Article: David Miliband: Labour 'has turned the page backwards'

#AceNewsReport- Headlines: Britain:June.10: David Miliband has said:
Labour ‘has turned the page backwards’


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‘ David Cameron Military Action at Invitation of Iraq ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRITAIN – September 23 – David Cameron supports the latest air strikes by the US and five other countries from the Gulf and Middle East, Downing Street has said.

The UK prime minister, in New York for a UN General Assembly meeting, will be holding talks about “what more the UK can do to contribute”, No 10 added.

The UK is already providing arms to the Kurds as well as surveillance support.

The BBC’s Nick Robinson said Parliament could be recalled by Friday if Labour and Lib Dems back UK military action.

The involvement of UK forces could be restricted to Iraq, where they would be operating at the invitation of the government in Baghdad.

Nick Robinson said Mr Cameron would only put the issue to a House of Commons vote, if he was confident of support from Labour, the Lib Dems and his own backbenchers.

“David Cameron will not risk a repeat of the Commons defeat he faced last summer over air strikes in response to President Assad’s use of chemical weapons.”

Fair wind’ for action:

Former Labour foreign secretary Jack Straw said under the right circumstances there could be support for Britain joining air strikes in Iraq.

He said the situation was different from when the Commons voted against intervention in Syria last year.

“If Mr Cameron comes to Labour and there’s a clear proposition I think he’ll get a fair wind,” he said.

Several Conservative MPs who opposed air strikes in Syria last summer have told the BBC they would now support military action.

Crispin Blunt, a former minister and one of the Tory rebels at the time, said there was “no great controversy” about the UK’s military involvement – short of a significant ground commitment – and there was no need to recall Parliament.

“Any military strategy against ISIS, which is necessary, must involve taking them on in Iraq and Syria,” he said.

Another of last year’s Tory rebels, Sarah Wollaston, said if Syrian strikes were the only way to hit IS effectively she would support them.

She has explained her position in an open letter to constituents on her website.

Conservative Julian Lewis said he “would be in favour” of military action if there was “a coherent and sensible plan”.

Another backbencher who rebelled last year, Charles Walker, said he would support action against IS with or without the recall of Parliament.

Other Conservatives have privately confirmed they would support strikes.


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‘ Row Over Plan to Ban Scottish MP’s Voting on English Law Erupts ‘

#AceNewsServices – SCOTLAND – September 22 – A row over plans to ban Scottish MPs from voting on English laws has threatened to derail Labour’s final party conference before the general election Telegraph reported.

' Screenshot of Video Watch Miliband Squirm '

‘ Screenshot of Video Watch Miliband Squirm ‘  ‘ Video at this Link ‘  

Ed Miliband refused 13 times to say whether he would back plans set out by the Prime Minister for “home rule” in England in the wake of the Scottish independence referendum.

The Labour leader has been backed into a corner over the issue after he signed up to a “vow” alongside Mr Cameron and Nick Clegg to give Scotland greater powers over tax and welfare ahead of the independence referendum.

After having supported new powers for Scotland, Mr Miliband is faced with campaigning against devolution in England because it could leave him unable to form a parliamentary majority.

Labour has 40 Scottish MPs and would be left with the possibility of being unable to secure a parliamentary majority on English issues such as the Budget if they are banned from taking part in votes.


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Local Elections: UKIP Makes Significant Gains

Nigel Farage has claimed his party will win double the number of seats predicted as UKIP makes significant gains across the country. Early on Friday morning UKIP had already surpassed the 80 seats it had been expected to take, dealing a significant blow to the main parties. UKIP took seats of both Labour and the Conservatives in their heartlands, which was particularly damaging to Ed Miliband, who has been accused by his own party of running a “unforgiveably unprofessional” campaign.

A ballot box is emptied at Trinity School in Croydon

Labour lost its grip in the north and, in a serious blow, the party lost control of Thurrock, a key marginal for the General Election in 2015, to no overall control, losing two seats to UKIP. Douglas Alexander, Labour’s election co-ordinator, was forced to deny fighting a “lacklustre” campaign. He told Media the only way to tackle the march of UKIP was by deploying an “army of activists” on the doorsteps and said that Labour had knocked on seven million doors.

Mr Alexander said there was a “deep antipathy to how politics has been done” and UKIP had scooped up that vote but that “strengthening and growing the ground operation” was the only strategy for 2015. UKIP made its greatest gains in Essex, where Margaret Thatcher once identified the “Essex Man”, a man who moved out of London, once voted Labour but switched to the Tories. UKIP took seats from Labour in Hartlepool, won 10 seats in Rotherham and polled more than a third of the vote in wards in big cities, such as Sunderland, Birmingham and Hull, where it previously had little or no presence.

Mr Farage casts his vote in Cudham, Kent

On Friday morning Mr Farage said he was “very pleased” with the result, which showed UKIP was now a “serious player” and said the party was now expecting to win double the 80 seats that had been predicted. He said: “The idea the UKIP vote just hurts the Tories is going to be blown away by this election” and added: “The UKIP fox is in the Westminster henhouse.” However, he admitted that the party was unlikely to be successful in London.

Mr Miliband and his wife Justine in Yorkshire after casting their votes

According to the latest Media projection, the results so far would give a hung parliament at the 2015 General Election. Media election analyst Professor Michael Thrasher said on the basis of the early results, UKIP looks likely to make significant gains in next year’s poll. Prof Thrasher said UKIP’s success suggests the party would claim at least one seat in the House of Commons in 2015.

Mr Cameron and his wife Samantha vote in Westminster

Conservative Education Secretary Michael Gove said the results had not been as bad as expected. He categorically ruled out any chance of a pact with UKIP. Most councils will not declare their results until later on Friday. The Liberal Democrats suffered significant loses, particularly in Portsmouth where it lost control with UKIP gaining six seats. However, it managed to hold on in Eastleigh, where UKIP had been expected to make gains, which was a significant victory for the party. Business Secretary Vince Cable admitted it would be a bad night, adding: “We take a kicking for the things that government does that are unpopular.” He argued supporters would be “pleasantly surprised” in areas where the party is organised. Brentwood – constituency of the Tory secretary of state for local government, Eric Pickles – has slipped from the Conservatives to no overall control.

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“Georgia court convicts former prime minister `Vano Merabishvili’ of `embezzlement & abuse of office’ is Sentenced to Five Years”

#AceWorldNews says that a court in Georgia has convicted a former prime minister, Vano Merabishvili, of embezzlement and abuse of office and sentenced him to five years in prison, AP reported.

The top ally of former President Mikhail Saakashvili served for nearly eight years as interior minister before he became the head of government ahead of a parliamentary election in 2012.

After Saakashvili’s party suffered a defeat, prosecutors filed charges against many of the ex-president’s allies. Merabishvili was arrested in May 2013 and accused of putting nearly 22,000 party campaign workers on the Labour Ministry payroll.

He also was accused of illegally appropriating a seaside residence.

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” Switzerland will not be able to sign a `Labour Market Pact’ with Croatia following a Shock Referendum”

#AceWorldNews says after immigration vote, Swiss have to rework Croatia labour deal according to ZURICH (Reuters).
Switzerland has told the newest European Union member, Croatia, that it will not be able to sign a labour market pact as planned on July 1, following a shock referendum vote in favour of immigration curbs.

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#UK : ” Storms have been `Lashing our Coastline for Days’ Now `Sink Hole’s’ Open Up”

#AceNewsServices says that “A `Thirty Five Foot Sink-Hole’ has opened up in flooded UK‘ as storms lash coastline”

Published time: February 15, 2014 16:09
Large waves hit the lighthouse and harbour at high tide at Newhaven in Sussex, southern England February 15, 2014. (Reuters / Toby Melville)Large waves hit the lighthouse and harbour at high tide at Newhaven in Sussex, southern England February 15, 2014. (Reuters / Toby Melville)
A 35-foot-wide sinkhole has opened up in the storm-battered UK as two people have died in a wave of floods spreading havoc across the southern England. A total of 17 flood warnings, denoting a “danger to life,” are in place.

One woman died after part of a building crushed a car driving past Holborn tube station in central London. The concrete front of the structure collapsed onto her car late Friday night. A further two people in their mid-20s – who were also in the car – were injured and hospitalized as a result of the incident, which is being investigated by police.

“Sadly, despite extensive efforts to resuscitate her, a woman was pronounced dead at the scene,” a London Ambulance Service spokesperson said Saturday.

Ten more people were evacuated from buildings in the area as a precautionary measure.

A passenger on a cruise ship in the English Channel also died after a massive wave struck the British vessel Marco Polo as it headed toward Tilbury in Essex late Friday, smashing through a window, and injuring several passengers. The 85-year-old man was airlifted to hospital, but didn’t survive.

“My thoughts and condolences are with the family and friends of the people killed in the storms last night,” Labour Party chief Ed Miliband, the opposition leader, tweeted.

Strong waves posed a danger to the public in a seaside restaurant in Milford-on-Sea in Hampshire. Thirty-two people were evacuated when a tidal surge flooded the ground floor and windows were smashed by airborne shingle.

Members of the Army move a tree which was blown down in a flooded street in Egham, southern England, February 15, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hackett) Members of the Army move a tree which was blown down in a flooded street in Egham, southern England, February 15, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hackett)

Over 140,000 homes nationwide are without power and severe weather warnings remain in place across the country, which has seen its wettest January in two and a half centuries. Gales of around 80 miles (129 km) per hour have swept through the country, according to the country’s Met Office.

Seventeen families were forced to evacuate their homes after a sinkhole measuring some 35 feet wide appeared in Hertfordshire on Saturday – the largest of three such sinkholes in the space of a week.

“Police are currently in attendance in Oatridge Gardens, Hemel Hempstead after receiving a report of a sink-hole appearing in the road at 7:30am,”Hertfordshire police said in a statement. They confirmed that the depth of the hole had reached 20 feet.

“The road, and surrounding roads, have been closed for the safety of residents,” police said.

The M2 – a motorway in the south-eastern county of Kent – also developed a sink-hole 15 feet deep earlier in the week, while a garden, also in Kent, saw another crater – 10 feet deep – opening up.

Low-lying areas in the south-west – specifically Somerset – have been submerged in flood water since December. Train lines have been subject to delays and cancellations – some because of landslides – while a sea wall in the southwest collapsed as storms battered the coast last week, forcing the closure of the specific part of track that lay behind it.

Police officers walk down a street in Egham after the River Thames burst its banks in southeast England February 14, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hackett)Police officers walk down a street in Egham after the River Thames burst its banks in southeast England February 14, 2014. (Reuters / Paul Hackett)

The UK has not yet applied for financial help from the EU to cope with the crisis. Prime Minister David Cameron declared Tuesday that money would not be an issue when it came to dealing with the floods. He has denied that there is a political motivation – in an increasingly anti-EU atmosphere in right-wing UK politics – behind the absence of a call for aid, despite the country having had its 10 weeks from the “first damage caused” by a natural disaster.

“We are ready to consider the possibility of providing the UK with help – both in their struggle against the elements, and to contribute to the elimination of its effects – but for this we need to receive an official request from the British government, which we do not have,” the news service of the European Commission stated on Saturday, according to Itar-Tass.

“As Labour and the Lib Dem’s have killed the Wharton Bill, the one way to guarantee a referendum is to vote Conservative at the Gen Election.”

MEPs addressed a letter to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Owen Patterson, on January 8, reminding him that: “The fund has been given a budget of 414 million pounds in 2014 ($693 million), but your department must apply within 10 weeks of the date on which the natural disaster struck in order to be eligible. Several weeks have already gone by…We also urge you to ensure that the full grant is used for repairing the damage from the floods in accordance with EU rules and does not get diverted or returned by HM Treasury, as was allegedly the case with 79 million pounds ($132 million) of the 110 million pounds ($184 million) granted to the UK by the fund in 2007.”

On Friday, Welsh Plaid Cymru MEP Jill Evans reiterated her call to the UK government to apply to the EU Solidarity Fund which was set up with the intention of providing aid in such times of crisis, despite the deadline having technically passed.

“The EU Solidarity Fund was set up as an emergency fund to be used by countries hit by natural disasters to help them recover. Welsh citizens, like all EU citizens, pay into the Solidarity Fund…the UK government should have applied immediately,” Evans wrote in a statement.



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