(WASHINGTON) CFPB Report: SCAM ALERT: Protect yourself from ID theft of unemployment benefits during the #pandemic #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.09: During the pandemic, millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits due to job loss and reduced work hours. Unfortunately, scammers are taking advantage of the pandemic and fraudulently filing unemployment claims using stolen personal identity information.

Unemployment benefits scams: How to protect yourself: ‘If you receive a 1099-G tax form for unemployment benefits that you didn’t apply for or receive, you may be a victim of identity theft’

By Sangeetha Malaiyandi –APR 07, 2021

How to protect yourself from unemployment benefit scams:

Learn the four steps you can take to report unemployment benefits fraud and protect yourself and others.

CFB: Learn how to protect yourself and others from fraud and scams during the coronavirus pandemic.

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#AceNewsServices – WASHINGTON – Dec.07 – The House on Thursday passed the defence authorization to equip the Pentagon with necessary funding and programs for fiscal 2015.

Passage fell along a largely bipartisan vote of 300-119. It now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to be considered next week before the end of the lame-duck session.

House and Senate negotiators on Tuesday agreed to cut benefits to military families, though not by as much as the Pentagon had demanded.

The lawmakers released a new Defence authorization bill that increases families’ co-pays for prescription drugs under the Tricare health programme ‘ The Hill reported.   

The bill would also reduce the planned rate of growth in the housing allowance provided to military families.


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#AceWorldNews – GERMANY – Dec.01 -Pilots at Lufthansa started a two-day walkout on Monday, the ninth strike this year, Reuters reported. Germany’s flagship airline canceled 1,350 flights – nearly half of all scheduled flights, affecting 150,000 passengers. The airline and trade union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) have been at loggerheads for months over an early retirement scheme for pilots.

German airline Lufthansa was forced to cancel more than 1,300 flights after its pilots’ union, the Vereinigung Cockpit (VC), announced a new strike for Monday and Tuesday over retirement benefits.

The strike will begin on Monday, December 1, at 12:00 p.m. local time and end on Tuesday at 23:59 p.m.

Domestic and international flights will be affected. VC organized the strike as talks with Lufthansa broke down, after pilots’ demands for a transition payment for those wanting to retire early was not met.

VC, which represents some 5,400 pilots, has already staged several strikes this year.

The German news agency DPA estimates that a total of 6,000 flights have been cancelled since April due to strikes.


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#AceNewsServices says according to the Guardian fresh questions…

#AceNewsServices says according to the {Guardian} fresh questions have emerged about the Channel 4 documentary Benefits Street after it emerged that the BBC was involved in early discussions about commissioning the controversial series but decided against pursuing it.

One of the working titles for the BBC series was The Benefit Street, suggesting that its creators had a good idea of what the show was going to be about – and potentially called – long before those who appeared in it did. Several participants have claimed they were told the programme was about community spirit.

The company behind the series, Love Productions, approached the BBC two years ago. “It’s true that the BBC was involved in some early development on the programme but we decided not to take the project further,” said a spokeswoman for the corporation.

She declined to be drawn on why the BBC decided against the project but pointed out that in the last few years it has broadcast several programmes focused on benefits, including Nick and Margaret: We All Pay Your Benefits, a series fronted by Lord Sugar’s two advisers on The Apprentice; BBC3’s People Like Us, about people on a housing estate in Manchester; and The Future State of Welfare, presented by John Humphrys’. The spokeswoman suggested that at the time when the BBC was deciding whether to proceed with what became Benefits Street, other formats “felt stronger”.

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UK: “Cameron Says Speak English or Lose Benefits Even if You Are Entitled”

#AceNewsServices says according to the Daily Mail today David Cameron plans to strip ,welfare handouts from immigrants, that refuse to speak English.
His reason’s for wanting to destroy any form of “Welfare Benefits” are clear that his party want to cut ,slash and burn people worse off ,we are at the beginning of that, with his latest raft of measures.
Well now he turns to the immigrants of this country, and wants to find a way to stop them claiming benefits, his idea is to stop printing welfare paperwork in foreign languages, and stop claimants from using tax-payer funded translators at benefit offices.
Of course this is the first step in changing a policy of what has become an open-door policy, to closing our borders to anyone who does not fit!
For many years we have allowed people from other countries to become resident’s and work in job’s that over the past 10 years, many British people would not do, reason being low wages. l know of at least 3 people local to me that earn a measly £2.50 per hour for shop work. One of the places that have many immigrants, including Polish, Romanian and Bulgarians have worked for years, is the hotel and restaurant trade, that would barely survive without them!

Well l say it is one step too far, when we use a language barrier as a way ,to stop people claiming what in many cases could be rightfully their’s.

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#AceNewsServices says here are the latest Food…

#AceNewsServices says here are the latest “Food and Health News” from our resident #Chefs-tip posts.
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4. Beauty of Eating Cabbage http://wp.me/p2QGMH-fz
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#AceBreakingNews says just in Senate Democrats got enough…

#AceBreakingNews says just in Senate Democrats got enough Republican support to move ahead with a bill to extend unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed for three months. The bill still has some hurdles to clear in the Senate, and significant opposition remains in the GOP-controlled House. A half dozen Republicans voted with Democrats to move forward with the legislation.

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Who Were The Real Fools On April Fools Day!

On this day we call April Fools Day, the UK Goverment fooled the people of Britain, by giving them just what they wanted! Namely their own way in the fact they believed the rhetoric they were told, and our health services were changed forever. Not just that they gave total control to the. “Bank of England” (BOE), allowing them to create the next financial crisis. Finally having convinced us all our benefits system is costing too much, especially the people who have too much, over the working people. They destroyed the benefits system in one swipe of the pen! Not bad on a day we call ” April Fools Day” the real question. Who were the real fools on that day? l will leave you with this question, but harken to these words” Make your decision based on what you want, and not what you need.Then the day will come when you will say”Why am l suffering, l never did anything for this to happen to me,” the answer is your forgot other people in favour of your own selfish wants!

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