` Anti-Secrecy Group WikiLeaks Plans to Publish Name of Country Targeted by NSA ‘

` Journalist’s are Honoured at ` Pulitzer Prize Awards ‘ in Difficult and Dangerous Times ‘

` Obama Authorises Deployment of ` Military Aircraft ' in Attempt to Continue Hunt for Warlord Kony '

NSA : ` Program ` Mystic ‘ is Capable of Recording ` 100 ‘ Percent of every Phone Call across entire Nation’s’

` American Lawmakers announce that the `US ‘ will give up `Federal Governments ‘ oversight of administration of the Internet ‘

#Brazil : ” Rio protests over`Public Transportation Price’ Erupt in Violence “

#Poland : ” Allegation’s of `Secret Prison’ for `Terror Suspects’ and that the `CIA Paid $15 Million’ to Keep it Open”

#AceWorldNews says according to the latest post on…

The Koch brothers and their wealthy allies pledged…

#NSA “Trying to Develop a Computer that Could Ultimately Break Most Encryption Programs”

“ Privacy What Privacy as Country After Country Plan Next Step of Spying on their own People”

U.S. Says #WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Unlikely To Face Charges

#NSA Pledges to Expand Powers to Obtain your Data it is Called Simply #Implant

US Media Players – Had Connection to Contractors and other Organisations -#syria

Chaos and Corruption in Obama’s Washington

NSA Studying Social Media Connections Using Social Graphing

No PRISM. No Surveillance. No Government Back Doors. You Have our Word on it.