(BRONX, NYC.) JUST IN: NYPD Report: Knife-Wielding Man Wanted: In cell-phone-store-robberies has struck again on Saturday morning and slashed a worker according to officers he has stolen $15,000 since July #AceNewsDesk report

(SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.) JUST IN: NAPA Valley Police Dept Report: Wildfire has erupted near ‘ St Hele na ‘ as mandatory evacuations are underway for the residents near Silverado Trail and home for dozen s of wineries #AceNewsDesk report

(PHILADELPHIA) JUST IN: Philly Police Issue Warning: After two bikers were attacked in ‘ Wissahickon Park ‘ on Saturday morning officers are searching for the attacker #AceNewsDesk report

(STOCKTON, Calif.) JUST IN: WW2 North American B-25 crashed on Saturday that injured two people according to the Sacramento Bee as FAA & NTSB begin an investigation into the cause #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) MET Update Statement Report: Officers searching their two properties have arrested a man early on Sunday morning on suspicion of supplying a firearm to the suspect he is currently in custody as enquires continue #AceNewsDesk report

(GRT MANCHESTER) GM Police Report: Officers have issued a £10,000 ‘ Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) to organiser of a ‘ wedding party ‘ that was being held in the Longsight area of the city la st Thursday evening that breached the #coronavirus gatherings rule and applied a closure notice for review i n 7-days #AceNewsDesk report

(GRT MANCHESTER) GM Police Report: Officers are appealing for information & witnesses over attempted abduction of two young girls on Wed.23: & Thurs.24: Sept: 2020: in the area of Bolton: In both cases they managed to run away and the police are searching for what they describe as an Asian man #AceNewsDesk report

(LEAMINGTON SPA, U.K.) Warks Police Proactive CID Report: Crackdown on ‘ drug dealing ‘ in t he town has led to the arrest of a 50yr-old-woman on suspicion of the possession of Class A drugs a property was later searched and a 19yr-old-man was also arrested, both were later released as enquires continue #Ace NewsDesk report

(LIVERPOOL, U.K.) Merseyside Police Update Report: Detectives investigating a ‘ sexual assault ‘ on a teenage girl in ‘ Orrell Park ‘ on Mon.21: Sept: 2020: have arrested a man i n connection with the incident and he is presently being questioned #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) MET Specialist Crime Command Statement Report: Detectives investigating the murder of Police Sergeant Matt Ratana on Friday are searching a number of specific areas including where the shooting took place together with two addresses: At the present time the suspect remains in a critical condition in hospital and prevents any questioning into the specific details regarding the incident #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) JUST IN: MET REPORT: At least 16-people arrested and 9-police officers injured on Saturday during huge demonstrations in Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park for various public order offences including breaching #coronavirus regulations that were breached #AceNewsDesk report

(GRT MANCHESTER) GM Major Incident Team Report: Detectives launch a murder investigation after the ‘ fatal stabbing ‘ of a man on Tues.22:Sept: 2020: around 17:00hrs in Wythenshawe #AceNewsDesk report

(COVENTRY, U.K.) Court Report: Teenager has been found guilty on Friday for the murder of a 16yr-old-boy who was ‘ fatally stabbed ‘ after attending a house party in Chandos Street, Coventry on Feb.29 : 2020: #AceNewsDesk report

(LIVERPOOL, U.K.) JUST IN: Merseyside Police Report: Officers have issued a £10,000 fine and closed dow n an organised music event in Isla Gladstone Conservatory in Stanley Park, Anfield last night, Friday 25 Sep tember #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) Old Bailey Court Report: A man who carried out a spate of knife attacks in Edmonton last spring – including one which left a woman permanently paralysed – has been sentenced to a hospital order with restrictions on Friday to five counts under Section 18 grievous bodily harm and five counts of po ssession of an offensive weapon #AceNewsDesk reports

(LONDON) Old Bailey Court Report: 15yr- Old- Teenager who can now be named has been convicted of the ‘ fatal stabbing ‘ in Newham of a schoolboy in 2019 following a disagreement in Snapchat gro up chat with defendants has been jailed for life on Friday #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) NCA REPORT: County Lines drug networks have been targeted in a week of law enforcement activity across the UK coordinated by the Home Office: Between Monday 14 and 20 September, as a result of operations carried out by police forces and Regional Organised Crime Units (ROCUs) #AceNewsDesk report

(KABUL, Afghanistan.) JUST IN: At least seven policemen have been killed on Thursday night and a number of #Taliban Militants have been also been killed but have not commented on the recent attack according to a source #AceNewsDesk report

(PARIS, France.) JUST IN: As court prepares for widows of attackers to testify this afternoon French terrorism authorities are investigating a knife attack that wounded at least two people Friday near the former offices of the satirical newspaper #CharlieHebdo authorities said: A suspect has been arrested #AceNewsDesk report

(LONDON) Bromley Court Report: A man has been jailed for 12-months in prison and ordered to pay £122-victim-surcharge on Wed.23: 2020: for ‘ Two Fraud Offences ‘ against elderly victims by false representation #AceNewsDesk report