MOSCOW: ‘ Putin looking for talks with Shinzo Abe over Kuril Islands ‘

#AceNewsReport – MOSCOW:June.20: Russian president Vladimir Putin said he was “very keen” to hold talks with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, in a bid to resolve the dispute over the Kuril Islands, Kyodo news agency reported.

“All problems have a solution,” the Russian leader said during a press briefing at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum. The sparsely populated Kuril Islands were assigned to the Soviet Union at the conclusion of World War II, but Japan has insisted on the return of the four southernmost islands, which it says are not a part of the Kurils, and should never have been seized by the USSR.

Putin also said that “Japan bears responsibility for the cooling of relations between our countries” and suggested that Tokyo “needs to come up with new ideas for resolving the territorial dispute, which has reached an impasse.”


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WORLD WAR ONE: ‘ Lest We Forget, But Remember Those That Died, So One Day Their Sacrifice Will Be Worth Every Drop of Blood Shed ‘

AceNewsServices – (Exclusive) – August 03 – In a few hours time people around the world will remember the beginning of World War One, and at the same time people in parts of the world such as Palestine, Syria, Libya, Ukraine and many others, fight on, for freedom.

​I heard a man on the Radio today who was speaking from a pulpit saying: " l hope we can learn from the events of this war" Now being a man of many thoughts l could not see how we have ever learned, as at the beginning of World War One, people went out to fight for what they believe was right. Though by the end many wondered what was achieved, praying there will never be another, there was!

So what did we learn after ‘Two World Wars ‘ Not One?

Nothing as brother still fights brother and rumours of wars in many parts of the world erupt everyday, and peace still evades our grasp.

Being practical l know the reason ‘ Money’ for supplying countries with armaments, as they keep the economy growing, stock markets rise and people who sell them get rich. The cost is people’s lives, their broken families and their destroyed futures.

So when l remember the First or Second World War, l pray that there is never another. If all these wars in many countries prevent a another World War, and we can learn the stupidity of war, then we have really won. Then those who died in wars in any part of the world and sacrificed their lives, will be remembered for their contribution not to War but Peace.

In the end it will not be countries, nations or leaders who will bring peace, but simple ordinary people, that will one day turn their weapons into plough-shears, and Peace will reign once more.

By Ian K Draper @AceNewsServices


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‘ Japan’s Cabinet Approves Plans to Use Greater Military Force Thus Reinterpreting US Constitution ‘

#AceWorldNews – JAPAN (Tokyo) – July 01 – Japan took a step away Tuesday from a US-drafted constitution that has long imposed self-imposed limits on the country’s use of military force, AP said.

The Cabinet approved a plan to allow greater use of force in a reversal of limits introduced after the end of World War II, reinterpreting the constitution on military affairs. Since the end of World War II, the Japanese constitution has forbidden the use of military force against other nations. It may only use its armed forces in self-defence.

Japan’s military has not engaged in combat since 1945.

One of the biggest changes to Japanese security policy since the war will allow the military to help defend other nations in “collective self-defence” operations.

But the prime minister says the change is needed because of regional tensions – particularly China’s military expansion, and missile and nuclear threats from North Korea.

Thousands gathered outside the Japanese prime minister’s office to protest constitutional changes that would expand Japan’s military role and allow overseas deployment.

It comes one day after a man set himself on fire in protest against a proposed law.

Protest organizers have estimated that 10,000 people – including students, pensioners, and women – attended the rally outside Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s office in Tokyo.

However, police put the number of participants at “several thousand.”



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‘ Good Morning All Word Press Friends, Followers and Readers of Ace News Groups Posts ‘

#Ace Shauny Friends News Desk 2014  Launches Chat-Box For Sharing For All Word Press Blogger’s, Followers And Friends to Add Their Posts, News, Views and Opinions of the World ‘

Ace Shauny News Desk 2014

Following certain comments and disputes it has been decided that to enable all friends, followers and readers to post their news, views, opinions and comments.

l have now opened up Ace Friends News Desk fully so anyone sharing will be added automatically to our #Tweet News Desk.   

Anyone requiring to post a video, picture, provide a comment on their opinions, or anything other  than spam, can do so at the link, below.

Need help or guidance leave a  comment also any sites that are friends and followers sites will be advised and added to our new RSS Feeds Platform, to Share across our Social Media Sites.




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‘China Praises Germany and Criticises Japan on Anniversary of D-Day Landings’

#AceWorldNews – BEIJING – June 06  – China praised Germany Friday on the 70th anniversary of World War II’s D-Day landings for its contrition over its wartime past.

At the same time, Beijing slammed Japan for what China views as Tokyo’s continued denial of its brutal history, Reuters said. “Germany’s sincere remorse has won the confidence of the world,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said. 

“But in Asia on the Asian battlefield, the leaders of Japan, which caused harm and which lost the war, are to this day still trying to reverse the course of history and deny their history of invasion,” Hong stressed.

(VOA ) – China has increasingly contrasted Germany and its public remorse for the Nazi regime to Japan, where repeated official apologies for wartime suffering are sometimes undercut by contradictory comments by conservative politicians.

Ties between the two Asian rivals worsened on December 26 when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Tokyo’s Yasukuni Shrine, which China sees as a symbol of Tokyo’s past militarism because it honors war criminals along with millions of war dead.

“Germany’s sincere remorse has won the confidence of the world,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said at a daily news briefing, when asked about the D-Day anniversary.

Read More: VOA 


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` Police in Kaliningrad Region Uncover German WWll Hide-Out Containing Amber Worth 87 Million Euro’s ‘

#AceWorldNews – KALININGRAD – May 19 – Police in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad Region uncovered a hideout that contained a large batch of amber worth €87 million, the regional interior department reported on Monday.

The hideout with 1,300 bags of amber weighing over 29 tons was found at a German World War II warehouse in the town of Baltiysk.

“All the proceeds from the planned sale of amber were intended for financial support of an organized criminal group engaged in the shadow trade of amber both in Russia and abroad,” the interior department said.


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` Crimean Tartar's Mark the 70 Seventh Anniversary since Mass Deportation of Crimean Tartar's in 1944 '

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL – May 19 – Crimean Tatars gathered in Simferopol’s Ak-Mechet district on Sunday, marking the 70th anniversary since the mass deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944.

The Crimean Tatars’ unofficial representative body, Mejlis, organized the event, despite Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Aksyonov announcing a ban on mass gatherings in the region until June 9.

Participants held banners with slogans saying “Eternal memory of victims of Crimean Tatar people genocide” and “Right for self-determination is an inalienable right of indigenous people.”

People also chanted the name of Crimean Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemliev, along with the slogan “Nation! Motherland! Crimea!” Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree officially rehabilitating Crimean Tatars in Crimea as part of the peninsula’s integration into Russia. In 1944,

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin ordered the forcible deportation of Crimean Tatars from the region after accusing them of collaborating with Nazi occupiers during World War II.



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` Japan’s Minster Visited `Yasukuni Shrine ‘ Amid Controversy ‘

#AceWorldNews – TOKYO – April 12 – (RT) – Yoshitaka Shindo, Japan’s minister for internal affairs and communications, have visited the Yasukuni shrine, Japanese Jiji Press service and the Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said.

The temple honours Japan’s war dead, including several high-level officials executed for war crimes after World War II.

Chinese and South Korean authorities see the shrine as a reminder of Tokyo’s imperialist past and wartime aggression as over 1,000 war criminals from World War II are also buried there.

Japan is undergoing a period of distancing itself from its post-war pacifist policies.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe made his first visit to the Yasukuni shrine in his present capacity in December over protests from some other Asian nations.


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` Seven People Died and Nineteen are Injured when a `World War ll ' Bomb explodes at a Scrap Metal Warehouse '

#AceWorldNews – April 02 – BANGKOK – At least seven people died and 19 others were injured last Wednesday when a World War II bomb exploded at a scrap metal warehouse in Bangkok, AFP said.

Workers reportedly tried to cut the 225-kilogram shell open, officials said.

It was found at a construction site by builders who then sold it to a suburban scrap metal merchant, believing the bomb had been defused.

Bangkok Post who first reported the incident – BANGKOK – March 27 – Five died on the spot in the explosion at a junk recycling shop about 12.50pm. The blast demolished the building and started a large fire. Body parts were found as far as 200 metres from the scene.

Please credit and share this article with others using this link: View our policies at and © Post Publishing PCL. All rights reserved.


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` Russian Sapper’s have begun clearing the mines around `Paracin ‘ in ` Central Serbia ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – March 27 – Russian sappers have started a mine-clearing operation in the area around the town of Paracin in central Serbia.

“The operation began on March 26 when specialists of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry arrived in Serbia’s Paracin,” spokesman Aleksander Drobyshevsky told Itar-Tass on Thursday.

“The operation will be held in two stages: from March to June and from June to September,” he said.
The ministry’s group involves 37 bomb disposal specialists from the Leader 294th High-Risk Rescue Centre and the 179th Rescue Centre.

“The centres’ servicemen have years-long experience of international mine clearing operations. They have been involved in the Russian-Serbian project for years,” Drobyshevsky said.

The explosive devices will have to be gathered mostly in Paracin’s suburbs with their dense greenery, he said.

“Bomb disposal specialists will use remote control robots, capable of shredding plants and and metallic objects,” Drobyshevsky said. “There where robots will fail the mine clearing work will have to be done by hand.”

Russia’s Ministry for Emergency Situations conducts the mine clearing operation in Serbia under the Russian government’s instructions.

Serbia’s territory is still stuffed with unexploded ammunition (bombs, bullets, shells, grenades, land mines, naval mines, etc), some of them dating back to World War II.

Russian and Media Sources


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` Latvia’s Environment Minister will be fired over planned `Waffen SS March’ as he Refuses Not to Attend in Riga ‘

#AceWorldNews Latvia’s environment minister will be fired over plans to participate in annual commemorations of Latvian soldiers who fought in Nazi units during World War II, AP reported, citing a government spokesman. Einars Cilinskis, of the right-wing National Alliance, said Friday that he would attend Sunday’s events in Riga.

The politician has ignored warnings from Prime Minister Lamidota Straujuma, who had called on cabinet ministers to stay away from the March 16 events.

They are expected to prompt counter-protests from members of Latvia’s Russian-speaking minority.


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` China ramps up its `Defence Budget ‘ by a massive 12.2% saying it will `Safeguard ‘ their Sovereignty ‘

#AceWorldNews says that AFP has reported that China on Wednesday extended its spending spree on the world’s largest armed forces, unveiling a 12.2 percent increase on the 2014 defence budget in a trend that has provoked concern in Asia and the US.

Beijing has for years been raising spending on the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) by double digits, reflecting its military ambitions as it asserts its new-found economic might and its claims in a series of territorial disputes with Japan and others.

“The appropriation for national defence is 808.23 billion yuan ($132 billion), up 12.2 percent,” said a budget report prepared for the annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC), China’s Communist-dominated parliament, which began on Wednesday.

“We will resolutely safeguard China’s sovereignty, security and development interests,” Premier Li Keqiang said at the opening session.

“We will safeguard the victory of World War II and the post-war international order, and will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history,” he said — a phrase China often uses in relation to rival Japan.
Beijing would also “place war preparations on a regular footing” and “build China into a maritime power”, Li added.

In comments ahead of the gathering, NPC spokeswoman Fu Ying sought to play down foreign worries about China’s defence expenditure.


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“Russia’s Major Satellite Provider Drops Independent Dozhd TV the Move was Promoted by WWII Poll”

#AceWorldNews says `Russia’s Major Satellite provider drops Independent Dozhd TV Channel’ following WWII scandal’

Tricolor TV logo

Tricolor TV logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tricolor TV, Russia’s biggest satellite television provider, stopped broadcasting independent Dozhd TV channel on Monday, RIA Novosti reported.

The provider said earlier its board of directors had decided to exclude the Dozhd channel from all its packages because of its editorial policy.

The move followed a scandal over a WWII poll published on Dozhd’s website.

The society for the defence of customers’ rights on Monday filed suits against several TV providers over the cancellation of Dozhd’s broadcasts.


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“China Condemns Japan for asking `UN World Heritage Organisation’ to Register Letters by WW2 Kamikaze Pilots”

#AceWorldNews says`China Condemns Japan’s UN bid for Kamikaze Pilot Letters’

China condemned on Monday plans by a Japanese city to ask the UN world heritage organization to register letters by World War Two kamikaze suicide pilots, Reuters reported.

UNESCOThe southern Japanese city of Minami Kyushu asked UNESCO last week to register the wills and farewell letters of the pilots who had carried out attacks on allied ships, alongside documents that include the diaries of Anne Frank and the Magna Carta, to highlight the importance of world peace. 

The design… is very clear, which is to try to beautify the Japanese militarist history of invasion,China’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.


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History of the Jefferson Nickel

English: Ad placed by Samuel Brown in numismat...

English: Ad placed by Samuel Brown in numismatic magazines, offering to buy 1913 Liberty Head nickels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#AceHistoryNews says the coin is an American five-cent piece which was produced in extremely limited quantities without the authority of the United States Mint.

The Liberty head design was used between 1883 and 1913, when it was replaced by the Indian Head (Buffalo) design.

The first official striking of nickels by the Mint in 1913 were of the Buffalo design, and the official records have no record of Liberty Head nickels produced in that year.

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel was part of the hopes and dreams for something better that saw the American nation through the terrible Depression Era of the 1930’s. Riding on the foundation of this hope, later coin dealers who handled the 1913 Nickels built upon the legend, enhancing and enlarging it.

However, five 1913 Liberty Head Nickels were created and were first displayed at the American Numismatic Association‘s annual convention by the coin collector Samuel Brown. Brown had previously placed an advertisement in The Numismatist in December 1919 looking for information on these coins and offering to pay $500 for each.  However, various theories abound as to where he acquired the coins:  as Brown had been an employee of the Mint in 1913, many numismatic historians have concluded that he was responsible for unofficially striking the coins himself.

The five coins in existence are known as the Eliasberg, the Olsen, the Norweb, the McDermott, and the Reynolds.

The Eliasberg specimen is the finest known 191...

The Eliasberg specimen is the finest known 1913 Liberty Head nickel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eliasberg Specimen:

The  Eliasberg is the finest known specimen of the five 1913 Liberty Head nickels. Of the five, two have proof surfaces, and the other three were  produced with standard striking techniques. The finest of the coins has been graded Proof-66 by various professional grading services,  including PCGS and NGC.

This coin was purchased from  Newman and Johnson by the Numismatic Gallery, a coin dealership that then sold it to famed collector Louis Eliasberg. It remained in Eliasberg’s collection until after his death. In May 1996, it was sold at an auction conducted by Bowers and Merena,  where it was purchased by rarities dealer Jay Parrino for $1,485,000, breaking the World Record price for a coin at that time.

When it was auctioned again in March 2001, the price rose to $1,840,000. In May 2005, Legend Numismatics purchased the Eliasberg specimen for $4,150,000. In 2007, the Eliasberg Specimen was sold to an unnamed  collector in California for $5 million.

Olsen SpecimenOlsen Specimen:

The Olsen specimen was  once featured on Hawaii Five-O (in an episode called ‘The $100,000 Nickel’, aired in 1973, and is the most famous of the five. It has been graded Proof-64 by both PCGS and NGC, and was also briefly owned by Egyptian King Farouk.

It was bought by collector Fred Olsen, who then sold the coin to Farouk, but his name has remained attached to it ever since. It was purchased by World Wide Coin Investments in 1972 for $100,000, who then sold it for $200,000 to  Superior Galleries in 1978. It has been resold several times, most recently  by Heritage Auction Galleries in January 2010 for $3,737,500.

Norweb SpecimenNorweb Specimen:

The Norweb specimen is currently displayed in an exhibition at The Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

In 1949 it was purchased by King Farouk to replace the Olsen specimen, which he had sold. It remained in Farouk’s collection until he was deposed in 1952. Two years later his possessions were all auctioned off by the new regime, and the coin was purchased by Ambassador Henry Norweb. In 1977 he donated the specimen to the Smithsonian, where it remains to this day10.

Walton Specimen:

The Walton specimen was believed to have been lost for over 40 years. The collector George O. Walton purchased it from Newman and Johnson in 1945. On March 9, 1962, Walton died in a car crash whilst on his way to exhibit the Nickel at a coin show. $250,000 worth of coins was recovered from the crash site, and among them was the 1913 Liberty nickel in a custom-made holder.

Walton SpecimenHowever, in 1963 when his relatives later tried to sell the coins at auction the nickel was mistakenly identified as a fake. The coin remained in the possession of Walton’s relatives until 2003, when the American Numismatic Association launched a nationwide hunt for the missing fifth specimen. He arranged with Bowers and Merena auction house to offer $1m to purchase the coin or as a guarantee for consigning it to one of their auctions, and a reward of $10,000 was offered if representatives of Bowers and Merena could be the first to see the long-lost specimen.

Walton’s relatives heard about the reward, and brought it to the ANA convention in Baltimore where expert authenticators from the P.C.G.S examined it and determined it to be genuine. The coin is still owned by Walton’s relatives and is on loan to the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Rochette Money Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

McDermott Specimen:

McDermott SpecimenAlso currently held by the Money Museum, the McDermott Specimen is the only one to bear circulation marks. It was once owned  by collector J.V. McDermott, who often carried the coin around with him and would show it off in bars. Due to this activity, the coin lost some of its original mint lustre, becoming circulated in condition. After McDermott died the coin was sold in 1967 for US$46,000, and later donated to the ANA in 1989, where it is exhibited in the Money Museum

Other theories suggest they were created as test pieces in 1912, or created as cabinet pieces for the Mint itself. However they came into existence, all five were sold by Brown in 1924 and passed through the hands of various collectors until they reached Colonel E.H.R. Green. Green kept them in his collection until his death in 1936. His estate was then auctioned off, and all five of the 1913  Liberty Head nickels were purchased by two dealers, Eric P. Newman and B.G. Johnson. The dealers then broke up the set for the first time.

Its legendary status was due in large part to the coin dealer B. Max Mehl, who used it as part of a publicity campaign to sell copies of his ‘Star Rare Coin Encyclopaedia’. He advertised across the country that he would pay $50 to anyone who found one and sent it to him, and such an offer during the Depression caused great excitement as the nation started searching through their loose change.


Jefferson NickelThe Jefferson nickel has been the five-cent coin struck by the United States Mint since 1938, when it replaced the Buffalo nickel. Since 2006, the copper-nickel coin’s obverse has featured a  forward-facing portrayal of early U.S. President Thomas Jefferson by Jamie Franki. The coin’s reverse is the original by Felix Schlag; in 2004 and 2005, the piece bore commemorative designs. The Mint conducted a competition for a new nickel depicting Jefferson and his home, Monticello, which Schlag won, but was required to submit an entirely new reverse and make other changes. The new piece went into production in October 1938 and was released on November 15. As nickel was a strategic war material during World War II, nickels coined from 1942 to 1945  were struck in a copper-silver-manganese alloy which would not require adjustment to vending machines, and bear a large mint mark above the depiction of Monticello on the reverse. In 2004 and 2005, the nickel saw new designs as part of the Westward Journey nickel series, and since 2006 has borne Schlag’s reverse and Franki’s obverse.

In 1996, numismatic history was made as Jay Parino paid over 1 million dollars for the Eliasberg specimen of the 1913 liberty  nickel. This was the first coin to break the million-dollar barrier, with a final hammer price of $1,485,000 after a 10% buyer’s fee was added. This amount surpassed the previous record paid, set in 1989, of $990,000 for the Dexter specimen of the 1804 Dollar and the $962,500 paid for the Reed Hawn Specimen of the 1913 Liberty Nickel. You can read a transcript of this sale, and even listen to the actual auction call by clicking here. The mystery surrounding this coin is that, while there are 5 known specimens, there is no record at the mint of any being produced. Here lies the mystery.

The existence of a Nickel with the Liberty design dated 1913 was not known until the ANA convention in 1920,  and even speculation of such a coin was not even thought of until the following ad was placed in the December 1919 issue of the Numismatist.


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