I have just updated news room with all our sites and changes made over last 12 months. This is where on the cutting room floor, our news and views about the news will be made.

' Ace News Services '

‘ Ace News Services ‘

As anyone who knows me – l have slowly built a group of sites all listed below with links to view, that represent as broad range of topics as possible.

This site, blog or room as it will be known is simply my news, views and feelings and thoughts as an editor.

I have also spoken to a number of my friends and followers and asked if they would like to join the news team, either regularly or as featured writers. I feel honoured by their response to wanting to be part.

Some and l say some are amazing writers, and some are able to make words jump off the page and say read me. These writers do not consider themselves great in their own right. They are humble and write from their heart their feelings, thoughts and musings about the world.

So today this day l open the news room to the world and say welcome to my friends and writers and of course you all who one day hopefully enjoy reading our words as much as we enjoyed writing them.

With kindest best wishes and love to you all and thank you for following my news.   


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If you like what you see leave a comment or your email details if you want to become part of the growing team of writers. I personally will contact you and well we go from there:

Editor in Chief of Ace Worldwide News Group