Facebook: “Facing a Lawsuit over False Likes”

#AceMedaiNews says according to #MediaSources the question being asked is ……… did Facebook user Anthony Ditirro like the USA Today Facebook page, or didn’t he? Perhaps the answer will emerge during court proceedings, as the Colorado resident filed a lawsuit against the social network, seeking class-action status, and claiming that Facebook falsified likes for advertising purposes, CNET reported. According to the suit, as reported by CNET, Ditirro appeared in at least one sponsored story, brought to his attention by one of his friends.

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Does OptimEyes Invade Our Privacy By Facial Detection As Tesco’s is Bringing it to a Gas Station Near You?

English: Tesco Petrol Station, St Mellons.

English: Tesco Petrol Station, St Mellons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Digital advertising company Amscreen (a division of Alan Sugar’s Amshold) has announced a deal with British supermarket giant Tesco to roll out its OptimEyes technology across their 450 petrol forecourts. Screens near the pump will have a built-in camera with facial detection to measure how many people are viewing, and to determine their gender and age range based on visual features. In a press release, Amscreen claims the tech will “help to deliver more measurable campaigns for advertisers, as well as more relevant on screen content for the Tesco customer.”

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Amscreen already has over 6,000 screens across Europe, and says the Tesco network will reach a weekly audience of 5 million. And don’t think you can escape it: Quividi, the audience measurement company behind the OptimEyes face-tracking technology, claims 94 percent of shoppers view their screens.

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Editors Comment:  

The question we should be asking is what right does any company have to obtain these details without us giving our permission? This is one area l will be looking into over the next few weeks , and will report back in due course!  

Personally l think this is an invasion of our privacy and we should all consider boycotting ” Tesco’s Fuel Stations ” until they realise we do not agree! 

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Just commenced using my first advertising tool to…

Just commenced using my first advertising tool to promote and eventual brand all our network services under one roof!

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Can We Trust Facebook With Our Personal Details

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Facebook on Tuesday made a pointed pitch to Madison Avenue: We know how to get your messages to real people, nearly one billion of them, because we know exactly who they are and whom they trust.

Somini Sengupta of The New York Times, writes that Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s chief operating officersought to assure the industry that Facebook was single-mindedly focused on proving the promise of advertising on its platform.

Facebook’s bread and butter is advertising, and it needs to prove to Madison Avenue that money spent on Facebook will yield measurable results. Facebook, Ms. Sandberg said at a conference, can transform how marketers reach their audience because Facebook knows exactly who is in that audience.

These days, Facebook is pushing stronger than ever at targeted advertising. It is using not only the data it has from its roughly 955 million users worldwide, it is matching that with the trail of data consumers leave as they shop online and offline – and using it to analyze what kinds of advertisements work best on Facebook.

It is a gamble. Facebook also must persuade users to trust the social network with their personal information, writes Ms. Sengupta. Facebook’s new forays reveal the rich trail of data that consumers can leave, often unwittingly, every time they buy groceries with a loyalty card or when they longingly eye a pair of shoes online. All of that data can trickle back to Facebook: With nearly a billion users, the company can find those consumers when they log on to Facebook and direct tailored ads to them.

In an experiment that stirred some controversy, Facebook linked arms with Datalogix, a data-mining company, to glean what individual shoppers buy at offline stores. Datalogix says it gets this information from loyalty card data and other sources.

Facebook can find those shoppers on its own platform if they have a Facebook account. It can then serve them advertisements based on their purchase history. Facebook calls the results promising: Shoppers who are shown advertisements on their Facebook page are spending more at the cash register.

Facebook says it is not sharing its user data with third parties. It also says it makes personal information anonymous by hashing the data, though security researchers have questioned the effectiveness of such tactics.

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