(GRT MANCHESTER) Crown Court Report: A man who pleaded guilty 8-offences including ‘ Sexual Assault & Rape ‘ of an underaged child and was sentenced yesterday to 2yrs 5-months in prison together with an order to sign the ‘ sexual offenders register ‘ #AceNewsDesk report

(BIRMINGHAM, U.K.) Court Report: Fourth man charged on Thursday with murder in connection with the ‘ fatal stabbing ‘ of Thomas Rogers on Aug.22: 2020: Three other men – including two of Mr Roger’s br others, have already been charged with murder #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) JUST IN: MET REPORT: Detectives have launched a murder investigation following the death of a polic e officer in Croydon custody centre on 25/09/2020 around 02:00hrs who was shot during the detention of of a man #AceNewsDesk reports and says God Bless & 🙏’s for Family

(GRT MANCHESTER) #Coronavirus Report: Just two weeks into the academic year and the number of schools with #COVID19 cases across city has now reached 230 with a further rise of 30-since Wednesday with a number forced to close detailed in a full list on the link #AceHealthDesk report

(KABUL, Afghanistan.) U.S -led #PeaceTalks That began just 10-days ago that led to release of 400 #Taliban P risoners in final phase of prisoner swap have already returned to the ‘ battlefield ‘ accord ing to a lead negotiator for U.S. Council on Foreign Relations said on Tuesday #AceNewsDesk report

(WORLDWIDE) #Coronavirus Case Report: The death toll from the global #COVID19 has topped 975,000, while over 32-million cases have been detected, of whom almost 21.8 million people have recovered, according to Baltimore, Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University, which tracks and compiles data from national and local authorities, the media and other sources #AceHealthDesk report

(HONG KONG) RSF Report: Calls on the H.K. Department of Justice to drop charges against Swiss photographer who faces up to a year in prison for allegedly causing “public disorder” while he was documenting a violent episode of last year’s demonstrations #AceNewsDesk report

(KOSOVO) Specialist War Crimes Report: KLA have arrested the commander ‘ Salih Mustafa ‘ who will be transferred to its detention facilities and “appear before the pre-trial judge in The Hagu e without undue delay” under warrant, transfer order and confirmed indictment issued by a pre-trial judge #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) Harrow Crown Court Report: A man of has been jailed today for over 7yrs on Thursday for raping a 28-year-old woman who was walking home from a bar in Finchley in January 2020 #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) Press Release #Coronavirus Financial Statement Report: Chancellor Rishi Sunak Announces follow-up s upport for ‘ viable businesses ‘ and today he prepares to launch ‘ Pay To Grow Schem e ‘ that will begin when the ‘ Furlough Scheme ‘ ends in October: Allowing employees offering to work a third of their normal hours and be paid for that work, as normal, to be increased for th ose people’s wages covering two-thirds of the pay they have lost by reducing their working hours #Ac eFinanceDesk report

(LONDON) Press Release #Coronavirus #NHS App Statement Report: #COVID19 App Launches today across England & Wales and public are being urged to ‘ download the app ‘ link below …that includes ‘ Track & Trace ‘ element and allows use of Bluetooth and QR Codes as people use checkin facility #AceHealthDesk report

(WASHINGTON D.C.) JW REPORT: FOIA Lawsuit against U.S. Dept of Transportation for records about the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on a street and the reopening after DC Mayor Bowser shut down a maj or street near the White House to make a political statement for the BLM/Defund the Police agenda,” said JW President Tom Fitton. #AceNewsDesk report

(MOZAMBIQUE) #IslamicState takes over celebrity vacation islands, burns luxury hotels and imposes Sharia Law on the community after asking all those holidaying to leave unharmed #AceNewsDesk report

(WASHINGTON) DOJ REPORT: Operation #DisrupTOR Investigation Continues after co-ordinated takedown of the ‘ Wall Street Market ‘ on the ‘ Darknet ‘ targeting ‘ Opioid Traffickers ‘ with over 170-arrests and the seizure of weapons, drugs and over $6.5-million in both cash and virtual currencies and approximately 500 kilograms of drugs worldwide #AceNewsDesk report

(QUEENSLAND, NSW.) Court Report: A 25yr-old-man has been charged with ‘ attempted murder ‘ t oday Wednesday after a 15yr-old-girl was shot by a man dressed in ‘ mask and black-hoodie ‘ who fired a ‘ bow & arrow and a witness said thanks to her holding a thick phone it saved her life # AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) JUST IN: MET Report: East Command Unit Detectives investigating a ‘ stabbing ‘ in L ewisham on Tues.22: Sept: 2020: around 23:00hrs are appealing for information and witnesses #AceNewsDesk rep ort

(LONDON) Press Release Statement Report: Matt Hancock Announces ‘ Childcare ‘ to be exempt f rom ‘ inter-household ‘ mixing restrictions in local areas of lockdown intervention: And the introduction of ‘ care-bubbles ‘ will allow informal childcare arrangements to continue wit h another household, as long as they are consistent #AceHealthDesk report

(MISSOURI) DOJ REPORT: U.K. National Extradited to U.S in 2019 pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 5yrs-in-p rison on Monday for his role in ‘ The Dark Overlord Hacking Group ‘ which targeted victims i n the St. Louis area in 2016 #AceNewsDesk report

(BIRMINGHAM, U.K.) WM Police Appeal Report: A man is now assisting with our investigation, but we are still appealing for anyone with further information to get in touch after three men were taken to hospital just after 22:00hrs on Thurs.17: Sept: 2020: #AceNewsDesk report

(LIVERPOOL, U.K.) Mersey Police Update Report: Officers can confirm a 21-year-old man has been charged on Mon.21: Sept: 2020: in connection with the murder of Paul Morgan in Toxteth on Sat.19 Sept:2020: #AceNewsDesk report