` Venezuelan Protests have `Claimed ' the ` Lives ' of 37 in ` Violent Confrontations ' between Civilians and Security Forces '

#AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – March 28 – A total 37 people have been killed during violent protests that started in Venezuela on February, 12, country’s attorney general, Luisa Ortega said.

The majority of them – 29 people – are civilians, while another eight are security forces. Ortega said that as part of investigation 17 policemen have been arrested and three of them were put in jail.

Two cases of use of torture, two killings and two attempted murders are also being investigated, she stressed.

The demonstration movement protested against President Nicolas Maduro’s government over inflation and the lack of basic products in the country such as paper, sugar and oil.

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1. March 23 – 11.16 GMT – #AceWorldNews – VENEZUELA – 23 March – Three more people have died in Venezuela amid clashes between protesters and police, bringing the death toll to 34. Saturday’s clashes erupted as protesters tried to block a highway in Caracas following a march, demanding the release of students detained during the unrest. Venezuela has been hit by a wave of violent protests. http://wp.me/p165ui-4uw


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` Nigeria has Arrested `Two Britons ‘ and ` Ten Citizens ‘ on Charges of ` Bribery ‘ to Facilitate an Oil Theft ‘

#AceWorldNews – NIGERIA – March 28 – Nigeria has arrested two Britons and 10 of its own citizens on charges of trying to bribe a military officer to facilitate oil theft, Reuters reported, citing the military.

The suspects were immediately arrested for attempting to bribe the brigade commander for economic sabotage, said Major-General E.J. Atewe, commander of the military and police Joint Task Force for the oil-producing Niger Delta region.

Oil theft by armed gangs is rampant in Nigeria, Africa’s top crude-producing country.


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` Oil leaked from ` BP’s Whiting Oil Refinery ‘ into Lake Michigan ‘

#AceEnvironmentNews – INDIANA – March 25 – Oil leaked from BP’s Whiting oil refinery in Indiana into Lake Michigan after a mechanical glitch on Monday afternoon, Reuters reported.

The spill has been contained, according to Indiana environmental officials.

Sources say a relatively small amount of oil was released, but the exact amount was unknown. BP said Tuesday that the largest crude distillation unit at the 405,000-barrel-per-day refinery was back to normal operations following an overnight malfunction that led to the leak.


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“Over a Hundred People mainly `Christian’ have been `Massacred’ in a Nigerian village whilst trying to impose Sharia Law”

#AceWorldNews says latest reports indicate that at least 106 people have been massacred in a Nigerian village, the country’s senator Ali Ndume told AFP, blaming the attack on Boko Haram militants.

The politician added that 60 of those killed have been buried. Witnesses say that some 200 people dressed in military uniform came at around 20:30 GMT in motorcycles and six trucks.

Locals were asked to assemble when alleged Boko Haram members started hacking and slaughtering the mostly Christian village. Boko Haram is seeking to impose Shariah law in Africa’s top oil producer.

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#Iraq: ” Warns Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan about their Involvement in Exports of Smuggled Oil without Baghdad’s Consent”

#AceWorldNews says Iraq has warned that it will take legal and other measures to punish Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as foreign companies, for any involvement in Kurdish exports of “smuggled” oil without Baghdad’s consent. The Iraqi oil minister, Abdul Kareem Luaibi, said the government was preparing legal action against Ankara, Reuters reported. Baghdad also said it would blacklist any companies dealing with oil piped to Turkey from Iraq’s autonomous northern region without permission from the central government in Baghdad.

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Economists: Political system in Iraq has misdirected oil revenues

#AceWorldNews says ” Political System in Iraq has Misdirected Oil Revenues ” #corruption

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Carry Economists Iraqis on Saturday, “the new political order,” the responsibility of the deterioration of economic growth, and stressed that the increase in oil revenues, “tempts the governor to continue in office and increases the power of individual”, as attributed exceeded imports of 70 billion dollars in 2013 to “ignorance in water resources management helm, “called for” the formation of a body to manage financial resources managed by economists away from the political parties. “

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