‘ GM to Account to US Lawmakers Over Delay of 10 Years For Vehicle Recall With Deadly Ignition Switch Flaw’

#AceWorldNewsUNITED STATES – July 17  – Two more major figures in General Motors Co’s safety debacle will appear on Thursday for the first time before U.S. lawmakers investigating why it took the auto-maker more than 10 years to recall millions of vehicles with a deadly ignition switch flaw reported Reuters.

English: Logo of General Motors Corporation. S...

English: Logo of General Motors Corporation. Source: 2007_business_choice_bro_en.pdf (on GM website). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Millikin, the general counsel of GM, and Rodney O’Neal, the chief executive of Delphi Automotive, the maker of the defective part, are due to testify before a Senate Commerce subcommittee.

Millikin is expected to receive harsh scrutiny because his legal department dealt with numerous private lawsuits related to crashes involving the defective switches, but apparently did not urgently warn other parts of GM.

The Senate panel holding Thursday’s hearing is chaired by Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill. “Claire will be posing some tough questions that have not yet been answered about the role GM’s legal department played in delaying this recall,” said Andy Newbold, spokesman for McCaskill.

In his prepared testimony, Millikin said GM has appointed an outside law firm to review its litigation practices.


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‘ Two Suspects Who May Be Responsible for Moscow Metro Crash Arrested ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – July 16  – Two suspects who may be responsible for the Moscow metro crash on July 15 have been detained, spokesman for the Russian Investigative Committee (IC) Vladimir Markin told ITAR-TASS.

“Investigators of the main IC investigation department today detained two persons suspected of transport safety rules violation (article 263.1, part 3 of the Russian Criminal Code).

English: Escalator at the Park Pobedy station ...

English: Escalator at the Park Pobedy station of Moscow Metro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are track supervisor of the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise Valery Bashkatov and his assistant Yuri Gordov,” Markin said.

According to investigators, since late May 2014, preparatory work was launched on the stretch between the Park Pobedy and Slavyansky Bulvar stations for installing the rail switch mechanism to putting a new rail section into operation.

“A number of contractors and sub-contractors were involved in these operations. Bashkatov and Gordov were directly involved in this work and were controlling its performance.

The work was improperly performed: the rail switch mechanism was fixed by a simple 3-mm wire that broke.

This caused the electric train derailment, the death of 22 people and injuries of varying severity to more than 150 passengers,” he said.

According to Markin, the suspects have already been interrogated.

“The investigation plans to bring charges against them and select the measure of restraint,” he said.


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` Airport Bomb Threat in Russian City Confirmation No Explosives Have Been Found ‘

English: The Urals Federal District of Russia.

English: The Urals Federal District of Russia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#AceWorldNewsRUSSIA – May 12 – Some 800 people had been evacuated from the airport terminals in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, an airport official told Ria Novosti.

An unknown person called, saying that a bomb was planted in Koltsovo airport, the official said, adding that security services inspecting the terminals are expected to finish their job within an hour. All departure flights have been delayed, but the airport is still receiving arriving aircraft, the source added. Yekaterinburg’s Koltsovo airport is the fifth largest in Russia in terms of passenger traffic, after the three Moscow and St. Petersburg airports.

The police has found no explosives in Ekaterinburg Koltsovo airport after more than 800 people were evacuated after an anonymous bomb threat, transport authorities in the Urals Federal District announced. “After surveying of the airport and the surrounding area, no explosives or explosive devices were found,” the statement read.

The airport has resumed its full operation.




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` Drone Strike in Eastern Yemen Kills Six Al-Qaeda Suspects ‘


#AceWorldNews – SANAA – YEMEN – May 12 – A suspected U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen killed six Al Qaeda militants on Monday, military and security officials said.


English: Air Force officials are seeking volun...

English: Air Force officials are seeking volunteers for future training classes to produce operators of the MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo/Lt Col Leslie Pratt) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The drone hit a car with Al Qaeda fighters in Marib province, in the Husoun al-Jalal area in Abieda Valley, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with regulations. They said authorities were checking for the identities of the slain militants.


Last year and in early January, drone strikes killed more than 12 suspected Al Qaeda militants in the same area of Marib province.


The U.S. considers Yemen’s branch of Al Qaeda, also known as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, to be the most dangerous in the world. The group overran large swaths of territory in southern Yemen in 2011 but the military has pushed back and over the past few weeks, the army and security forces have stepped up an offensive to rout militants from their strongholds.


The U.S., which trains Yemen’s counterterrorism forces, has been waging a heavy campaign of drone strikes in the impoverished country against suspected Al Qaeda targets, launching more than 100 such strikes since 2002, according to the nonpartisan public policy institute New America Foundation.


However, civilian casualties in the drone strikes have sparked anger in the country and among human rights groups.


Yemen’s Interior Ministry corrected late Sunday an earlier press release saying three suspected Al Qaeda militants were killed in clashes with security forces not far from the presidential palace in the capital, Sanaa, during the day. The new statement said the three victims were civilians who died in the crossfire.











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UNICEF ` Begins` ​Mass Polio Vaccine Campaign’ in Iraq, Syria, Egypt after Reported Case ‘

#AceHealthNews – A large five-day vaccination campaign against polio has been launched in Iraq, Syria and Egypt after health officials reported a suspected polio case in Baghdad.

Child receiving polio vaccine.

Child receiving polio vaccine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to UNICEF, the program aims to vaccinate more than 20 million children, including 5.6 million in Iraq alone.

Polio eradication is a global priority,” said UNICEF’s representative in Iraq, Marzio Babille. The contagious, crippling disease which affects children under 5 years, cannot be cured but it can be prevented.


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` National Library of Russia has suggested an alternative to `Wikipedia ‘ citing Inaccuracies in Russian Language ‘

#AceWorldNews – ST. PETERSBURG – April 04 – Anton Likhomanov, the director general of the National Library of Russia, the oldest public library in the country, has suggested creating an information and reference web resource in Russia that can serve as an alternative to Wikipedia.

“Wikipedia’s Russian-language edition receives about one million queries per hour, but the resource contains a great number of mistakes, which can hardly be corrected,” Likhomanov told a pedagogical forum on Friday.


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`South Korean`Families Emotional Meetings’ continue at `Mount Kumgang’ resort’

#AceNewsServices says “Dozens of `South Korean‘ families continue to hold emotional meetings with  their northern relatives at the Mount Kumgang resort.

Myogilsang in Kumgangsan

Myogilsang in Kumgangsan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reunions are short and will only last till Tuesday, but for most of them this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This comes as second and last group of South Korean families, comprising 350 elderly people, crossed the border into North Korea on Sunday.

A first group of South and North Korean families were reunited on Thursday.

The reunion ended with an emotional farewell on Saturday.

Million of Koreans, who were split by war, have been waiting to get back together for sixty years.

But only a small lucky group from the South and the North have been allowed to join in a bittersweet reunion.

Rail lines and other contacts between the two sides were first severed during the 1950-53 Korean War.

No peace deal has been signed since then, meaning that North and South Korea remain technically at war.

The latest much-anticipated reunion event went ahead despite a growing tension over the Joint USSouth Korean military drill.

South Korea and the United States have launched another round of controversial war-games on the Korean Peninsula despite opposition from the North.

Senior North Korean officials have often accused Washington of plotting with regional allies to topple the country’s government.

Press TV & JR/SL


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