(JAKARTA, Indonesia.) JUST IN: #Earthquake 6.5-Magnitude strikes province of Papua with its epicenter estimated about 250 km west of the city of Jayapura on Wednesday: It followed a series of tremors across the Pacific region on Tuesday, including a 6.8 magnitude quake shaking Japan’s east coast, and a 6.8 quake striking south New Zealand Kermadec Islands chain #AceNewsDesk reports

(OAXACA, Mexico City.) Just In: #Earthquake hits on Friday night causing only material damage it was originally reported as 7.2-7.5 but was later downgraded by USGS later a 5.8-magnitude aftershock hit #AceNewsDesk reports

#MexicoEarthquake Latest: Rescue crews at Mexico City school where 12-year-old girl, others are trapped face rain and risk of further collapse that killed at least 21-children & 4-adults #AceNewsDesk reports

(MEXICO CITY) Hit by 8.1 magnitude #Earthquake Thursday night the causing people to flee their homes: President says it’s the strongest for 100-years no initial details or reports of injuries #AceNewsDesk reports

#JapanEarthquake Update public broadcaster has urged all residents in coastal regions not to return to their homes as a At least 5 aftershocks recorded off Namie, Japan, following the 6.9-magnitude earthquake near Fukushima as a further even larger 9.1 aftershock has been felt off the Fukushima prefecture coast reports of any casualties are still sketchy – @AceNewsServices

JAPAN Earthquake Update: NHK: Fukushima, Japan, nuclear plant is checking for any impact from earthquake; not observing any changes, except the fact that reactor three has stopped working and circulating water as one meter wall of water hits – @AceNewsServices

JAPAN: Hit by a 7.3 #earthquake downgraded to 6.9 off #Fukushima triggers 3-metre #tsunami warning issued and evacuation of people as more after shocks being felt as bullet train shut down – More as soon as we know – @AceNewsServices

OKLAHOMA: REPORT: Early Monday morning as #Cushing felt a 5.0 magnitude #earthquake that was followed by some smaller but significant tremors, minor injuries and damage to builds – @AceNewsServices

#ItalyEarthquake #ESM Ancient buildings in Norcia in devastation and with only a few buildings left standing Emergency Responders 112 ‘ ask the people to use SMS and What’sApp instead of blocking the phone lines – @AceNewsServices

ITALY: Hit by a Magnitude 6.6 #earthquake that hit Norcia, has brought down buildings across the town, authorities checking for casualties – USGS – @AceNewsServices

#ITALY #USGS #Earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 6.4 strikes central Italy about 2 hours after 5.5 quake no word on injuries so far – @AceNewsServices

#ItalyEarthquake Country mourns as #earthquake victims death toll reaches 247 with many more injured but due to chaotic situation at present a total is not known – @AceNewsServices

CHINA: ‘ Earthquake Claims 350 Lives and 1,400 Injured with 12,000 Made Homeless ‘

**BREAKING** 6.6 Earthquake Strikes Mexico, 3.9 Canada, 3.1 Utah, 3.0 Oklahoma

` Earthquake Magnitude 7.3 has been Recorded off `Papua New Guinea’s Bougainville Island ‘ – Reports ‘

` Tsunami Waves caused by the ` Earthquake in Chile ‘ can reach Japan’s Pacific Coast April 03 – Approx 03.00 Local Time ‘

` Earthquake in Chile Magnitude 8.2 Causes Deaths of 5 People and Creates Tsunami Wave that could Reach to Japan '

` Earthquake 5.1 Magnitude hits area Centred near ` Orange County ‘ and was followed by Aftershocks ‘

` Earthquake 6.3 Magnitude hits South Coast of Japan – Unconfirmed Reports ‘

Japan: ` Tokyo Honour’s its dead victims of `Fukushima ‘ on the Third Anniversary ‘