(HAITI) WFP REPORT: Marianela González reports from areas affected by the 7.2 magnitude #earthquake that struck the country on 14 August leaving thousands without a home or many starving #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.26: But those few seconds of uncertainty spelled death and destruction for thousands of people in the southern departments of Haiti, hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake….

#AceDailyNews reports on Haiti Earthquake: It’s hard to see people with nowhere to sleep – especially the kids” and it people said it took a few seconds to realize what was happening. Port-au-Prince was shaking, soon everything went quiet

23 August 2021

Haiti _Denise Elizean and son Jean Pierre in an improvised camp for people displaced by the quake_marianela gonzalez
Marie Denise Elizean (18) and her Jean Pierre in a camp for people displaced by the earthquake in Les Cayes. Photo: WFP/Marianela González

The latest death toll stands at 2,200 people, with 300 still missing. More than 12,000 people have been injured and thousands of houses destroyed or damaged.

A WFP convoy leaves Port au Prince for Les Cayes_johanna piaton
WFP trucks loaded with food, water hygiene kits and blankets from Haiti’s civil protection authority get ready to leave Port-au-Prince, heading for Les Cayes. Photo: WFP/Johanna Piaton

Two days later, I was on board a World Food Programme (WFP) convoy transporting medical and humanitarian supplies to affected people in the town of Les Cayes.

WFP was already working in the affected areas before the earthquake, supporting thousands of people unable to even afford one meal a day. 

It was these very same people the quake hit, shaking the ground under their feet and destroying the roofs over their heads. A few days later, tropical storm Grace poured heavy rains on them. In Les Cayes, Jérémie and many other communities, the damage is visible – and so is the need. 

The earthquake added another layer to the deep, long-running crises that have been afflicting Haiti for a long time. Nearly half the population was already struggling to put food on the table – that’s 4.4 million people, 1.2 million of whom are facing severe hunger. Early estimates indicate that needs in the areas affected by the earthquake have grown by 55 percent.

Food distribution at Camp Perrin_marianela gonzalez
Food is distributed to 3,000 people in Camp Perrin, one of the areas in the south of the country that were affected by the earthquake.  Photo: WFP/Marianela González

So far, we have provided 8,000 hot meals to patients, their families and medical staff in hospitals, and we are continuing with our food and cash distributions. We are also putting our logistics capacity at the service of response efforts by other UN agencies, the Haitian government and NGOs. 

Woman affected by earthquake eating WFP hotmeal at hospital in Les Cayes
Les Cayes, Mariel Alexis eats one of the hot meals distributed by WFP to patients, their families and medical staff at the local hospital. Photo: WFP/Marianela González

It is hard to walk into these hospitals, to see families on the street, with nowhere to sleep – especially the children. But it is a privilege – and a responsibility – to be able to bring life-saving assistance to people in their hour of need.

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Aug.26: 2021:

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` Rebels Massacre Hundreds Killing 200 and Injuring 400 Civilians in Mosque in South Sudan '

#AceWorldNews – SUDAN – April 21 – Rebels in South Sudan massacred “hundreds” of civilians in ethnic killings when they captured the oil town of Bentiu last week, the UN said on Monday.

In the main mosque alone, “more than 200 civilians were reportedly killed and over 400 wounded,” the UN mission in the country said, as cited by AFP.

There were also massacres at a church, hospital and an abandoned UN World Food Program (WFP) compound.

South Sudan’s army has been fighting rebels loyal to sacked Vice President Riek Machar, and the conflict has also taken on an ethnic dimension, pitting President Salva Kiir’s Dinka tribe against militia forces from Machar’s Nuer people.


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UN: ` Impending Drought Threatens Syria’s North-West Increasing the Starving Refugees to 6.5 Million ‘

#AceWorldNews – GENEVA – April 08 – The United Nations is concerned about a drought that threatens Syria’s north-west, as it can bring the number of people in need of emergency food aid to 6.5 million.

Spokeswoman for the United Nations World Food Program (WPF) Elisabeth Byrs said that the rains have been scarce since September, and it could have a considerable impact on the wheat harvest due to start in May.

The WFP spokeswoman added that only one month is left before the rain season ends in the region, so there is little hope the situation will improve.

The looming drought will mostly hit farmers in the north-west of the country, in provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, and Hama, which produce half of Syria’s wheat.

The last time that Syria suffered from severe drought occurred in 2008. WPF experts forecast the wheat harvest to stand at 1.7-2 million tons this year, while an estimated 5.1 million tons is needed for domestic consumption.

Byrs said that up to 6.5 million people in Syria could face food shortages and would depend on international assistance to survive.

This means that the WFP will have to double the distribution of food aid in Syria, which already amounts to $41 million weekly. In April, the organization plans to provide food assistance for 4.25 million of Syrians.

WPF – Food and Media Sources


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#Syria : ” WFP to `Deliver Food’ to `Besieged City of Homs’ ….. Finally”

#AceNewsServices `Parties in Syria‘ conflict agree on aid delivery to Homs.

cropped-header-news-room.jpgSyria’s government and opposition have agreed on the delivery of relief supplies to residents in the besieged city of Homs, media reports say. The UN World Food Program is ready to deliver a month of rations to the Old City of Homs in Syria for 2,500 people once it gets a green light from all sides, WFP spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs said Tuesday.

“Once all parties on the ground allow the inter-agency convoy to proceed, WFP will deliver to the Old City 500 family rations and 500 bags of wheat flour, enough for 2,500 people for one month,” Byrs told Reuters.

The UN hub in Homs is preparing an inter-agency aid convoy for the embattled population in the rebel-held city. 

The UN hub in Homs is preparing an inter-agency aid convoy for the embattled population in the rebel-held city.

Editorial Comment: ” About time they stop fighting among themselves and considered the starving families.   


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“UN’s World Food Program feeds record 3.8 Million Syrians in December”

#AceWorldNews says the UN’s World Food Program (WFP) delivered rations to a record 3.8 million people in #Syria in December. However, the agency said civilians in eastern provinces and besieged towns near the capital remain out of reach. “Their nutrition situation is expected to have deteriorated significantly,” Reuters quoted spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs as saying. The organization has tried several times over the last few months to reach besieged areas in and around Damascus, but without success. Fighting in Raqqa and Deir al-Zor also prevented aid convoys from reaching people in those eastern provinces for the second consecutive month. The agency aims to reach 4.25 million people in January.

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#Syria Crisis is Tragic Says WFP Chief and it is More Than just Numbers #Peace

#AceWorldNews says with the humanitarian situation in war-torn #Syria “getting more difficult every day”, the head of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is urging the international community to continue supporting the wide-scale relief effort under-way, and calling for increased access so aid workers can deliver basic supplies to families trapped in areas of heavy fighting.

Ertharin Cousin, WFP Executive Director, wrapped up a <"http://www.wfp.org/news/news-release/world-food-programme-executive-director-meets-displaced-families-syria">visit to #Syria today after high-level talks with Government officials. She said that as the three-year conflict grinds on, the humanitarian situation is worsening by the day, “as almost half the Syrian people are now food insecure.”

“This month, we scaled up our food assistance to reach 4.25 million people inside #Syria. The challenge is gaining access to the hot spots and besieged areas,” she said, emphasizing that without access, WFP cannot reach the increasing number of families trapped by the fighting and in desperate need of food assistance.

During her one-day visit, Ms. Cousin stopped at a food distribution centre in Damascus where she talked to women and children who were receiving their monthly food rations.

One of the women told her that she lives in an apartment with 32 members of her extended family. She and her family took refuge in Damascus after fleeing different parts of Syria when their homes were destroyed. None have been able to find jobs and they depend on WFP food assistance to put food on the table for the children.

“The #Syrian crisis is more than numbers. Every family that I spoke to shared a sad story of tragedy and loss,” Ms. Cousin said. “I am overwhelmingly moved by the resilience and the spirit of the #Syrian people. It is essential that the international community continues to support the provision of basic humanitarian needs.”

As fighting in Syria continues, WFP is appealing for close to $2 billion to assist more than 7 million #Syrians in urgent need of food assistance in 2014. These include 4.25 million people inside Syria and over 2.9 million refugees in neighbouring countries in need of food, making this WFP’s most challenging, complex and largest emergency. #Peace

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UN: #Syrian Refugee Numbers have Reached Over Three Million Many Still Without #Food

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme i...

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme in SVG format (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said that it is reaching close to 3.3 million people in Syria – a record for its operations – but many are still without food in areas cut off by fighting, particularly in Damascus and the capital’s besieged suburbs.

“WFP is concerned about the fate of many Syrians trapped in conflict areas and still in need of urgent food assistance,” spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs told journalists in Geneva.

“Some 3.3 million has reached in October, but the overall target for WFP for the entire Syria was to reach four million people by the end of December 2013,” the spokesperson added.

Damascus and Rural Damascus remain one of WFP’s biggest challenges due to insecurity and the siege in many conflict areas, said Mr. Byrnes.

People are still trapped in Moadamiyeh, she noted, but the UN agency has not been able to enter the area.

“WFP and UN partners had made nine unsuccessful attempts to reach Moadamiyeh and could not confirm what exactly was happening in that area,” the spokesperson said.

Since mid-2012, WFP had been unable to access 37 other locations, such as Daraya, Yarmouk, Hajar Aswad, Yalda, Babila, Sbineh, Douma, Jobar, Qaboon, Zamalka and Erbeen.

These are some of the most deprived areas where “even the most basic items were in scarce supply”, the spokesperson noted.

More than a dozen trucks with supplies are en route to the capital Aleppo, carrying enough food for 75,000 people as part of the Governorate’s October allocation.

Despite the allocations, the city is one of the Governorates where food distribution has become difficult in recent months.

World Food Programme FEED bag

World Food Programme FEED bag (Photo credit: Rooey202)

More children are being admitted to hospitals with acute and moderate malnutrition, the UN Children’s Fund said, also addressing the press.

“The most difficult challenge in helping those children was access,” said UNICEF spokeswoman Marixie Mercado.

The community is also grabbling with a lack of skilled professionals to deal with malnutrition.


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Over 2 Million Zimbabweans will Need Food Assistance in the Near Future According to WFP

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme i...

English: Logo of the UN World Food Programme in SVG format (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some 2.2 million Zimbabweans will need food assistance in the pre-harvest period from January to March next year, a United Nations agency said today, warning that food security in the southern African country continue to deteriorate.

Harsh weather conditions, the high cost or lack of available fertilizers and seeds, and the prospect of high food prices due to poor harvest, have all contributed to high food insecurity levels, the World Food Programme (WFP) said in its latest assessment of the country.

In a briefing to reporters in Geneva, WFP spokesperson Elisabeth Byrs said the food security situation is at it worst since 2009, with the national maize harvest being less than last year’s 1 million metric tons, and less than the country’s requirement of 2.1 million metric tons.

Grain prices are currently 23 per cent higher than this time last year, and many people have exhausted their personal stocks and are relying on buying cereals from the market. Job opportunities are also scarce and cash flow is a major challenge.

The Government of Zimbabwe has requested international support for food assistance to meet the growing needs. In response, WFP is launching a relief programme in the worst-affected areas this month and will gradually scale up assistance over coming months, Ms. Byrs said.

This month, WFP and partners will begin food distributions and will expand its operations until the end of March when the next harvest comes. Three distributions will start in three districts of Midlands and Matabeleland North provinces, and will be scaled up to 19 districts in November, 38 in December, and 41 districts from January to March.


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