in cardboard shelters, but they also first had to build them, using plastic bags and tape to help make them as waterproof as possible.

And then to help gear up for the night, the youngsters took part in a variety of physical and mental challenges, including a bungee run, dodge ball game, a quiz and team building exercises. Then a chapel service was held, which included a talk given by a representative from Emmaus.

The boys were then served soup by their headteacher Gus Lock at 11.30pm, before they attempted to get some sleep.

Emmaus was founded in Paris in 1949 and was brought to the UK 40 years later. It has now branches across the country. To find out more about the organisation, visit www.emmaus.org.uk

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