#Sochi : ” IOC asks `Russian Organisers’ for more details for the`Reason to Jail’ of Yevgeny Vitishko”

#AceWorldNews says `IOC Seeking Further Clarification after `Russian Environmental Campaigner Yevgeny Vitishko’ was Jailed’

The International Olympic Committee asked the Russian organizers of the Sochi Winter Games on Thursday for more details about the jailing of an environmental campaigner, Reuters said. Yevgeny Vitishko has protested against harm done to the environment by Olympic construction work.

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Deutsch: Logo des IOC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He lost an appeal against his three-year penal colony sentence on Wednesday on charges of damaging the property of the local Krasnodar region‘s governor.

“We have asked Sochi for further clarification,” IOC spokesman Mark Adams said. Vitishko has denied the charges, saying that the governor’s residence was in a national forest where construction was not supposed to be permitted.


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