(WASHINGTON) ICE/HSI REPORT: First-ever extraterritorial child exploitation case in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo and arrest of a citizen in N.J for alleged rape #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Oct.17: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) assisted in the arrest of a 44-year-old Brazilian national by Brazilian authorities on Sept. 10. The suspect was under investigation by HSI Newark for possession and distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), and concurrently by the Newark Police Department and Essex County Prosecutor’s Office for the alleged rape of an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old in New Jersey in June 2021.

#AceDailyNews reports on an NCMEC ICE/HSI Joint US-Brazil investigation leads to arrest of Brazilian national for alleged rape of 2 children in New Jersey after an arrest warrant was issued by New Jersey authorities shortly after the alleged rapes took place……

However, the Brazilian national had already fled the United States for Brazil by crossing into Mexico on foot and requesting an emergency travel document from the Brazilian embassy in Mexico: A Brazilian national cannot be extradited under the Brazilian Constitution, indicating the suspect fled to avoid arrest and prosecution by American authorities.

In August 2021, HSI began collaboration with the Federal Police of Brazil and the Civil Police of Espirito Santo Specialized Unit for the Protection of Minors, in the investigation and potential prosecution for violations of Brazilian Penal Code (CPB) 217-A, Rape of a Minor and 241-A/B, Possession and Distribution of CSAM. These violations fall under the premises of CPB Article 7, which allows criminal prosecution against Brazilian citizens for heinous crimes committed abroad. Along with the arrest, Brazilian authorities have requested all U.S.-generated reports and forensic evidence for use in Brazilian courts via the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty.

“This is a prime example of our strong partnership between the United States and Brazil,” said HSI Assistant Director of International Operations Patrick McElwain. “We all have the same goal, and that is to keep our communities and countries safe from criminals and criminal organizations, especially when crimes are committed against our children.”

“This case shows the continued dedication of our local, state, federal and international law enforcement partnerships working together around the globe to take a predator off the streets,” said Jason J. Molina, Special Agent in Charge, HSI Newark.

One of HSI’s top priorities is to protect the public from crimes of victimization, and HSI’s child exploitation investigations program is a central component of this mission. HSI is recognized as a global leader in this investigative discipline, and is committed to utilizing its vast authorities, international footprint and strong government and non-government partnerships to identify and rescue child victims, identify and apprehend offenders, prevent transnational child sexual abuse, and help make the internet a safer place for children.

HSI takes a victim-centered approach to child exploitation investigations by working to identify, rescue and stabilize victims. HSI works in partnership with NCMEC, ICAC partners, and other federal, state, and local agencies to help solve cases and rescue sexually exploited children. Suspected child sexual exploitation or missing children may be reported to NCMEC’s toll-free 24-hour hotline, 1-800-THE-LOST. HSI is a founding member of the Virtual Global Taskforce, an international alliance of law enforcement agencies and private industry sector partners working together to prevent and deter online child sexual abuse.

HSI is a directorate of ICE and the principal investigative arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), responsible for investigating transnational crime and threats, specifically those criminal organizations that exploit the global infrastructure through which international trade, travel, and finance move.

HSI’s workforce of over 10,400 employees consists of more than 7,100 special agents assigned to 220 cities throughout the United States, and 80 overseas locations in 53 countries. HSI’s international presence represents DHS’s largest investigative law enforcement presence abroad and one of the largest international footprints in U.S. law enforcement.

#AceNewsDesk report ……………..Published: Oct.17: 2021:

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(BRAZIL) Independence Day Report: President Jair Bolsonaro struck a defiant note on the country’s independence day on Tuesday as huge crowds took to the streets in defiance over persecution by Supreme Court and other institutions #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.09: Mr Bolsonaro has always been fond of giving impassioned speeches in which he not only lambasts his critics and calls them names but also portrays himself as the victim of concerted attacks by his rivals. …

#AceDailyNews says that Brazil’s Bolsonaro strikes defiant note saying ‘Only God will remove me from power according to Anadolu News Agency as a huge crowd filled Paulista Avenue in São Paulo:

Supporters of President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro gather as they wave flags during a demonstration during Brazil's Independence Day at Paulista Avenue on September 07, 2021 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Supporters of the president have labelled the Supreme Court and Congress “tyrants”

He told tens of thousands of his supporters who had gathered in the city of São Paulo that only God would remove him from power: He also launched fresh attacks on Congress and the Supreme Court, institutions he says are persecuting him and his political allies: The court recently approved several investigations into Mr Bolsonaro.

What’s behind his remarks?

Anadolu Agency: Supporters of the president have embraced his disdain for the Supreme Court and its justices

But mounting pressure from several investigations and calls for his impeachment have led to the president’s rhetoric becoming ever more belligerent.

The rallies he convened for independence day were seen as an attempt to demonstrate he can still draw huge crowds of supporters after recent polls had him trailing his left-wing rival Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva by nine percentage points.

SOPA ImagesOpponents of the president also turned out on independence day

While elections are not due to be held until October 2022, Mr Bolsonaro’s approval ratings have also dropped to an all-time low. 

A poll by the Atlas Institute suggested that 61% of Brazilians described his government’s performance as bad or very bad, up from 23% when he first took office in January 2019. 

While an attempt to impeach the president over his handling of the Covid crisis was blocked by the speaker of the lower house of Congress, Mr Bolsonaro is portraying himself as under attack from Congress and the Supreme Court.

Last week, he told evangelical leaders – who are among his staunchest backers – that “I have three alternatives for my future: being arrested, killed or victory”.

And he again took up that theme in his speech on independence day, saying that “only God will oust me”.

Casting doubts on election

He also used his speech to again cast doubts on Brazil’s electronic voting system, telling his supporters he would not take part in an election “farce” in 2022. 

Anadolu AgencyBolsonaro supporters back his calls for a change to the electronic voting system

Mr Bolsonaro has long tried to change the exclusively electronic system, which he alleges is open to fraud, to one which provides paper receipts for each vote cast. 

The electoral tribunal has not only dismissed his attacks as “disinformation” but has also opened an investigation into the president’s allegations that the system is fraudulent.

His critics say he is using the same tactics as former US President Donald Trump to allege widespread fraud in case he loses next year’s presidential election.

Sea of green and yellow

An estimated 140,000 people, many of them waving the Brazilian flag, answered Mr Bolsonaro’s call to rally in São Paulo, where they filled Paulista Avenue. 

The president had earlier attended another rally in the capital, Brasilia, where tens of thousands gathered to express their support for the president.

There was a large police presence in Brasilia where threats made by some of the president’s supporters to storm the Supreme Court.

But while some Bolsonaro supporters broke though a police cordon in the early hours of Tuesday, they did not manage to surround the Supreme Court building. 

Mr Bolsonaro did again lash out at the Supreme Court justices, telling the crowd that “I’m very happy to see that all of Brazil got together for a new independence against the communist dictatorship of the judicial authorities”.

He has frequently clashed with Supreme Court justices during his tenure and tried to have one of them impeached after the judge launched two investigations against him.

Many of his supporters called for the closure of the Supreme Court and Congress, accusing them of abusing their powers and persecuting Mr Bolsonaro.

Many left-wing and trade union groups which had originally called on their supporters to hold counter-on Tuesday, moved their events to Sunday to avoid clashes with Mr Bolsonaro’s supporters.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Sept.09: 2021:

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(LONDON) Harrow Crown Court Report: A man and a woman have been jailed after a police investigation found they were trafficking young women from Brazil to London to exploit them as sex workers #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Sept.01: They each pleaded guilty at the same court on Monday, 9 August to four counts of controlling prostitution. In addition, Edani pleaded guilty to three counts of arranging/facilitating travel for the purpose of exploitation while Stanley pleaded guilty to two counts of the same charge.

#AceDailyNews reports that two jailed people a man and a woman have been jailed for trafficking and exploiting young women as sex workers the court heard that the Brazilian women came to the UK expecting to be taking an English course that would last a few weeks – with their flight, passports, studies and accommodation paid for by Edani and Stanley.

Edani [left] and Stanley [right]

Shana Stanley, 29 (01.01.92) and Hussain Edani, 31 (20.05.90), both of Northolt Road, Harrow, were sentenced at Harrow Crown Court on Friday, 27 August.

Stanley was sentenced to three years and seven months while Edani was sentenced to eight years and two months.

However, the women were soon stopped from attending the courses and instead were exploited into working as sex workers to pay back the costs they had incurred.

They were ordered to make at least £500 a day – often having between 15 and 20 clients a day, but they were only paid a weekly wage of £250 to £300.

Hidden cameras were installed in the victims’ rooms and they were threatened with footage being sent to their families if they did not do as they were asked.

One of the victims told police that she was ‘sold a dream that turned into a nightmare.’

The investigation by the Met’s Modern Slavery and Child Exploitation Team began on 22 March 2020 when police were called to an address in south Harrow where a woman told officers she was being kept as a slave and she wanted to go back to Brazil.

The court heard the victim had an argument with her ‘line manager’ – Stanley – that night over money. Stanley left the flat but soon returned and took all of the victim’s money as well as her passport before threatening her. The victim managed to call police and shout for help, but she was pushed by Stanley and the call dropped. Stanley left telling her she had ‘signed her own death warrant.’ The victim managed to take photos of Stanley on her phone before calling police back. Officers attended and safeguarded her.

The victim showed officers the photo of Stanley and told them her name.

A fuller picture of Edani and Stanley’s criminal operation came to light the next day when detectives took a statement from the victim. The victim began attending the English course in Manchester before she was contacted by Stanley and asked to go to London.

The next day Stanley took her shopping and paid for clothing and lingerie before sending her back to Manchester. Soon after she returned to London and met Stanley who told her she would no longer be attending the course. Instead she was given a contract to sign to ‘sell her body,’ being told if she did not sign it she would not be able to go back to Brazil. The victim told officers that at the time she thought signing the contract was her only way out.

She was taken to a flat in south Harrow and a hidden camera was installed in her bedroom, which Stanley said was for her safety. She was also given a mobile phone which she was ordered not to turn off so her movements could be tracked.

Stanley told her if she did not work as directed she would end up homeless on the streets of London and would never see her family again – who thought she was a cleaner.

She continued working until 22 March 2020 when she called the police following her argument with Stanley.

By speaking with the victim, detectives were able to identify another woman who had been trafficked from Brazil by the duo and exploited as a sex worker. She travelled with another woman and they had both believed they were coming over to study English.

They stayed in a hotel in Heathrow for several days before they met with Stanley, who said they would be put in a flat and would wear lingerie bought by her and meet with clients. Again they were told they should make £500 a day and would be paid £250 a week plus £50 for food, working from 10am/11am to midnight.

They were also taken shopping by Stanley and then photographed in the lingerie for an online advert. They were given work phones, which again tracked their movements, and Stanley’s number was saved as a contact under ‘manager.’ They communicated with her over WhatsApp where she sent client bookings. Cameras were also installed in their rooms and the women believed that Stanley monitored this CCTV on her mobile phone.

The women were not allowed to make friends and were escorted to the English course, which they were soon stopped from attending.

Both women eventually managed to escape from Stanley and Edani’s grasp.

On 15 April 2020, officers executed three search warrants at addresses in Wembley and they arrested Edani and Stanley. From these addresses, detectives seized several mobile phones and documentation linked to the ‘business’ and the victims. Detectives also found a hand-drawn company diagram which had Edani at the top, Stanley below as’ manager’ and then ‘girls’ underneath.

At Stanley’s address, officers seized various items including, mobile phones, a diary with price lists and appointments and multiple containers of condoms.

The documentation seized led detectives to a fourth victim – a UK national and law student who was recruited before the Brazilian victims by Edani under the pretence that he could get her modelling work. She had meetings with Edani and Stanley – who she believed to be her modelling agent – at luxury hotels in London and was told if she was serious about modelling she would have to move to London.

Shortly after she moved into a flat in Wembley with Stanley and again was taken shopping – believing the lingerie was for a modelling shoot.

The victim went out with friends while waiting for ‘work’, with the outings covered by Stanley. After a few weeks the victim found herself in the same as the other victims. She owed money and, not knowing how to get out of the situation, reluctantly agreed to work for Edani and Stanley. She managed to leave in August 2019.

All the victims told officers that Edani was the ‘boss’ and Stanley was their ‘line manager’ who also posted adverts online and arranged clients for them. The ‘business’ was portrayed to be a legal escort agency and if the women chose to go beyond that, for example taking money for sex, it was outside their knowledge.

However, the court heard that not only were the victims working as sex workers with the defendants’ knowledge, but also at their direction and under their control.

The defendants’ bank records showed thousands of pounds in cash being deposited into them, showing the financial gain they made from exploiting the victims. 

Detective Constable Pete Brewster, the investigating officer, said: “Edani and Stanley lured their victims with false promises before manipulating them and exploiting them for their own financial gain. They had absolutely no regard for the victims or their wellbeing, including making them work long hours for very little in return – even when they were unwell. All they cared about was how much money they could make: The Met remains absolutely committed to doing all we can to protect women and girls, including those who are exploited by people like Edani and Stanley: Thanks to the courage and bravery of the victims, we were able to gather overwhelming evidence which resulted in Edani and Stanley having no option but to plead guilty, preventing them from harming others: The Met takes all reports of modern slavery extremely seriously and is committed to prosecuting those who engage in this pernicious crime. I would encourage anyone who has suffered from these kind of offences to contact police where they will be treated sensitivity and any allegations will be thoroughly investigated.”

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Sept.01: 2021:

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(BRAZIL) JUST IN: Armed gang members in the country have taken a number of people hostage during their getaway following a bank robbery in the city of Araçatuba #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.30: Bank robberies involving shoot-outs and hostage-takings have become more frequent in recent years, with hostages used as “human shields”

#AceDailyNews says that Brazil bank robbers tie hostages to getaway cars online footage recorded by locals shows getaway vehicles with people tied to their roofs and hoods: Police said that at least three people were killed, among them one suspect.

Map of Brazil

The gang had at least 50 heavily armed members, according to police officials: The mayor of Araçatuba, Dilador Borges, said police had struggled to intervene.

“The police can’t go on the attack, they can’t confront them because there are too many lives on the line,” he told Band TV. 

He said he did not know if the robbers had freed the hostages yet but said the security forces had retaken control of the city centre.

The mayor also urged people to stay indoors, warning that the robbers had placed explosive devices across the city. He said he had phoned the state governor to ask for reinforcements to be deployed to Araçatuba.

How did the robbery unfold?

A gang of heavily armed men attacked three banks in the centre of Araçatuba in the early hours of Monday local time. 

After the robbery, the gang took a number of hostages and surrounded the local military police station. Gang members also blocked key access roads into the city by setting cars alight, local media reported.

Record TV journalist Yuri Macri posted video he said showed two of the getaway cars. The first has a person tied to its roof and another to its hood, while in the second, a person can be seen crouching on the hood. 

CCTV footage posted by another Twitter user shows multiple cars driving through the city, some with people tied to the hoods, while another person can be seen holding up his hands while standing up through the van’s sun roof. Many residents reported hearing gunfire and even the sound of explosions. Police have confirmed the deaths of one suspect and two other people but did not release further information about how they died. Three others were injured.They also said two suspects had been arrested. It is not clear how much money the attackers took but some videos purport to show a resident gathering bank notes in the street.

News site G1 reports that the gang used drones to monitor the movements of the police from the air. It is not the first time Araçatuba has been targeted by bank robbers. In 2017, criminals took control of various strategic spots throughout the city, attacked police stations and blocked roads as part of their robbery of a private security firm. Raid is part of a growing trend

These well-planned robberies are part of a phenomenon Brazilians call New “Cangaço”, referring to a term first used to describe the banditry that plagued parts of Brazil in the 1920s and 1930s.Small and medium-sized cities have been the preferred targets. According to security expert Guaracy Mingardi these large-scale robberies started becoming more frequent around 2015.

The targets are banks and firms that store and transport valuables.Dozens of criminals take part in a single raid, many of them heavily armed with machine guns and sometimes explosives.

While most of the raids have been carried out in Brazil, there has been at least one instance where a Brazilian gang carried out a spectacular robbery in neighbouring Paraguay.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Aug.30: 2021:

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(BRAZIL) Gold Report: Central bank purchased over 62 tons of gold in three months through July 2021, raising the nation’s reserves to nearly 130 tons. The estimated growth of physical holdings reportedly amounted to 92.4%. #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Aug.16: The bulk purchase of 41.8 tons was recorded in June. In May and July, the regulator acquired 11.9 tons and 8.5 tons, respectively, according to Exame, a Sao Paulo-based media outlet. In monetary terms, Brazil’s gold holdings saw substantial growth of 98.5% to $7.596 billion as the pandemic drove global gold prices to new heights….

#AceFinanceDesk says that Brazil gold reserves surge nearly 100% in three months as Central Bank doubles purchases according to reports that the move marks the first major purchase in the past decade, as the central bank had barely changed the amount of reserves invested in the precious metal since November 2012 and the weaker dollar & coronavirus surge boost gold’s safe-haven appeal according to Exame, a Sao Paulo-based media outlet.

15 Aug, 2021 09:24

Brazil gold reserves surge nearly 100% in three months as Central Bank doubles purchases – reports

Brazil’s international gold and foreign exchange reserves totaled $355.7 billion as of the end of July, with the share of gold increasing to 2.1%. At the end of 2020, the share of the precious metal in Brazil’s foreign reserves totaled 1.2%, standing at $4.101 billion.

In the first six month of the current year, the country became the world’s third-biggest buyer of gold after Thailand and Hungary. Brazil’s central bank purchased 53.74 tons, according to data tracked by the World Gold Council (WGC). 

“Central banks are likely to continue buying gold on a net basis in 2021 at a similar or higher rate than in 2020, driven by a continued focus on diversification and risk management,” the WGC projected, noting that central banks globally bought 333 tons of gold in the first six months of the current year.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: Aug.16: 2021:

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(BRAZIL) JUST IN: At least 25 people including a police officer have been killed in a shootout in Rio de Janeiro, according to local media #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.07: Police launched the operation after receiving reports that drug traffickers were recruiting children for their gang.

BRAZIL: At least 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro shootout and took place during a police operation in a favela in the Jacarezinho area of the city: Police in the Brazilian city confirmed the death of one of their officers, Inspector Andre Leonardo de Mello Frias. A statement on Facebook said “he honoured the profession he loved and will be missed”.

Civil showed off weapons and drugs seized during the raid

Two passengers on a metro train were hit by bullets but survived. 

Police Chief Ronaldo Oliveira told Reuters news agency that Thursday’s raid was “the largest number of deaths in a police operation in Rio”. 

According to local news, the gang targeted in this raid engages in drug trafficking, mugging, murders and kidnappings. 

Television images showed suspects trying to escape across rooftops as police entered the favela. 

ReutersCivil Police showed off weapons and drugs seized during the raid

Meanwhile, residents of Jacarezinho have shared accounts of what they witnessed on social media.

One resident posted a photo of his blood-covered floor and said two people had died in his house as police chased the criminals. The man, who did not want to give his name, said he would try to move out of the area as soon as possible. 

“We’re trying to sell the house as fast as possible, we can’t continue to live here,” he said. 

Other residents said officers had seized their phones, accusing them of warning gang members of the raid. 

Sociology professor Ignacio Cano from the Laboratory for the Analysis of Violence at Rio State University dismissed the reasons the police gave for the raid: “To say that drug traffickers recruit children and teenagers to deal drugs is almost laughable because everyone knows that these gangs have minors who work for them. 

“To say that you’re going to launch a massive raid because you’ve discovered that traffickers recruit children is a joke,” he told O Dia newspaper. 

ReutersRio de Janeiro is one of Brazil’s most violent states

Rio de Janeiro is one of Brazil’s most violent states and vast areas are under the control of criminals, many of them linked to powerful drug-trafficking gangs. 

Security forces in Brazil have often been accused of excessive use of force against the civilian population during anti-crime operations in major cities. 

A court ruling last June restricted police action in poor neighbourhoods of Rio during the pandemic unless it was deemed essential. 

Rio de Janeiro is the city with the biggest percentage of people living in shanty towns in Brazil – 22%. It’s a population of 1,3 million, 70% of which are black. 

Worrying resurgence

Analysis by Camilla Motta, BBC Brasil reporter, Sao Paulo

Police operations targeting favelas controlled by drug traffickers are quite common in Rio. This, however, is the deadliest operation since 2016.

Since a court ruling last June restricted police action in poor neighbourhoods in Rio, the number of deaths in shootouts in favelas has fallen. 

In the first month alone, deaths plummeted 70% when compared to the average recorded since 2007, according to the research group Grupo de Estudos dos Novos Ilegalismos, from Universidade Federal Fluminense. 

The drop was not followed by a rise in crime. In fact, property crimes were down by 40% and homicides by 48%. Researchers argue this shows that police operations are not the best strategy to tackle crime. 

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: May.07: 2021:

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(PENNYSYLVANIA) Justice Dept Report: Israeli National pleaded guilty today for his role in ‘DeepDotWeb’ administrator pleads guilty to ‘Money Laundering Conspiracy’ #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.01: An Israeli national pleaded guilty today for his role in operating DeepDotWeb (DDW), a website that connected internet users with Darknet marketplaces, where they purchased illegal firearms, malware and hacking tools, stolen financial data, heroin and fentanyl, and other contraband.

Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation: ‘DeepDotWeb received over $8 million in kickbacks from purchases of fentanyl, firearms, and other contraband on Darknet marketplaces: ‘According to court documents, Tal Prihar, 37, an Israeli citizen residing in Brazil, owned and operated DDW along with co-defendant Michael Phan, 34, of Israel, beginning in October 2013. In addition to providing general information about the Darknet, DDW provided users with direct links to illegal Darknet marketplaces, which are not accessible through traditional search engines’

For providing these links, Prihar and Phan received kickback payments from the marketplaces in the form of virtual currency, including approximately 8,155 bitcoins (worth approximately $8.4 million based on the bitcoin trading value at the time of the transactions). To conceal the nature and source of these illegal kickback payments, Prihar transferred the payments from his DDW bitcoin wallet to other bitcoin accounts and to bank accounts he controlled in the names of shell companies. DDW was seized by federal authorities in April 2019, and Prihar has agreed to forfeit $8,414,173.

“Tal Prihar served as a broker for illegal Darknet marketplaces — helping such marketplaces find customers for fentanyl, firearms, and other dangerous contraband — and profited from the illegal business that ensued,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Nicholas L. McQuaid of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division. “This prosecution, seizure of the broker website, and forfeiture send a clear message that we are not only prosecuting the administrators of Darknet marketplaces offering illegal goods and services, but we will also bring to justice those that aim to facilitate and profit from them.” 

“Tal Prihar today acknowledged his leadership role in operating a web site that served as a gateway to numerous dark web marketplaces selling fentanyl, heroin, firearms, hacking tools and other illegal goods,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Stephen R. Kaufman for the Western District of Pennsylvania. “Mr. Prihar and his codefendant extracted a fee from each customer routed to these illegal sites, profiting in the millions of dollars.”

“For six years, DeepDotWeb was a gateway to facilitate the illegal purchase of items to include dangerous drugs, weapons, and malicious software,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge Carlton Peeples of the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office. “Prihar profited as a byproduct from other people’s dangerous transactions and today’s guilty plea sends a message to other cyber actors across the globe who think the dark web is a safe haven. The FBI works with our local, state, federal and international partners regularly to dismantle illicit websites and go after those responsible for them.”

Prihar pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 2, and faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine any sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.

The FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office is investigating the case:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Lieber Smolar of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Pennsylvania and Trial Attorneys C. Alden Pelker of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section and Alexander Gottfried of the Criminal Division’s Organized Crime and Gang Section are prosecuting the case.

The department thanks the French authorities as well as its law enforcement colleagues at the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, IRS, Brazilian Federal Police Cyber Division, Israeli National Police, Dutch National Police, Europol Darkweb Team, Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany, and National Crime Agency in the United Kingdom. Significant assistance was provided by the Justice Department’s Office of International Affairs.

This case was brought in conjunction with the Joint Criminal Opioid and Darknet Enforcement (J-CODE) Team. Established within the FBI’s Hi-Tech Organized Crime Unit, J-CODE is a U.S. Government initiative announced in January 2018, aimed at targeting drug trafficking, especially fentanyl and other opioids, on the Darknet. The J-CODE team brings together agents, analysts and professional staff with expertise in drugs, gangs, health care fraud and more. J-CODE entities, including the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, Department of Defense, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and Department of Justice focus on disrupting the sale of drugs via the Darknet and dismantling criminal enterprises that facilitate this trafficking.

This prosecution also is a result of an Organised Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation. OCDETF identifies, disrupts, and dismantles high-level drug traffickers, money launderers, gangs, and transnational criminal organizations that threaten communities throughout the United States. OCDETF uses a prosecutor-led, intelligence-driven, multi-agency approach that leverages the strengths of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies against criminal networks.

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Apr.01: 2021:

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@AceBreakingNews ‘ #FIFA Corruption Scandal Documents Show Details of Jack Warner’s Bribes ‘

#AceBreakingNews – Featured Report:#FIFA:June.07: A BBC investigation has seen evidence that details what happened to the $10m sent from Fifa to accounts controlled by former vice-president Jack Warner.

The money, sent on behalf of South Africa, was meant to be used for its Caribbean diaspora legacy programme.

But documents suggest Mr Warner used the payment for cash withdrawals, personal loans and to launder money.

The 72-year-old, who has been indicted by the FBI for corruption, denies all claims of wrongdoing.

The papers seen by the BBC detail three wire transfers by Fifa.

In the three transactions – on 4 January, 1 February and 10 March 2008 – funds totalling $10m (£6.5m) from Fifa accounts were received into Concacaf accounts controlled by Jack Warner.

At the time, he was in charge of the body, which governs football in North and Central America and the Caribbean.

Personal payouts

The money had been promised by South Africa’s Football Association for its so-called diaspora legacy programme to develop football in the Caribbean.

The documents detail exactly how and when the money was transferred

The documents reveal how the money was spent and moved around.

JTA Supermarkets, a large chain in Trinidad, received $4,860,000 from the accounts.

The money was paid in instalments from January 2008 to March 2009. The largest payment was $1,350,000 paid in February 2008.

US prosecutors say the money was mostly paid back to Mr Warner in local currency.

Jack Warner: The US charge sheet

Jack Warner has promised to reveal more details about what went on at Fifa

  • Accused of racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering, bribery

  • From the early 1990s, he allegedly “began to leverage his influence and exploit his official positions for personal gain”

  • Allegedly accepted a $10m bribe from South African officials in return for voting to award them the 2010 World Cup

  • Allegedly bribed officials with envelopes each containing $40,000 in cash; when one demurred, he allegedly said: “There are some people here who think they are more pious than thou. If you’re pious, open a church, friends. Our business is our business”

Key questions answered

Chuck Blazer: Fifa ‘supergrass’

Who are the indicted officials?

Fifa in crisis – Special Reports

The BBC gave details of its investigation to Brent Sancho, Trinidad and Tobago’s sports minister and a former footballer.

He said: “He [Mr Warner] must face justice, he must answer all of these questions. Justice has to be served.

“He will have to account, with this investigation, he will have to answer for his actions.”

The documents also show $360,000 of the Fifa money was withdrawn by people connected to Mr Warner.

Huge sums of money were used to pay off credit cards and personal loans

A Trinidad supermarket received almost $5m

Nearly $1.6m was used to pay the former Fifa vice-president’s credit cards and personal loans.

The documents show the largest personal loan Mr Warner provided for himself was $410,000.

The largest credit card payment was $87,000.

Mr Sancho says he is now angry and disappointed.

“I’m devastated because a lot of that money should have been back in football, back in the development of children playing the sport.

“It is a travesty. Mr Warner should answer the questions,” he added.

‘The gloves are off’

Jack Warner is one of 14 people charged by US prosecutors over alleged corruption at Fifa.

The US Justice department alleges the 14 accepted bribes and kickbacks estimated at more than $150m (£97m) over a 24-year period.

Mr Warner denies all charges of corruption.

The Fifa executives indicted include – Rafael Esquivel, Nicolas Leoz, Jeffrey Webb, Jack Warner, Eduardo Li, Eugenio Figueredo and Jose Maria Marin

He resigned from Fifa’s executive committee and all other football commitments in 2011 amid allegations he had bribed his Caribbean associates.

He later stepped down as Trinidad and Tobago’s security minister amid a fraud inquiry.

A key figure in the deepening scandal, in a recent statement he said he had given lawyers documents outlining the links between Fifa, its funding, himself and the 2010 election in Trinidad and Tobago. He said the transactions also included Mr Blatter.

“I will no longer keep secrets for them who actively seek to destroy the country,” he said in an address on Trinidadian TV last week entitled “The gloves are off”.

Speaking to his supporters at a rally later the same day, he promised an “avalanche” of revelations to come.

Mr Warner, who faces extradition to the US, was released on bail after handing himself in to police in the Trinidad and Tobago capital Port of Spain last week.

He says he is an innocent scapegoat who will soon reveal the truth of what happened inside Fifa.

The announcement of the FBI charges in late May has driven Fifa into its greatest crisis; last week its president, Sepp Blatter announced he was stepping down, only days after being re-elected to a fifth term.

BBC Breaking Report: Additional reporting by Ashley Semler and Peter Murtaug


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#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL – October 27 – Incumbent governor Luis Fernando de Souza, most commonly known as Pezão (‘Bigfoot’ in Portuguese), won the gubernatorial race in Rio de Janeiro against Marcelo Crivella.

Re-elected governor thanks his former running mate, Sergio Cabral, who resigned earlier this year.

According to election officials, Pezão received 55.78 percent of the valid votes against Crivella’s 44.22 percent.


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#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL – October 27 – Incumbent President Dilma Rousseff won re-election on Sunday by a straight margin over opposition candidate Aecio Neves.

In the closest race since 1985, incumbent president wins a second four-year term.

With 99.7 percent of votes counted Rousseff obtained 51.6 percent of the valid votes while Neves received 48.4 percent.

According to the TSE (Brazil’s Electoral Court) twenty percent of voters did not show up at the polling stations, voted blank or annulled their votes.




#AceBreakingNews – BRAZIL – October 14 – Brazil prisoners took at least 12 guards hostage in a riot at the Guarapuava prison, located in the southern state of Parana. “Twelve guards are being held hostage along with a group of inmates — we don’t know how many,” AFP quoted regional Secretary of State for Justice Elson Faxina as saying.

At least 12 prison guards taken hostage in Brazil’s prison riot

At least 12 prison guards taken hostage in Brazil’s prison riot

Some media reports said that more than 170 people were captured.

The reasons behind the latest riot have not been established. “We don’t know what is behind the rioting,” Faxina added.

The uprising began on Monday when prisoners attacked the guards during a work detail. It is not yet clear if there were any injuries in the prison, which houses almost 250 inmates.

Local television footage showed prisoners wearing hoods, armed with knives and clubs, on the roof along with the captured guards, who were no longer wearing their uniforms.

The Parana state justice secretariat is in charge with negotiating with the prisoners.

This incident follows another major prison riot in Parana’s town of Cascavel in August, which saw five inmates killed, two of them beheaded.




BRAZIL: ‘ Two Leftist Women Fight it Out in Presidential Election as Millions Cast Their Ballot’s ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRAZIL (SÃO PAULO) – October 05  – The twists and turns in Brazil’s presidential race end Sunday, at least for a few hours, as millions of Brazilians cast ballots in an election expected to force a three-week run-off campaign between incumbent Dilma Rousseff and one of her two top challengers AP reported.  

Português: Dilma Rousseff faz o primeiro pronu...

Português: Dilma Rousseff faz o primeiro pronunciamento como presidente eleita do Brasil (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rousseff held a commanding lead in all recent opinion polls, with her support rising to 46 percent in a survey released Saturday. But it was thought unlikely she could push through to win the absolute majority required to avoid a second-round election.

Brazil’s next president is likely to be a left-leaning woman with a compelling life story. The only question is which one: the incumbent or her chief challenger?

As Brazilians prepare to go to the polls Sunday, the presidential race has become a surprisingly close contest between the country’s current leader, Dilma Rousseff, and challenger Marina Silva, who wasn’t even a candidate for president until less than two months ago.

English: 2010 Brazilian presidential candidate...

English: 2010 Brazilian presidential candidates Dilma Rousseff, José Serra, and Marina Silva. Português do Brasil: Os candidatos à Presidência da República em 2010, Dilma Rousseff, José Serra e Marina Silva. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Silva had been the running mate of Brazilian Socialist Party presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, who trailed badly in the polls when he died in a plane crash Aug. 13.

Since then, Silva, 56, has surged in popularity, in part because of her background — born to a large impoverished, illiterate family in the Amazon, and overcame diseases and menial jobs to become a successful political leader.

Family of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff (...

Family of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff (left to right): Igor (brother), Dilma Jane Silva (mother), Dilma Rousseff (as a child), Zana Lúcia (sister), and Pedro Rousseff (originally Pétar Rusév; her Bulgarian father). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rousseff’s background is no less intriguing. The daughter of an affluent Bulgarian immigrant turned lawyer-businessman, Rousseff, 66, became a Marxist guerrilla opposed to Brazil’s military dictatorship and was jailed while in her 20s. She rose through the political ranks to become Brazil’s first female president in 2011.

Until Silva’s surge in the polls, Rousseff had seemed a shoo-in for a second term despite a corruption scandal involving two dozen leading members of her ruling Workers Party (PT) and protests over the more than $13 billion Brazil spent to host the soccer World Cup tournament this year.

Surveys show the two women would be the top two finishers in Sunday’s election, which means they would compete head-to-head in the second round, in which Rousseff holds leads of varying sizes, according to the polls.

In recent days, polls have shown  Rousseff  gaining on Silva, sending Brazil’s stock market and currency down on investors’ fears that a continuation of her market-interventionist policies will fail to spark an economic turnaround.



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‘ Declaration on Forests Good for Business or Environment ‘

#AceNewsServices – September 25 – Everything I’ve been reading about the U.N. Climate Summit had been making me pretty gloomy, until I read about the New York Declaration on Forests.

The first notice was a press release from the Rainforest Action Network informing me that Cargill, the agribusiness giant, had pledged “to protect forests in all of Cargill’s agricultural supply chains and to endorse the New York Declaration on Forests.” Cargill has a big hand-print — they have soy silos in Brazil and palm oil plants in Malaysia.

So as of now, if you want to carve a farm out of the jungle, you’re going to get the cold shoulder from a company that is a prime connector to world markets.

And this isn’t limited to hot-button crops like soy and oil palm.

 Here’s what Cargill’s CEO Dave MacLennan said at the U.N.: “We understand that this sort of commitment cannot be limited to just select commodities or supply chains,” said MacLennan. “That’s why Cargill will take practical measures to protect forests across our agricultural supply chains around the world.”

It’s not just Cargill. Kellogg’s, Unilever, Nestle, Asia Pulp and Paper, General Mills, Danone, Walmart, McDonalds, and many other corporations have committed to the New York Declaration on Forests. But, here’s why Cargill is interesting: It’s making a concrete pledge, while the actual declaration is pretty mushy at this point.

The declaration calls for ending forest loss by 2030. And, to quote a U.N. brief: “It also calls for restoring forests and crop-lands of an area larger than India. Meeting these goals would cut between 4.5 and 8.8 billion tons of carbon pollution every year — about as much as the current emissions of the United States.” Or about as much as taking all the cars in the world off the roads — that’s another comparison I’ve seen.

The details are supposed to be hammered out in time for the 2015 convention in Paris.

Okaaay. Does anyone care about a non-binding declaration of voluntary goals? Not me. But it does give me hope to see a company commit to something tangible — like upending the incentive it created for people to cut down forests. Usually the way these things work is that everyone agrees on the goals, and then no one is willing to make sacrifices to reach those goals. But this time we have a major player saying at the outset: “Not only do we support these goals, here’s how we plan to achieve them.”

Of course, Cargill could say all these nice things and then do nothing. But that would be a lousy PR strategy. If it doesn’t follow through, it goes from being just another business-as-usual foot-dragger in the crowd to a recalcitrant liar that put a spotlight on itself.

Activists have been pressuring Cargill for years, and now that it’s made itself news, journalists like me are going to be watching its environmental progress.

There has been a cascade of companies announcing that they are going to eliminate palm-oil deforestation from their products. It feels like a tipping point. When no one cares, there’s a big economic penalty for being the first company to act ethically while all the others quietly capitalize on the easy profits it’s giving up.

But once a critical mass of companies begins to do the right thing, the economic penalty instead falls on the laggards. It’s easy to act unethically in a crowd, but if you are among a small group of villains, it starts getting hard to find customers who want to support you.

I would not be surprised to see other companies stepping up with actual plans for reforming their supply chains.

This declaration of forests could just be the real thing.



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‘ Tourist Boat Capsizes in Paraguay River ‘

#AceWorldNews – PARAGUAY – September 25 – At least three people were dead and 15 were missing after a tourist boat capsized in the Paraguay River during a storm, authorities said Wednesday night.

' Tourist Boat on Pantanal Wetlands fishing Trip '

‘ Tourist Boat on Pantanal Wetlands ‘

The boat was carrying 11 Paraguayan crew members and 16 Brazilian tourists as the incident happened at the town of Carmelo Peralta in northern Paraguay, AP said.

They were on a fishing expedition to the Pantanal, a wetlands region straddling the border with Brazil about 600km north of Paraguay’s capital, Asuncion.

Nine of the 27 people on the boat had been able to swim to shore after the vessel turned over.

AP – RT 


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BRAZIL: ‘ BRICS Country Steps Up To Lend a Hand to Russian Market to Meet Demand for Poultry ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Rio De Janeiro) – August 07 – Brazil poultry farms quite easily can meet the demand for chicken on the Russian market in connection with the Russian decision to halt agriculture imports from some countries, Brazilian Animal Protein Association President Francisco Turra said on Wednesday.

Russia bans import of European dairy products, cheese – source

The Brazilian capacities allow supplying additional 150,000 tonnes of chicken to Russia to fully make up for the U.S. quota. The 150,000 tonnes may be Brazilian, Turra said.

Brazil supplied 60,000 tonnes of chicken to Russia last year, and the South American country have exported a total of more than 300,000 tonnes to Russia, the association president said.


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' Imposing Sanctions on Russia Contradicts US Interests and Damages Bi-Lateral Trade '

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – July 17 – Imposing sanctions on Russia and blaming it for destabilizing Ukraine contradicts US national interests, President Putin said at the BRICS summit in Brazil, emphasizing that declared support of Ukrainians should not be limited to the country’s oligarchs.

READ MORE: US widens sanctions on Russia, EU takes time to think over

Speaking to the press following the BRICS summit in Brazil, Vladimir Putin was asked to comment on the new package of sanctions against Russia announced just minutes earlier by the US President.

“We aren’t the ones introducing sanctions, you should ask them,” Putin said.

“But as for sanctions, they usually have a boomerang effect, and without a doubt will force US-Russian relations into a corner,” he elaborated. “This is a serious blow to our relationship. And it undermines the long term security interests of the US State and its people.”

Putin said that it is “regrettable” that “our partners” have chosen to impose new sanctions, but Russia “will not close doors to negotiations.”

“We’re open to finding ways out of this situation,” Putin said. “I really hope that common sense and the willingness to resolve all issues through peaceful diplomatic means will prevail.”


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‘ World Cup Runners-Up Show Their Disappointment with Violent Clashes on the Streets of Brazil ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Buenos Aires) – July 14 – Disturbances have taken place in Buenos Aires after Argentina’s national team lost the World Cup final 1-0 to Germany. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse angry fans.

The clashes occurred in the centre of the Argentinian capital, near the landmark Obelisk of Buenos Aires, where thousands of people peacefully gathered earlier to cheer for their team.

Violentos en Buenos Aires provocan incidentes en festejos post Mundial (FOTOS) http://t.co/DbDGDRq95J pic.twitter.com/bj2DBRs9DD
— Noticias Sin Censura (@NoticiasSOSVzla) July 14, 2014

The violence erupted when a group of 15 football fans climbed onto a TV news van and ripped off the antenna. The situation then further deteriorated as youths hurled rocks and vandalized stores in the city centre after the World Cup loss.

Elsewhere in the Argentine capital, disgruntled fans set fire to trash cans and blocked roads with makeshift barricades.

More than 30 people were detained and some 20 injured – 15 of them police – Telam news agency reported, citing police sources.


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‘ Further Delays in Sale of Marijuana in Uruguay in Implementing a Law to Legalise Cannabis’

#AceWorldNews – URUGUAY – July 09 – The sale of marijuana in Uruguay has been delayed due to “practical difficulties” in implementing a law legalizing cannabis, President José Mujica said in an interview with AFP, adding that sales will begin “next year.”

MONTEVIDEO (Reuters) – April 2014 – Uruguayans will be able buy up to 10 grams of pot a week, enough to roll 20 joints, under new rules governing the recently legalized marijuana trade in the country, a government source said on Thursday.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because President Jose Mujica has not yet decreed the new regulations, said the government will auction up to six licenses to produce cannabis legally.

Mujica is expected to sign off on the rules in coming days. He proposed the landmark legalization law to undermine drug trafficking.

On Dec. 23rd, President José Mujica signed into law a bill that creates a legal, regulated marijuana industry.

Despite backlash from the U.N. and neighbouring countries like Brazil, President Mujica believes legalization provides a better solution than prohibition, and will ultimately help combat drug trafficking.

While Uruguay is now the first and only country to fully legalize marijuana, other Latin American countries, including Argentina and Chile, are already looking to follow suit.


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‘ Police Arrest 11 People in Brazil in an International World Cup Ticket Touting Ring ‘

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Sao Paulo) – July 04 – Police in Brazil say they have arrested 11 people and broken up an international gang that was involved in the illegal sale of World Cup tickets.

The scheme is said to have earned the gang as much as $90m (£52m) per tournament and could have been operating for four World Cups.

Some of the tickets seized were meant for sponsors, while others had been allocated to Brazil team officials.

Police believe some of the tickets were sold to foreign tourists.

BBC News International


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' Mayor of Rio De Janeiro says Polluted River will not be Clean for Olympic Sailing Events '

#AceWorldNews – BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro) – June 08 – Rio de Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes has said that the Brazilian city will not be able to clean the polluted bay where Olympic sailing competitions will be held before the 2016 Games.

(Brazil had made a commitment to reduce pollution in the Guanabara Bay by 80%)

But Mr Paes admitted that the target would not be met.

He regretted the missed opportunity but told the AP news agency that the pollution didn’t pose a risk to the health of athletes.

Olympic sailors who visited Rio de Janeiro recently described the bay as an open sewer.”I am sorry that we did not use the games to get Guanabara Bay completely clean,” Mr Paes said during a conference in Rio.

Many in the city were sceptical from the beginning, after decades of broken promises to have the bay cleaned.

Greater Rio has a population of some 10 million people and millions of litres of untreated sewage are dumped in the bay every day.

Most people avoid bathing from the beautiful, albeit polluted beaches inside the bay.

But Mr Paes said that there would be no risk for the sailing teams competing in the Olympics, as the races will be held in a less polluted part of the bay.

Ace Related News:
1. AP – 07/06/2014 – http://tinyurl.com/n8ovt5q


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