#Syria : “Western Intelligence Forces Discuss Security with Damascus” #Peace

#AceWorldNews says the intelligence services of some Western countries have visited Damascus to discuss security cooperation with his government, Syria’s deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday. “I will not specify [which countries] but many of them have visited Damascus,” Faisal Mekdad, told the BBC. The contacts appeared to show a rift between the political and security authorities in some countries opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad, Mekdad said. “Frankly speaking the spirit has changed,” he added.

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#Syrian War Still Going on for the People As the West Does Not Want it To End #Peace

A 2003 satellite image of the region, with the...

A 2003 satellite image of the region, with the boundaries between modern-day nation-states shown in light gray (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#AceWorldNews says #Syria war does not seem to end for the people, as the pain goes on and on everyday, and the children find themselves with out either a mother or father.

And according to PressTV the West does not want Syrian crisis to end: 
The West has no intention of helping to resolve the Syrian crisis as the dilemma has been created by Western states to protect Israel, a political analyst tells Press TV.

“I think they (the West) are just giving a whole lot of lip service to wanting to resolve the situation in Syria. I also believe they have [taken] Syria exactly where they wanted,” said Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich in a Saturday interview.

She noted that Syria’s military might, which has long been considered as a strong force capable of standing against Israel, is being engaged with terrorists and thugs in the country.

“Instead of Syria being able to protect itself from outside dangers, danger has been sent inside Syria, chaos has been created to basically weaken the Syrian military and the United Sates and the Western countries are fully, 100 percent behind this,” Sepahpour pointed out.

Syria has been gripped by deadly unrest since March 2011. According to reports, the Western powers and their regional allies — especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey — are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.

According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have been killed and a total of 7.8 million of others displaced due to the violence.

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Coele-Syria, site of the Syrian Wars.

Coele-Syria, site of the Syrian Wars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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UK: Hosting the 115 Countries World Islamic Economic Forum Delegations

WIEFToday, the UK will host the World Islamic Economic Forum. Delegations from more than 115 countries, including Oman will attend the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum – the first time it has been held outside the Muslim world.

Oman now has two Islamic banks and plans have been announced by three companies to launch takaful products. The Central Bank moved with impressive speed to establish the regulatory framework to enable the Islamic financial industry to take off in the Sultanate. It was a great privilege that the Lord Mayor of the City of London was the first senior visitor to Bank Nizwa after it opened for business in January and symbolic of the ties that have already been established between the Islamic finance industries of the Sultanate and the UK.

For me, WIEF London encapsulates the emergence of new economic ties between nations, religions and cultures . Some want investments that are managed in accordance with their faith. Others are, in the wake of the financial crisis, drawn by principles of balance, shared risk, fairness and transparency. While others still are attracted by the sheer potential of an industry worth around $1.85 trillion globally with growth rates of up to 15% per year. Whatever the draw, the buzz around Islamic and ethical finance continues to grow louder and stronger.

The UK, already home to the world’s financial and legal capital, is an increasingly important global player in Islamic Finance and its status, reach and competitive market makes the service it is able to offer truly unique.

Our expertise in Islamic Finance, where we have a growing number of banks, law firms and other service providers with a wealth of experience, is highly developed, and supported by an internationally renowned legal system and regulatory framework; a time-zone that is advantageous to doing businesses in the East and in the West; and thriving and cutting edge sectors as diverse as healthcare, education and smart cities.

As delegates will see this week, the UK is open for business and has the experience, the skills, the innovation, and the connections to overcome the challenges of the global, 24 hour market and make the most of every economic opportunity. It’s why we are rightly seen as a partner of choice and why this week’s WIEF will cement Britain’s position asthe leading Western country for Islamic finance.

Jamie Bowden British Ambassador

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