(LONDON) Universal Credit FACT CHECKED Reality Report: Before the chancellor cut the taper rate, a universal credit claimant earning £9,000 a year from a part-time job would be taking home 37p of an extra £1 earned #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.25: About 40% of claimants are working. And the taper rate, as it is known, has been cut from 63p to 55p – for each £1 earned: But this can still leave claimants effectively paying very high rates of tax.

#AceDailyNews BBC FACT CHECKED News Report: The universal credit claimants effectively paying top tax rates and the government has cut the amount of benefits universal credit claimants lose if they earn money.

By Anthony Reuben
BBC Reality Check

Woman with bill

In fact, they can end up taking home a smaller proportion of an extra £1 earned than someone earning £150,000 a year.

Here, are five examples of workers paying very high effective tax rates. 

Now, that rises to 45p – but that is still the equivalent of a pretty high tax rate.

Now consider an employee, for example a parent, earning enough to pay income tax – so at least £12,570 a year – but still entitled to universal credit.

Even with the lower taper rate, they are still taking home only 31p of an extra £1 earned.

The taper rate is applied after income tax and National Insurance have been paid, which is why, in this example, it is taking 37p of an extra £1 earned and not 55p.

Income tax rates and bands are slightly different in Scotland. There is a 19% starter rate for income tax between earnings of £12,570 and £14,667. But in this case, that would still leave our worker taking home 31p of an extra £1 earned.

Child benefit is paid to families to help with the costs of raising children. 

It is £21.15 a week for the first child and £14 a week for each additional child.

But the benefit is withdrawn gradually for those earning between £50,000 and £60,000.

Consider someone with three children, earning £50,500 a year. 

The loss of child benefit means for an extra £1 earned, they take home 32p.

The higher rate of income tax in Scotland is 41%, so our worker with three children, earning £50,500, would keep 31p of an extra £1 earned.

In Scotland, people start paying the 41% higher rate of income tax when they are earning £43,663 a year.

In the rest of the UK, they start paying a 40% higher rate at £50,271 a year. 

But National Insurance rates are the same throughout the UK, which means a worker in Scotland earning between £43,663 and £50,271 would be paying both the higher rate of income tax and the 12% higher rate of National Insurance at the same time, meaning they take home only 47p of an extra £1 earned.

In the rest of the UK, employees earning that much would be paying only 20% income tax, so would take home 68p of an extra £1 earned – 21p more than their Scottish counterparts.

People do not have to start paying income tax until they are earning more than £12,570 a year.

This is called the personal allowance.

But the personal allowance is withdrawn at a rate of £1 of allowance for every extra £2 earned above £100,000.

So those earning more than £100,000 a year start paying tax on part of their earnings they did not previously have to pay tax on.

And this means someone earning between £100,000 and £125,140 a year would take home 38p of an extra £1 earned. In Scotland, it would be 37p.

All of these people are taking home less of an extra £1 earned than somebody earning more than £150,000 and paying what is supposedly the top rate of tax.

That person would take home 53p of an extra £1 earned.

Bear in mind all of these figures are the current rates – National Insurance rates will be rising in April.

We asked the Treasury why some workers pay much higher rates of tax than people earning considerably more but have not received a reply. 

Cliff edges 

In all the examples above, somebody earning an extra £1 still gets to keep some of this extra money – but there are situations in which earning an extra £1 could actually make someone worse off overall. These are known as cliff edges.

For example, if you earn less than £50,270 and your husband, wife or civil partner earns less than £12,570, they can use marriage allowance to transfer £1,260 of their income tax personal allowance to you.

That would mean you no longer needed to pay income tax on £1,260 of your earnings, saving you £252 a year.

But if you earned an extra £1, putting you on £50,271, you would no longer be eligible for marriage allowance, leaving you almost £252 a year worse off.

In Scotland, the cliff edge would be at £43,662 a year.

Cliff edges also occur with other schemes, including the personal savings allowance and tax-free childcare.

The comparable tax rate for somebody outside Scotland earning £44,000 a year was corrected. 

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(LONDON) GOVUK REPORT: Welfare standards for dogs imported to the UK are to be tightened amid a rise in the “grim trade” of puppy smuggling, the government has said #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.21: They were just a fraction of the 66,000 dogs imported into the UK in 2020 but the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said poor treatment and smuggling was on the increase…..

#AceDailyNews says puppy smuggling on the rise in cases prompts new welfare rules from U.K. government …Plans include raising the minimum age for imported puppies from 15 weeks to 6 months and banning the importing of dogs with cropped ears or docked tails.

Tara, a puppy cared for by the Dogs Trust
Tara was less than five weeks old and sick with a potentially deadly virus when she was smuggled into Dover

Bringing heavily pregnant dogs into the UK would also be banned.

The number of puppies seized at the border jumped from 324 in 2019 to 843 last year.

In one case, four beagle puppies were found – hungry, dehydrated and just eight weeks old – in the back of an abandoned vehicle in London. 

They were believed to have been illegally imported from the Republic of Ireland.

Six puppies, too young to be imported, were seized at the port of Dover after being smuggled from Romania. Covered in sticky oil and suffering from diarrhoea, they had been travelling in a van for 24 hours.

By raising the minimum age for importing puppies, the government hopes to prevent them from being separated from their mothers too early, which can increase their risk of illness and death.

The rise in puppy smuggling comes amid a surge in demand for puppies during the last 18 months of coronavirus lockdowns, with prices in some areas more than doubling to an average of almost £1,900 each

Chewie, a one-year-old Yorkshire terrier cross, was one of 11 puppies rescued by police from the back of a van in Nottinghamshire in March. The puppies are thought to have been imported from Ireland to be sold in the UK and were found in a carrier bag and a guinea pig cage.

Sadly five or six of the puppies died from illness, but Chewie escaped without any long-term issues, says owner Elizabeth Morgan, who rehomed him from the RSPCA.”He’s doing really well…[but] he doesn’t like carrier bags or cardboard boxes,” Elizabeth told BBC Breakfast.Dogs TrustThis puppy in the care of the Dogs Trust was found covered in oilAnimal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith said: “

“Puppy smuggling is a grim trade, and we are determined to clamp down on it.”Raising the minimum import age for puppies will help protect thousands of animals that are brought into the country each year and stop criminals looking to profit from the rise in demand for pets.” Animal welfare charities say cropped ears – when dogs have their outer ears surgically altered or removed to make them look more aggressive – have also been on the rise, despite being banned in the UK since 2006.

Dogs TrustThere has been a huge increase in commercial imports of puppies to the UK, according to the RSPCAThe RSPCA has said reports of ear cropping have risen more than sevenfold over the past five years.Most are thought to have undergone the painful procedure abroad and under the proposed new rules – which the government said would be put out for consultation – dogs with cropped ears would be prevented from entering the country, Defra said.Owen Sharp, chief executive of Dogs Trust, which has campaigned for a crackdown on puppy smuggling, said the charity had cared for more than 2,000 puppies seized at UK borders since 2015.”We have seen puppies as young as four weeks old being smuggled into the country and dogs with open wounds from ear cropping as well as heavily pregnant dogs close to giving birth,” he said.

Dogs Trust: Springer spaniel Befa was transported in a cat carrier crammed with puppies for thousands of miles from SlovakiaBut he said he hoped the new rules would include tougher penalties for illegal imports of dogs. Only a handful of cases had ever been prosecuted under existing laws and the penalties were “no deterrent”, Mr Sharp said.Vet, broadcaster and animal welfare campaigner Dr Marc Abraham said legal and illegal importation of young puppies had encouraged dog exploitation and poor welfare practices for years.He said the new proposals represented “significant progress in the fight against these cruel practices”.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Aug.21: 2021;

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(LONDON) Press Release Statement Report: Environment Secretary George Eustice said: UK launches first ever action plan to improve the welfare and conservation of animals at home and abroad #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.12: Now that we have left the EU, the UK has new freedoms to further strengthen animal welfare standards and reinforce its position as a global champion of animal rights.

LONDON: UK to lead the way on animal welfare through flagship new Action Plan: ‘In a first of its kind, the Government has today published an action plan for animal welfare that will revolutionise the treatment of animals in the UK and introduce measures to protect the welfare of animals abroad’

The Action Plan for Animal Welfare, launched today by the Environment Secretary George Eustice, will build on our existing world leading standards by recognising animals as sentient in law and committing to a range of new game changing welfare measures to protect pets, livestock and wild animals.

During a visit to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, the Environment Secretary said that the Government would take a significant step forwards on animal welfare by formally recognising animals as sentient beings through a new Animal Sentience Bill that will be introduced to Parliament tomorrow (13 May), putting animal welfare at the very heart of government policy decision making.

Launching the plan, the Environment Secretary George Eustice said:

We are a nation of animal lovers and were the first country in the world to pass animal welfare laws.

Our Action Plan for Animal Welfare will deliver on our manifesto commitment to ban the export of live animal exports for slaughter and fattening, prohibit keeping primates as pets and bring in new laws to tackle puppy smuggling.

We will lead on the protection of animals abroad by implementing the world’s toughest ivory ban and banning the import of hunting trophies to protect iconic species. As an independent nation we are now able to go further than ever to build on our excellent track record.

The Action Plan for Animal Welfare also sets out how the government will:

Improve welfare for pets by:

  • tackling puppy smuggling through changes to import rules
  • introducing compulsory microchipping for cats
  • cracking down on pet theft through a new government taskforce
  • banning remote controlled training e-collars

Protect wild animals by:

  • making it illegal to keep primates as pets
  • introducing new laws to crack down on illegal hare coursing
  • supporting legislation to restrict the use of glue traps
  • funding wildlife conservation projects both at home abroad

Protect animals abroad by:

  • banning the import of hunting trophies from endangered animals
  • banning the sale of ivory by implementing the Ivory Act this year
  • prohibiting the import and export of detached shark fins to protect the iconic shark species
  • exploring a ban on the sale of foie gras
  • banning the advertisement in this country of unacceptable low-welfare animal practices abroad – such as elephant rides

Improve welfare for farmed animals by:

  • ending the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter
  • introducing new measures to improve welfare during transport
  • giving the police more powers to protect farm animals from dangerous or out of control dogs
  • examining the use of cages for poultry and farrowing crates for pigs
  • improving animal welfare at slaughter
  • incentivising farmers to improve animal health and welfare through future farming policy

To deliver these reforms, the Government will be introducing a series of Bills in due course focusing on animal sentience, kept animals here in the UK and the welfare of animals. There will also be a series of non-legislative changes to promote animal welfare over the coming months, with a number of regulations due to be brought forward as early as this year.

The Government will also ensure that animal welfare is not compromised in all our future trade negotiations.

The UK has a world-leading record on animal welfare, and over the last decade the Government has introduced a range measures to ensure we offer animals the care, respect and protection they deserve. This includes banning the use of battery cages for laying hens, introducing compulsory CCTV in slaughter houses and raising the maximum sentence for animal cruelty from six months to five years.

Chris Sherwood said, Chief Executive of the RSPCA said:

These announcements will make a real and lasting difference to animals’ welfare, so we’re pleased the Government is committed to improving animals’ lives in the UK and abroad. We can no longer ignore the inextricable link that exists between the way we treat animals, our own health and that of the planet – but to really achieve a step change, it will take courage from right across Government.

We urge the government to put animal welfare at the heart of policy making and make these announcements just the beginning of an evolving, holistic animal health and welfare strategy.

Peter Laurie, Chief Executive of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home said:

Battersea very much welcomes the new Action Plan for Animal Welfare. Every dog and cat deserves to be safe from harm and this means clamping down on those trading animals illegally and in poor welfare conditions, being proactive to protect owners from the devastation of having their pet lost or stolen, and doing everything we can to reunite them.

Our pets are not only sentient beings, but much-loved family members and we support any measures that will protect them from unnecessary suffering, and reassure dog and cat owners, both now and in the future.

Claire Bass, Executive Director of Humane Society International/UK said:

We are very pleased to see so many commitments to protect animals brought into focus by government through this action plan. Britain prides itself as a nation of animal lovers and animals suffering both here and overseas for food, fur, entertainment, the pet trade and more deserve this proactive agenda.

Delivering on the plan will require understanding and real commitment from across Whitehall. Respect for animal welfare is not only the right thing to do for animals, it will also play a critical role in tackling global environmental and public health challenges such as climate change, antibiotic resistance and pandemic prevention.

Since 2010, the Government has also brought in mandatory microchipping for dogs to help reunite lost dogs with their owners and has introduced additional protection for service animals by introducing ‘Finn’s Law’. Last year, the Government introduced Lucy’s Law to tackle puppy farming by banning the commercial third-party sales of puppies and kittens. In 2019, the Government also outlawed the use of wild animals in circuses.

Recognising the links between animal health and welfare and the health of our planet, the Government is also working closely with industry to transform future farming policy through the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway which will forge a new deal between government and farmers to promote healthier and higher welfare animals. The Pathway will pay farmers to improve animal health and welfare, reduce carbon emissions and slow the rise of anti-microbial resistance.

The full Action Plan for Animal Welfare can be accessed here.

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#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: May.12: 2021:

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UK: “Cameron Says Speak English or Lose Benefits Even if You Are Entitled”

#AceNewsServices says according to the Daily Mail today David Cameron plans to strip ,welfare handouts from immigrants, that refuse to speak English.
His reason’s for wanting to destroy any form of “Welfare Benefits” are clear that his party want to cut ,slash and burn people worse off ,we are at the beginning of that, with his latest raft of measures.
Well now he turns to the immigrants of this country, and wants to find a way to stop them claiming benefits, his idea is to stop printing welfare paperwork in foreign languages, and stop claimants from using tax-payer funded translators at benefit offices.
Of course this is the first step in changing a policy of what has become an open-door policy, to closing our borders to anyone who does not fit!
For many years we have allowed people from other countries to become resident’s and work in job’s that over the past 10 years, many British people would not do, reason being low wages. l know of at least 3 people local to me that earn a measly £2.50 per hour for shop work. One of the places that have many immigrants, including Polish, Romanian and Bulgarians have worked for years, is the hotel and restaurant trade, that would barely survive without them!

Well l say it is one step too far, when we use a language barrier as a way ,to stop people claiming what in many cases could be rightfully their’s.

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Universal Credit Simplifying the Welfare System by Making People Pay

Ace News Group For a while l have followed the roll-out  by the UK Government of  their “Universal Credit” scheme, its is billed by politicians as the way to simplify the welfare system ,by guiding people back into work!

Of course as with all “Government Initiatives” there is a person tasked to front this policy in this case it is Iain Duncan Smith and so far he is keeping a lot of people in this country happy with the result! The reason being that the emphasis is for those that work and pay their taxes, whilst the scroungers get it all for free! Now everyone wants a government to spend their taxes wisely, so it is a winner as far as it goes!

So concept good on the face of it, but as my personal investigations have uncovered, behind what looks good for some, hides the real truth for others! In this instance the part in this latest system about “Making Sure Work Pays” well my insider source says it does, for the contracted service companies that get paid for providing a job, any job, as long as you work!  Now the pay can be low, the conditions can be unfair and the consequences can lead to tribunals and even dismissal ,as my source has confirmed. But as long as you do not turn up on the unemployment register as an applicant claiming welfare benefits ,that suits this government just fine!

As a lot of people are aware a number of employers have signed up to this contract and it enables these companies to get cheap labour, on short-term contracts and unburden the register for the unemployed, massaging the figures and making this government, look as if they are looking after the people’s interest.

So it is a real vote winner for the government, welfare system and unemployment!

But these companies do not care about all that, they just want you to work in any job, and of course they get paid for providing such a service, but according to my source their tactics are not very humane, their interview techniques are questionable and their methods would lead one to believe we are back in the 1930’s not living in this day and age. The problem is that my source had to take a job working on a third-party contract for a Property and Maintenance Services company ,providing their services to the NHS and on a 24 hour call-out arrangement, being told  that he would receive a vehicle, mobile phone and only be on call-out every two weeks. Sounds great and so with no choice he took it ,against my best advice as the contract was exceptionally onerous, to say the least!

That was 6 months ago, since that time the mobile phone, has one feature the employer can ring him, no call back or checking procedure, the van never arrived, he now works every weekend using his own vehicle, and never sees his wife ,or his very ill house bound mother! His time at the company has gone from bad to worst as refusal to do these hours, has brought him into conflict and recently before the disciplinary board, and he is now awaiting an appeal!

Now upon reading this you would think that these are all excuses ,he does not want to work! Well l can tell you l have known this person all of my life, and he is nearly 60 years old now! He has worked all his adult life from the age of 16, but has been unlucky like so many to be made redundant 4 times, and he has always done his job to the best of his ability!

So you might say, why is this situation not well-known, well of course these so-called interviews are carried out behind closed doors, so nobody gets to see or hear how they get you to agree to a job! This can include standing you in the middle of a room full of people and publicly humiliating you, saying you are lazy and a burden on the state, so if you do not take the job we offer you, we can make a phone-call and stop your benefits! Of course they couch it in such a manner, saying words like we could, as we have been given the job of getting you off the unemployment register and into work.

What they do not say is that for everyone who takes a job they received a payment, so the incentive to get people a job, any job is paramount as more that stop taking benefits, the more money they make!


At present there is an appeal under-way and the story of this tribunal will be written in part two, but suffice to say for now my source has asked me not to share his name ,or the name of the company! Also l will eventually after more investigation name the company tasked by this government to carry-out these recruitment services and where in the country this took place!

Of course for all those that want to look at the government’s way of providing Universal Credit here is a link explaining it all, together with a small  snippet the scheme:

Department of Work and Pensions Introducing Universal Credit:

We are introducing Universal Credit in 2013 for people who are looking for work or on a low-income. Universal Credit brings together a range of working-age benefits into a single payment. It will:

  • encourage people on benefits to start paid work or increase their hours by making sure work pays
  • smooth the transitions into and out of work
  • simplify the system, making it easier for people to understand, and easier and cheaper to administer
  • reduce the number of people who are in work but still living in poverty
  • reduce fraud and error

Read More at: https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/simplifying-the-welfare-system-and-making-sure-work-pays

or download this PDF: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/253919/uc-faqs.pdf

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Who Were The Real Fools On April Fools Day!

On this day we call April Fools Day, the UK Goverment fooled the people of Britain, by giving them just what they wanted! Namely their own way in the fact they believed the rhetoric they were told, and our health services were changed forever. Not just that they gave total control to the. “Bank of England” (BOE), allowing them to create the next financial crisis. Finally having convinced us all our benefits system is costing too much, especially the people who have too much, over the working people. They destroyed the benefits system in one swipe of the pen! Not bad on a day we call ” April Fools Day” the real question. Who were the real fools on that day? l will leave you with this question, but harken to these words” Make your decision based on what you want, and not what you need.Then the day will come when you will say”Why am l suffering, l never did anything for this to happen to me,” the answer is your forgot other people in favour of your own selfish wants!

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