UK: ” Wealthiest Parents Should Pay Same Fees to Send Their Children to Top State School’s”

#AceNewsServices says the that the wealthiest parents should have to pay the same fees to send their children to a top state school as they would to an independent school, a leading headteacher has proposed.

The Guardian goes on to report that Independent schools should also offer a quarter of their places to children from the poorest of backgrounds, according to Anthony Seldon, the master at Wellington College.

In a report published by the Social Market Foundation (SMF), Seldon calls for a radical wave of reforms to end the divide between state and independent schools, enhance social mobility and offer young people a more rounded education.

Seldon believes his proposals will widen access to private education and bring new money into the state system, as well as incentivise state schools to perform better and reduce the domination of places at the top state schools by the children of well-off parents.

He said: “Social mobility in Britain has been declining and the gulf between independent and state schools has been growing. Only radical proposals such as these will address this problem. And they are long overdue.

“These proposals are sensible, workable and fair, and if enacted would result in much better and fairer education for all.”

One proposal would see popular state schools being means tested, with the most affluent parents being charged for their children to attend top schools.

Families earning more than £80,000 a year should contribute financially, with those earning over £200,000 a year having to pay the full price of their children’s education at the best state schools. Fees should be the same for the wealthy as those charged at independent day schools.

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