SOUTH AFRICA: ‘ Confirms they gave $10-million to Indicted Official but it was not a Bribe ‘

#AceNewsReport – FIFA Update:June.03: South Africa confirmed it had given $10 million (7 million pounds) meant to help pay for the 2010 World Cup to a football official indicted last week in the United States, but said the payment was not a bribe as U.S. prosecutors allege (Reuters)

This followed the previous report earlier Interpol puts two ex-FIFA officials on ‘red notice’ wanted list Interpol put two top former FIFA officials on its “red notice” wanted list at the request of U.S. authorities on Wednesday as their investigation into corruption at football’s governing body gathered pace.


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‘ Police Arrest 11 People in Brazil in an International World Cup Ticket Touting Ring ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Sao Paulo) – July 04 – Police in Brazil say they have arrested 11 people and broken up an international gang that was involved in the illegal sale of World Cup tickets.

The scheme is said to have earned the gang as much as $90m (£52m) per tournament and could have been operating for four World Cups.

Some of the tickets seized were meant for sponsors, while others had been allocated to Brazil team officials.

Police believe some of the tickets were sold to foreign tourists.

BBC News International


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` Activists and Protesters Clash with Police Demanding Housing not Stadiums '

#AceNewsServices – BRAZIL – May 16 – As the World Cup in Brazil draws closer the clashes between police and protesters intensify. Further outbreaks of this type are now steadily becoming an everyday occurrence, in the Brazilian cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The country is in the grip of unrest with teachers, civil servants, police officers, bus drivers and the homeless furious at the cost of hosting the upcoming football World Cup.

Demonstrators are demanding housing not stadiums.

As recently reported this is giving the activists and protesters a bandwagon to climb onto in the vain hope that their demands maybe heard. Though as we all no so well, building housing costs the Brazilian government money, but putting on a show such as the ` World Cup ‘ will provide a money spinning way to not just fill the coffer’s but also provide officials with the type of kudos, that will not do their election chances any harm.

Ace News Report – Brazil – 16/05/14


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` World Cup Stadium Construction Halted by Workers Death Making him the Eighth to Die in Accidents in Name of Sport ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL – May 08 – An electrical accident during the rushed preparations for the tournament killed a worker in the Brazilian city of Cuiaba.

The 32 year-old man was the eighth victim to die in Brazil’s arenas about to host the World Cup.

According to a state government official, the man was working on the installation of a telecommunications network.

The international tournament will begin on June 12, but not all venues are yet ready to welcome the event, with the Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba being one of the most delayed stadiums.

Daily Mail reported in December 2013 by FIFA president Sepp Blatter has admitted that the stadium in Sao Paulo which is due to hold the opening match of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil will not be ready until mid-April this may now be very close to the opening match date.

The stadium was the site where two workers were killed when a crane fell over last month and Blatter said there was “no plan B” if further problems were encountered.

Mid-April leaves little margin for error as the opening match is due to be held on June 12, less than two months after the revised completion date.

Daily Mail – Guardian – Independent


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`Violent Protests Erupt in ` RIO ‘ after a Dancer is Allegedly Killed by Police ‘ mistaken for Drug Trafficker ‘

#AceWorldNews RIO DE JANEIRO – April 23 One person was shot dead as violent protests erupted Tuesday near Rio’s famed Copacabana beach after a dancer was killed allegedly by police, less than two months before the World Cup in Brazil.

Angry demonstrators from a slum set ablaze barricades of tires, forcing two main roads closed as they hurled bottles to protest the death of the 25-year-old dancer, whom Brazilian media say was killed after police mistook him for a drug trafficker.

A 27-year-old man described as mentally disabled was killed after being shot in the head during the protests, media quoted city hall officials as saying.

It was not immediately clear who fired the shot.

After waves of street protests last year over poor living conditions, the latest unrest was yet another embarrassment for Brazil as the Latin American giant prepares to stage the World Cup in June and the Summer Olympics in 2016.



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` Brazil’s ` Security Forces ‘ have moved into ` Mare’s Violent Slums ‘ to ` Control Drug Gangs ‘ during the World Cup ‘

#AceWorldNews – RIO DE JANEIRO – April 05 – (ALJ) – Brazil has stepped up its efforts to shore up security during the upcoming football World Cup as the country’s armed forces moved into Rio de Janeiro’s most violent slums to crack down on drug gangs.

More than 2,000 troops, 450 marines and 200 police officers entered the Mare slum complex early on Saturday without firing a shot, and were planning to remain there until July 31, a little more than two weeks after the end of the games.

The Mare complex, home to 130,000 people, is a potential through route for tens of thousands of football fans flying in and out of the metropolis.

“We are monitoring the area closely and patrolling will be constant,” Major Alberto Horito said.

Residents went about their business during the crackdown, occasionally poking their heads out of windows to watch the soldiers as they entered their vast favela.

Many resisted talking to reporters, fearful of reprisals from drug trafficking gangs.

But one woman, who declined to be identified, told AFP news agency: “I hope things will get better here” after the robust police and military deployment.

Reuters – Al Jazeera – AFP


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` Clean-Up Time in `Rio De Janeiro ‘ Shanty-Towns by ` Security Forces ‘ to Remove Armed Drug Gangs ‘

#AceWorldNews RIO DE JANEIRO – March 30 – According to a report by (AP) more than 1,400 police officers and Brazilian Marines rolled into a massive complex of slums near Rio de Janeiro’s international airport before dawn Sunday, in the latest security push ahead of this year’s World Cup.

Not a shot was fired as the Mare Complex of 15 slums became the latest impoverished area to see security forces move in to take control and try to push out heavily armed drug gangs that have ruled Rio’s shanty-towns for decades.


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” Independent Inspector’s will check out whether `World Cup Stadium’ is `Fit for Purpose’ after Octobers Fire”

#AceWorldNews says an independent inspector will look into possible structural damage caused by an October fire at a World Cup stadium in western Brazil.

An earlier Reuters report showed that the blaze was far worse than government officials have previously said.

The inspector will visit the stadium in the city of Cuiaba on Monday to report the findings back to world soccer body FIFA and Brazilian officials, according to FIFA spokeswoman Delia Fischer.

The October 25 fire at the unfinished Arena Pantanal caused structural damage that could “compromise the overall stability of the construction,” according to prosecutors in Mato Grosso state.

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#Brazil : ” Construction Workers at `World Cup Stadium` Threaten Strike under `Health & Safety after Three Deaths”

#AceWorldNews says Workers at a Brazilian world cup stadium, located in the northern city of Manaus, are threatening strike action after a third construction employee died at the site.

The workers are demanding better conditions. “We have to guarantee the workers’ rights and their safety,” union leader, Cicero Custodio, told local press after the death of a 55-year-old worker.

However, any strikes could suspend the Arena da Amazonia’s completion in a critical period. Brazil stated that all 12 World Cup venues would be completed by the end of last year, leaving enough time before June, when the first official round of matches begins.

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#Brazil : ” Rio protests over`Public Transportation Price’ Erupt in Violence “

#AceWorldNews says Demonstrations in Rio de Janeiro’s primary train station turned ugly Thursday when Brazilians protesting against a ten cent fare hike violently clashed with police.
Activists threw stones and petrol bombs at police dressed in full riot gear as the chaos spilled from inside the station onto the surrounding street.

A cameraman for Band TV was hospitalized in serious condition after he was struck by either a stun grenade fired by police or an explosive thrown by demonstrators. Thousands of commuters were trapped inside when police shut down the transit system, and many became ill because of the tear gas.

Thais Jorao, 22, told The Washington Post that the outrage was about more than the fare increase. “If it was a public transportation fare hike when we had good health services and education, you would not have this many people on the street,” he said.

“On top of this you see spending with the world Cup, things that we really don’t need. We want health, education, decent public transportation.”

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#Brazil : ” High Demand on Power Supplies `During Low Rainfall ‘could `Spell Trouble’ during `World Cup’ in June”

#AceWorldNews says Several Brazilian states reported power outages Tuesday, as high demand coupled with worries over energy supplies during a time of low rainfall led national grid operator ONS to warn of “disruption” in the north, south-east and south of the country.
Media reports suggest around three million people across 11 states, including Rio de Janeiro, have seen supplies cut, according to AFP. ONS reported the cut lasted about 40 minutes before a gradual return to normal levels. High temperatures in the south contributed to a record-high day of demand on Monday.
Low rainfall, though, has “nothing to do with the demands of the system,” mines and energy ministry executive secretary Marcio Zimmermann insisted.
The power outage concerns some in Brazil given the nation is set to host World Cup action in June.

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