YEMEN: ‘ Islamic State claim responsibility for Car bombing at Houthi Mosque ‘

#Breaking Update:Yemen:June.20:19.48GMT

#AceNewsReport – Post Update: YEMEN:June.20: At least two people were killed and six others injured as a car bomb went off near the Qiba Mahdi mosque in the rebel-controlled capital, Sanaa, on Saturday, witnesses told Reuters.


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Yemen: ‘ Suspected Al-Qaeda militants killed by US Drone Strike ‘

#AceNewsReport – YEMEN:June.10: Three suspected Al-Qaeda members were killed in an apparent US drone strike in Yemen’s jihadist-held southeastern port city of Mukalla, AFP reported.

The drone fired four missiles on three Al-Qaeda militants near the port of Mukalla, late on Tuesday, an official said.

The strike killed a “leading figure” within Al-Qaeda, according to the official.


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YEMEN: ‘ Top leader of Shiite Rebels will travel to Geneva for UN-Talks ‘

#AceNewsReport – SANAA, Yemen (AP) – The second-in-command of Yemen’s Shiite rebels on Wednesday assailed the Saudi-led airstrikes pounding his group’s positions and allied forces, insisting they are ready to travel to Geneva for U.N.-mediated peace talks on ending the country’s civil war.

Mohammed al-Houthi, who heads the Houthi rebels’ powerful Revolutionary Council, also told The Associated Press that exiled President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi derailed negotiations by demanding the rebels withdraw from territory they captured as a precondition for talks.

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#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – Nov.09 – A new Yemeni government is set to be sworn in Sunday, despite opposition from the General People’s Congress (GPC), the ruling party in the country’s parliament led by former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the Houthis, a powerful Shia rebel group that controls much of south Yemen.

'President Ali Abdullah Saleh '

‘President Ali Abdullah Saleh ‘

After President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi announced his new government on Friday, the Houthis and GPC rejected it, with Saleh criticizing it as “unrepresentative.” GPC leaders announced they would pull their members out of the new cabinet, and have ousted President Hadi from the party leadership.

' General People's Congress in Benghazi '

‘ General People’s Congress in Benghazi ‘

Saleh, who is thought to have tacitly supported the Houthi insurgency, accused Hadi of soliciting UN sanctions against him and two Houthi leaders for attempting to destabilize the country.

After seizing the capital, Sanaa, in September, the Houthis demanded that Hadi appoint a new government, criticizing the regime for its close cooperation with a conservative Sunni Islamist party.

Meanwhile, sectarian violence between Houthis and Sunni Al-Qaeda militias continues to ravage the country.

On Saturday, Al-Qaeda took responsibility for killing dozens of Houthis in twin attacks in central Yemen.


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#AceWorldNews – YEMEN (Sanna) – October 21 – Al-Qaeda militants have captured a town south of Yemen’s capital Sanaa as government troops fought fierce battles elsewhere against Houthis Shiite rebels, security officials said.

Sunni militants on Monday seized al-Adeen town 200km south of Sanaa in Ibb province, AP reported, citing officials.

Militants linked to Al-Qaeda last week stormed the local security headquarters in al-Adeen and held it for hours before fleeing to the mountains.

Source: Associated Press 


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‘ Possibility of the South Becoming an Independent State is Closer Than at Any Other Point in Yemen’s History ‘

#AceNewsServices – YEMEN – October 17 – Popular, political and military activity calling for the separation of southern Yemen from the republic of Yemen picked up its pace this week in the areas of Aden and Hadramout.

The possibility of the south becoming an independent state is closer than at any other point in Yemen’s history.

Unity and separation are two issues that concern everyone in the region.

They mainly concern Yemen’s major neighbour, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

When southern and northern Yemen united, it was backed by people from both sides but it was not the product of popular demands or activity. It was the result of a struggle over governance in the south among communist powers.

Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh seized the chance to expand his authority when the South’s political leader Ali Salem al-Beidh – who almost lost his rule – called for unification. Saleh and Beidh signed the unification agreement in 1989 and instead of achieving unity and power sharing, Saleh dominated authority in both northern and southern Yemen.

The promises of unification were not fulfilled and it became a burden on northern Yemen, leading to the neglect and appropriation of southern Yemen.

Saleh was thus the only winner and ruled over the country alone.



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‘ Middle East is Ruled by Militias That Have Risen Since Arab Spring ‘

#AceNewsServices (Opinion) – October 14 – Embattled governments in Iraq and Syria have come to rely on Shiite militias as their armies have crumbled in the face of mostly Sunni insurgents and rebels.

In Libya, various armed groups loosely allied with two rival governments have fought over bullet-riddled airports.

Shiite rebels in Yemen have swept down from the north, capturing the capital and, on Tuesday, a key port city.

The chaos unleashed by the Arab Spring has led to the rise of powerful militias – including many Islamic extremist groups – across a Middle East where many central governments have been exposed as weak.

Some of the groups are allied with the governments, while others are fighting to topple them.

Some – like the Kurdish peshmerga in northern Iraq – are seen as vital allies for the West.

All could prove to be major obstacles to peace or stability in the region.



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SEA: ‘ Rise of the Child Soldiers of Pakistan ‘

#AceNewsServices – PAKISTAN – October 11 – The phenomenon of “child soldiers” is not new to this globe. From the far western shores of Americas, to Africa and Asia, the world continues to witness the rise of soldiers that are mere children

' Child Soldiers of Pakistan '

‘ Child Soldiers of Pakistan ‘

The world is stunned beyond limits to see that humanity has fallen to this level in the exploitation of young innocent children as child recruits for fundamentalist agendas.

The use of child soldiers has spread to almost all the global armed conflict. Though an exact number is impossible to define, thousands of child soldiers are illegally serving in armed conflict around the world.

According to Do Something Org, many countries are allegedly reported on use of under-age soldiers, these include Afghanistan, Colombia, India, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Mali, Pakistan, Thailand, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and more.

 I am sure many are already geared up with the anti-Pakistani stereotypes that deem that whole of Pakistan is a terrorist country and on this list,  I get this hatred towards Pakistan is a global trend but not many of you know the dynamics of child militia here. And am taking this opportunity to shed some light on various important areas.

Pakistan|Trending Local Child Soldiers issue

The growing phenomenon of child militants in Pakistan is a horrific reality, one mirrored in various conflicts throughout history. Young innocent children are targeted because they can be easily brain washed by militant groups.

The cycle of poverty, large family size and economic hardships are factors that leave vulnerable parents little choice but to send children in local madrassas as they are free of cost.   The constitution Article 25-A says the State shall provide free and compulsory education to children between ages of 5 to 16. However that’s not being followed as millions of children are out of school and our literary rate is appalling low at 48%.

"Madrasa" is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious.

“Madrasa” is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious.

Most people have no choice but to send their children to religious schools or madrassas as. Moreover, there are huge discrepancies because education in Pakistan is heavily influenced by religion and in recent times Wahabi agendas.

The main source of funding for these madrasa groups is coming from Saudi Arabia. In fact, this whole phenomenon that we are confronting, which Al Qaeda is a part of, is very closely associated with Saudi Arabia’s financial and religious projects for the Muslim world as a whole. Its in greater interests to keep Pakistani children stuck into poverty cycles as they serve a greater agenda, shame on Pakistani government for colluding against its own.

Local madrassas cater Pakistani children as well as international students who avail the lucrative scholarship fundings  from Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia. 

However coming back to Pakistan, the different militant groups including TTP, LeT and so on have been able to harness the young Pakistani children in scores through enticing tactics.

Local Militant Recruitment Mechanism

The militant have sinister agendas however on the forefront they are able to cajole and manipulate young children by reminding them the sufferings of the Muslim world and that they have to play a role in eradication of misery; through this jihad.

"Madrasa" is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious.

“Madrasa” is the Arabic word for any type of educational institution, whether secular or religious.

Upon meeting some under-age boy militants in Swat, I found out that for years they have attended the madrassas whose lecturers and mentors taught them things like ” The Pakistan Army is the ally of the Western capitalist world; they the  imperialists are all the enemies of Islam. The fight against them is justified; they are apostates, the friends of the infidels.”

The second message drummed into them is one which the world is facing today. The increasing intolerance towards Muslims and followers of faith Islam within their own regions and in the western world. Sadly this is capitalized upon very well by the militant groups. The young recruits are taught that they have to stand up against the helplessness of Muslim women, daughters and sisters that are getting dishonored by non-Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine etc.

They also watch videos purportedly showing the killing of Muslims by non-Muslims in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Instructors tell them that a war is being waged against Islam.

' Child Soldiers Recruited by Saudi Arabia as Terrorists as young as five '

‘ Child Soldiers Recruited by Saudi Arabia as Terrorists as young as five ‘

That the western world is at war with Islam has given a trump card to Pakistan’s militants for this sort of radical enticement of vulnerable children.

These main themes in lectures are taught to in both the senior recruits camps (ages 16 and older) and junior ones (ages 7 to 15), all are centered on vengeance and the need to do something for the wronged Muslims.The children are completely isolated from the normal outside world.

The young would-be suicide bombers are also persuaded by the promise of Paradise. This is, I repeat a huge blasphemy against the real teachings for if have to view from Islamic point of view; suicide is strictly forbidden along with the killing of innocent persons. Allah, God is the author of life that has granted us the gift of life and we mere humans don’t have the authority to take it.

This using of innocent children by militancy has to stop now. But. The inability of the Pakistan army to meet internal security challenges effectively is a particularly worrying factor. Three generations of Pakistani children are suffering due to the impact of this futile jihadi indoctrination.

It is time to seriously put an end to this madness, before it consumes us within the dark abysses of hatred and destruction.I am so exhausted to waking up in the mornings with the first thought in mind,What the hell happened Pakistan? And then trying to fix it some how in my way.

Though, we can’t bring back the already dead Pakistani children militants and can hardly ease the misery of the grieving parents, it is time for Pakistan to asses the complex root causes behind this phenomenon and design solutions for protection of children from becoming part of militancy.

Say No To Use of Child Soldiers. NOW. Download PDF 


SEA: Related News: DO Something NOW 

Pakistan|Child Soldiers A Growing Asset For Radicals


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YEMEN: ‘ Bomb Blast at Shiite Gathering Kills Forty Two People Including Children ‘

#AceNewsServices – YEMEN – October 09 – At least 42 people, including some children have been killed in the capital of Yemen, Sanna, according to medical officials.

The deaths occurred after an explosion hit a Shiite gathering in the city, however the officials say the death toll could still rise as a number of the injured are in a critical condition.

The blast happened as hundreds of supporters of the rebel Houthis group began to conglomerate in the centre of the capital.

They were demonstrating against President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi’s choice for new prime minister, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, according to AP.


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UNITED STATES: ‘ Self-Guided and Unmanned Swarm Boats Ready to Join Navy ‘

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Norfolk) – Self-guided unmanned patrol boats that can leave warships they’re protecting and swarm and attack potential threats on the water could join the Navy’s fleet within a year, defence officials say, adding the new technology could one day help stop attacks like the deadly 2000 bombing of the USS Cole off Yemen.

The Arlington-based Office of Naval Research demonstrated the autonomous swarm boat technology over two weeks in August on the James River near Fort Eustis in Virginia – not far from one of the Navy’s largest fleet concentration areas.

It said the Navy simulated a transit through a strait, just like the routine passage of U.S. warships through the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.



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‘ NSA Monitor’s Students in School on Social Media ‘

#AceNewsServices – ALABAMA – September 28 – A secret surveillance program has been running in an Alabama high schools after a phone call from the National Security Agency alerted the district to a ‘violent threat’.

School officials claim the system began monitoring students’ social media accounts in Huntsville City Schools 18 months ago, when the NSA tipped them off that a student was making violent threats on Facebook.

' SAFe, or Students Against Fear '

‘ SAFe, or Students Against Fear ‘

The schools began scanning Facebook and other sites for signs of gang activity, watching for photos of guns, photos of gang signs and threats of violence, as part of a program called SAFe, or Students Against Fear.

Internal documents explaining the program were obtained by, showing four different students – three males and one female – posing on Facebook with handguns. 

None are on school grounds. Some of the students were already in alternative programs for skipping or drinking. Three are listed as expelled and one was referred for counseling.

Huntsville schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski told the news site that there was a ‘foreign connection’, which was why the NSA – a U.S. agency responsible for foreign intelligence – became involved.

He said the student in Huntsville had made the threats while chatting on-line with a group that included an individual in Yemen.

Mr Wardynski, a former U.S. Army colonel appointed as superintendent in Huntsville in 2011, said that about a year and a half ago the NSA called Huntsville and reported a high school student had made a threat on Facebook to injure a teacher.

Al Lankford, the city’s school security officer, told that he took the NSA phone call and that security officers went to the high school and eventually searched the boy’s car.



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' Yemen's State-Run TV Building on Fire After Mortar Fire – Hundreds Trapped Inside'

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – September 20 – Yemen’s state-run television building caught fire on Saturday, with hundreds of employees trapped inside during three-day clashes between Shiite Houthi rebels and the Yemeni army on the outskirts of Sanaa, Reuters reported.

Yemen TV building ablaze amid mortar fire in capital

Yemen TV building ablaze amid mortar fire in capital

The building is close to a number of other governmental facilities.

Mortar fire was reported during the confrontation that has escalated after the weeks-long Houthi protest.


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EUROPEAN UNION: ‘ Denounces Any Act Aimed at Diminishing the Political Transfer in Yemen ‘

#AceWorldNews – EUROPEAN UNION – SANA’A (Saba) – September 14 – The European Union has denounced any act aiming at diminishing the political transfer in Yemen, stressing that parties involved in armed clashes must abandon their weapons they seized from state’s army and to abide by effective laws.

In a release issued by the EU Commission today on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy under the motto “Sharing Youth in the Democratic Process,” it made it clear the world is focusing on involving youth in the democratic process.

“Half of the population in Yemen is under 15 years and one third of the population is between 15-29,” the release said. The released added that the Yemeni youth cannot wait more as they are aspiring for more prosperous future and calling for a new Yemen people share power and resources away of dominance of any group or individuals.

The commission confirmed that Yemen is the only country in the region that adopted an inclusive national dialogue puts foundations of good democratic process and settlements to clashes.


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YEMEN: ‘ Military Raid on Houses in Lahj Arrests Three Terrorists ‘

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN (Lahj Province) – September 14 – A military raid on houses in Hota town of Lahj province resulted on Sunday in arresting three terrorists elements, a military source at the Fourth Military Region Command said Saba reported.

The military source told Saba that a number of automatic weapons and RPG launchers and silencer pistol were found during the raid, noting that the military and security services are still investigating and pursuing the remnants of the terrorist elements and cells who fled from the area.

The source called on all citizens to not harbour or cover up any of the terrorist elements and to report quickly any actions or movements of those elements to the nearest military point or security centre.


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YEMEN: ‘ Government and Shiite Muslim Houthi Rebels Sign Agreement to End Crisis ‘

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – September 11 – Yemen’s government and Shiite Muslim Houthi rebels signed an agreement Thursday to end a crisis that has seen weeks of protests, Reuters said.

Houthi demonstrators have been blocking the main road to the capital Sanaa’s airport and holding sit-ins for weeks at ministries in an attempt to oust the government and restore fuel subsidies.

A member of the government’s negotiating team said that the agreement includes a further reduction of fuel prices and the formation of a new government.


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' Leader of Shia Houthi Fighters of Yemen Censure United States for Being Supporters of Takfir Militants in the Region '

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – July 05 – A leader of Shia Houthi fighters in Yemen has censured the United States for being the major supporter of Takfiri militants in the region.

​On Friday, Sheikh Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi accused Washington of being behind terrorism particularly in Iraq and Syria.

​Terrorists of the al-Qaeda offshoot the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) tarnish the image of Islam, Abdul-Malik said.

The Houthi leader said that the chaos in the region meant to divert attention from the Israeli aggression against Palestine.

He also called on Middle Eastern states, including the Saudi government, to be wary of a plot by the US.

​Last week, Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam denounced Riyadh’s “destructive” role in the country, condemning how the kingdom “deals with Yemen as personal property.”

Yemen’s Houthi movement draws its name from the tribe of its founding leader Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi.

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Subject: G3 – YEMEN/KSA – The leader of the Houthi movement in Yemen says
Saudi Arabia is an enemy of Muslim world

‘Saudi Arabia enemy of Muslim world’

Tue Oct 4, 2011 3:40PM GMT

The leader of the Houthi movement in Yemen says Saudi Arabia is an enemy to the entire Muslim world, accusing the Kingdom of creating hatred and hostility, Press TV reports.

Mohamed Badreddin al-Houthi said in an interview with Press TV that Saudi Arabia is "an enemy to all the free people of the world, including non-Muslims."

"It manufactures terrorism and an ideology that divides the people, divides Muslims, creates hatred and hostility," Houthi added.

​The Yemeni figure, who is the brother of the late leader of the movement, Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, further explained that in 2009 the Saudis "bribed the tribal leaders within the Houthi movement into favouring the Salafi-Wahabi ideology" so that they can control the border region between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, especially the north-western city of Sa’ada.

​In 2009, clashes broke out between the Houthi fighters and Saudi forces along the common border between the two countries. The Houthis accused Saudi Arabia of supporting the Yemeni government in attacks against them.

Houthi pointed out that the Saudi regime "would spend hundreds of thousands if not millions" to achieve its goals.

​Hussein al-Houthi and a number of his men were killed in an attack launched by Yemeni government forces in an area close to the border with the Kingdom in September 2004.

​Yemeni dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh has repeatedly claimed that if he hands over power, Yemen would be divided into multiple states.

​Mohamed al-Houthi, however, said the Yemeni nation "cannot be separated," adding that the most important thing for the movement is "how to serve this nation, our Ummah, how to protect our morals and religious principles."

​SANA’A: 27 February 2007 – Militants from a major Shia group within Yemen have stepped up a fight against the government over recent weeks.

​The group opposes what it sees as policies supportive of the United States and Israel.

​Militants from the al-Houthi group, a militant force of Shias from the local Zaidi sect, have been attacking government targets with increasing force. The fighting is concentrated in the Saada governorate in the north of the country.

Government officials say the new wave of attacks arose after militants from the al-Houthi group were released under an amnesty. Clashes between the group and government forces have continued sporadically for about three years.

Al-Houthi has said the government is “an ally of Americans and Jews.”

The government has received strong US support to introduce several measures to curb terrorism in the region.



‘ Britain Steps up Airport Security as Al-Qaeda Operatives and Bomb-Makers are at Work in Syria and Yemen ‘

#AceUKNews – BRITAIN (London) – July 04 – Britain has stepped up security at airports after U.S. officials said they were concerned that al Qaeda operatives in Syria and Yemen were developing bombs that could be smuggled onto planes.

“We have taken the decision to step up some of our aviation security measures,” Britain’s transport ministry said. “The majority of passengers should not experience significant disruption.”

The United States requested tougher security at overseas airports with nonstop flights to its cities.

The request came as U.S. security sources said bomb-makers from the Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, and Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula were believed to be working to develop explosives that could avoid detection by current airport screening systems.

The main concern is that militant groups could try to blow up U.S.- or Europe-bound planes by concealing bombs on foreign fighters carrying Western passports who spent time with Islamist rebel factions in the region, the U.S. sources said.

A spokeswoman for Britain’s transport ministry declined to give any further details on the security measures or to say whether the increased security was linked to the U.S. concerns.

Britain’s Heathrow airport is the world’s third busiest airport and the busiest in Europe, serving 191,200 passengers per day.


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` Fighting Between Shiite Muslim Houthi Rebels and Government Forces Kill 120 People ‘

#AceWorldNews – YEMEN – June 03 – At least 120 people were killed in northern Yemen on Monday in fighting between Shiite Muslim Houthi rebels and government forces, Reuters reported.

Yemeni planes shelled positions held by Houthi fighters in Omran province and army forces clashed with the rebels, killing around 100 of them, according to Ahmed al-Bekry, deputy governor.

Twenty government soldiers were also killed in the fighting, he said Tuesday.


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` UN Security Council Gives Russia Leading Role to Lay-out their Agenda for One Month ‘

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – June 01 – The UN Security Council has given Russia the lead role for a period of one month, starting June 1, in accordance with the rules on rotation, RIA Novosti reports.

Russian representative to the UN, Vitaliy Churkin laid out the coming agenda, suggesting an increased focus on the Middle Eastern region, namely “the situation in Yemen, Libya, the process of chemical disarmament in Syria and the humanitarian situation there,” as well as Afghanistan.

Some of the other countries to make it to the UNSC Chair’s agenda are the war-torn Mali, the Ivory Coast and the wider Sahel region.

Russia also plans to organize an open debate on current trends within UN peacekeeping operations on June 11.


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” Yemeni Troops Launch Ground Assault Against Al-Qaeda in Capital Sanaa ”

#AceNewsServices – YEMEN – May 25 – Yemeni troops have launched a ground assault against al-Qaeda suspects who fled a recent large army operation in the south to a district near the capital Sanaa, killing three fighters, sources told AFP news agency.

“Yemen’s anti-terrorism forces carried out a military operation in Arhab… killing three Al-Qaeda militants and arresting four others,” a security official said. Arhab is approximately 35 kilometres away from Sanaa.

Tribal sources in the region said the army had closed access to Arhab as it continued to target fighters.

The same sources said that in late 2011, the targeted suspects had fought in Syria, where foreigners had joined the conflict between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and rebels battling to overthrow him.

The fighters, who included foreigners, returned to Yemen and were in the southern al-Qaeda bastions of Shabwa and Abyan before an army offensive that was launched on April 29 drove them to Arhab, according to the tribal sources.

The army says it has inflicted heavy losses upon al-Qaeda during its latest offensive.

Warplanes target suspected fighter

Late on Saturday, Yemeni warplanes launched three air strikes targeting the house of another suspected fighter also in Arhab, tribal sources told AFP, alleging the fighter was also among those who had returned from Syria.

There were casualties, the house was damaged, and two cars were destroyed, the sources told AFP, without giving a toll.



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