World Jewish Congress: ‘ Anti-Semitic Attacks by Right Sector Are Over Exaggerated as War Time Propaganda’

#AceNewsServices – October 13 – Despite media reports, there has been no surge of anti-Semitic attacks in Odessa, local Jewish leaders say. 

‘ One communal representative says he believes both sides in the current Ukrainian-Russian conflict are making use of Ukrainian Jewry to disparage their opponents ‘ 

Reports in Pravda, Izvestia and other Russian news outlets last week painted a picture of an Ukrainian Jewish community terrorized by members of the ultra-nationalist Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) movement.

According to Izvestia, Pravy Sektor “declared war” on the community, beating 20 Jews and prompting local leaders to appeal to the World Jewish Congress to “disarm and disband” the group.

“Pravy Sektor is just destroying us, it is pure militant Nazism,” Mikhail Maiman, referred to as the leader of Odessa’s Jewish community, was quoted as saying.

World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said, however, that no such appeal was received and he had heard nothing about such attacks during a visit to Kiev before Succot.

Communal leaders denied any knowledge of Maiman and of such violence.

The ersatz headman “is not in any of the community’s databases and it seeks likely that he does not exist,” Chabad spokesman Berl Kapulkin wrote in a statement on his community’s website.



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