RIA NovostiOPINION: US Strangled by Budget While China Beefs Up Investment in Africa18:22 06/05/2014 The US is restricted by budgetary issues in its strive to wield influence in Africa, while China is beefing up its investment into the continent, Oded Shenkar, professor of international business at the Fisher College of Business, told RIA Novosti.>>


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MH370: ` Object Spotted by Chinese Satellite looks more like Airliner’s Wing: Australian expert’

#AceWorldNews – CANBERRA – March 22 (Xinhua) — The object spotted by a Chinese satellite may be a wing of an airliner, John Blaxland, a senior fellow from Australian National University (ANU) said in a telephone interview with Xinhua on Saturday.

MH370Dr. Blaxland, from ANU’s Strategic and Defense Studies Center, said if the measurements of 22 meters long and 13 meters wide are correct, they are more consistent with a wing of a Boeing 777 airliner.

Asked about whether the newly spotted object would be the one spotted in an earlier satellite image, Blaxland said they don’t seem to be the same object.

“It’s similar shaped, but if the measurements (are correct), then this is slightly wider,” he said.

He called it a significant finding, because that would not be a container.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) earlier released satellite photos showing an object of 24 meters long, which becomes the “best lead” so far to find the missing Malaysian Airline MH370.

The Chinese government released a satellite photo taken on March 18. The object is said to be 120 km west to the object spotted by American satellite on March 16 which has formed the basis for the current search operation coordinated by Australia.

Blaxland said if that is the case, then the two objects are ” highly unlikely” to be the same object or the two wings of the same plane because the ocean current is from west to east.

But in a later email reply to Xinhua, Blaxland said this picture suggests the new imagery is not to the west but in the south of the area currently being patrolled.

“That changes things as it is quite possible that the currents would move, in a swirling pattern, to move the object further south in to the area. If that is the case, then this very well may be the first new evidence of the same object identified on March 16. If that is the case. Tomorrow’s surveillance flights will most likely be redirected onto this area,” he said.

AMSA told Australian Associated Press that it’s too early to say if the new imagery will alter the search patterns.

But Blaxland said he suspected AMSA will be studying this very, very closely tonight and recalibrating their plan as a consequence of this information.

By Xu Haijing

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` North West China Suffers from the ` Worst Floods and Landslides ‘ in the Region of Uygur ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHINA – 22 March – Due to melting snow in Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region caused Saturday floods and landslides, which affected over 700 people, according to government authorities, cited by Xinhua News Agency.

The situation is the gravest in several counties along the Ili river valley.

Around 500 houses were damaged there alongside several highways. Meteorologists don’t expect the situation to improve soon.


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` China’s Water Pollution with 131 Dead Pigs recovered in `Province of Jiangxi ‘ with Trace’s of Virus ‘

#AceWorldNews – The decomposing bodies of 131 dead pigs were recovered from a river in the eastern Chinese province of Jiangxi on Saturday, according to the state Xinhua News Agency.

The water authority in Nanchang, Jiangxi’s provincial capital, said it was unclear whether the carcasses had been dumped or where they originated from.

Last March, thousands of dead pigs, which had been dumped in a river supplying water to Shanghai, caused an international scandal.

Traces of a virus were discovered in their system, suggesting farmers may have disposed of them in the water.

China’s pollution is a long-term cause for national concern.


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` Death Toll from `Truck Collision resulting in `Explosion ‘ in China’s Shanxi Province ‘ rises to Thirty One ‘

#AceWorldNews The death toll from a truck collision and resulting explosion in northern China’s Shanxi Province on March 1 has risen to 31, Xinhua News Agency said, citing authorities.

Nine others are still missing, officials said Thursday.

The accident happened when two tankers loaded with methanol rear-ended inside the Yanhou Tunnel of a highway linking Shanxi’s Jincheng City and Jiyuan City in Henan Province.


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` Chinese Authorities confirm that `Turkestan Islamic Movement ‘ were behind attack on Kunming Railway Station’

#AceNewsServices says that the `Chinese authorities said Sunday that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement was behind a deadly attack on a train station in south-west Yunnan Province last night, local media reported.

At least 29 innocent people died, and more than 130 were injured in the attack on the Kunming Railway Station carried out by a group of more than 10 knife-wielding people, Xinhua news agency said.

Tukestan Islamic MovementPolice reportedly killed five attackers and is searching for the rest of the group.

“Evidence at the crime scene showed that the Kunming Railway Station terrorist attack was orchestrated by Xinjiang separatist forces,” Xinhua cited local municipal officials.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered law enforcement bodies to crack down on terrorist activities and severely punish the suspects in the attack.

The East Turkestan Islamic Movement, often blamed by the Chinese authorities for leading an insurgency in the northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, has not claimed responsibility for the attack. The movement is designated a terrorist group by the United Nations.

Xinjiang’s eight million Uighurs have complained of political, cultural and religious persecution by Beijing and there have been repeated calls by Uighurs for independence.

RIA Novosti  – AFP -RT – #ANS2014  


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” China’s Lunar Rover now has problems with lack of sunlight making it impossible to generate electricity with Solar Panels”

#AceWorldNews says on Saturday, China’s lunar rover, Yutu, went into its third planned hibernation amid ongoing technical problems with the robotic explorer, Xinhua News Agency has reported on Sunday.

The mechanical control issues affecting the vehicle has limited it to carrying out only fixed point observations during its third two-week-long lunar day.

Problems first emerged during the second period of dormancy in late January and were caused by the “complicated lunar surface.

” Now most of Yutu’s systems are turned off to conserve energy during the lunar night, when the lack of sunlight makes it impossible to generate electricity with solar panels.

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#China : Six People `Die’ in `Explosion’ during `Terrorist Attack’ in Xinjiang”

#AceWorldNews says Six people died in three explosions during a “terrorist” attack while the six assailants were shot dead by police on Friday in the far west region of Xinjiang, China, the official Xinhua news agency said on Saturday.
The assailants threw explosives that hit a hair salon, a produce market and a vehicle in Xinhe county. The police captured five more suspects and the case is under investigation. The region, home to the ethnic minority Uighurs, is predominantly Sunni Muslim.
The violence is part of the insurgency by the Uighurs against what they see as discrimination and religious suppression by China’s majority.

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Sixty Years of Chinese Censorship – Still People Do Not Have Freedom

English: Reporters Without Borders 2009 Press ...

English: Reporters Without Borders 2009 Press Freedom Index world map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 May 1956 – “Let a hundred flowers bloom; let a hundred schools of thought contend”

A speech by Mao in May 1956 launched the Hundred Flowers, a movement of openness that was followed by a crackdown on intellectuals. It was a notable example of Mao’s use of the press. Both movements, the Hundred Flowers and its ensuing corollary, the Anti-Right Movement, were launched through the media.

His first speech seemed to partially lift the threat that had been hanging over journalists until then. Mao himself encouraged intellectuals to criticise the party with the aim of improving it. People’s Daily announced shortly afterwards that it would cover both socialist and capitalist countries, and all subjects, “agreeable or not.” In another sign of openness, the head of Xinhua went to London and Paris to seek inspiration from the way European news agencies worked. A People’s Daily editorial went to so far as to criticise the haste of political leaders “to do everything overnight.”

The first “dazibao” – calling for the creation of a “democratic garden” – was posted on a wall at the prestigious University of Beijing on 17 May 1957. The poster, in which the author expressed his views in large characters, would soon be adopted by the Party as a recurrent tool for encouraging the masses and later civil society to express their grievances.

This period of openness did not last. The counter-movement, an Anti-Right campaign, was launched in June 1957. An editorial in People’s Daily on 8 June denounced those who were trying to use the rectification campaign (the Hundred Flowers) to wage class struggle. In the end, around 400,000 “rightists,” including many journalists and intellectuals, would be sent to re-education camps.

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