SWITZERLAND: ‘ Justice Office Agree to Extradite Srebrenica to Bosnia Over War Crimes ‘

#BREAKING144 ‘ Interpol suspends 20-million Euro agreement with #FIFA ‘

GENEVA: ‘ Unnamed #FIFA official arrested appeals Extradition Warrant ‘

‘ Swiss Authorities Detain Three Suspected of Links to Islamic State ‘

AUSTRIA: ‘ Hospitals to Suspend Circumcisions Motivated by Religious Custom ‘

‘ Gunmen Shoot Red Cross Official ‘

` Human Cost of Syria's Violence is 11 Children Dead in One Week with 10,000 Killed since Conflict Began '

` North Korea’s `UNHA-3 Rocket ‘ was built with Components from South Korea, UK and the United States ‘

` Russia regrets `Switzerlands ‘ Unilateral ‘ position on the events in the Ukraine ‘

` Switzerland is not planning to repeat the `Sanctions’ on the `Russian Federation ‘ by the US or EU ‘

` Sea of Okhotsk in the `Far East ‘ now `Russian Continental Shelf ‘ open for Oil and Gas Exploration ‘

` FIFA authorises the wearing of ` Veils for Females and Turban’s for Males’ after request from `Sikh Community of Canada ‘

” Switzerland will not be able to sign a `Labour Market Pact’ with Croatia following a Shock Referendum”

#Geneva2 : ” Small Progress in Talk’s `Ending Friday’ and Due to Resume in February”

#AceBreakingNews says a plane with a #Geneva2 peace…

#Syria : “Bashar Al Assad’ says `Significant Chance’ he Will Stand in Next Election”

#AceWorldNews latest AFP The exiled Syrian opposition voted…

#Syria Damascus Confirms Participation in #Geneva2 Conference #Peace