MOLDOVA: ‘ Dignity & Truth Protesters Rally Against Corruption ‘

#AceNewsReport – MOLDOVA:June.07: Nearly 10,000 protesters came out onto the streets of central Chisinau on Sunday to protest corruption and to call on those responsible for the country’s corruption-ridden paralysis to resign and face prosecution, local media have reported.

People protest on Streets against Corruption '
‘ People protest on Streets against Corruption ‘

Organized by the ‘Dignity and Truth’ civic group, an eclectic collection of civic activists, political scientists and journalists, the mostly pro-EU oriented protesters voted on a resolution against the pro-EU coalition government, saying its lack of political will has led to a loss of confidence inside the country and in the eyes of its international partners.

The resolution demanded that members of the parliament and judges be stripped of their immunity from prosecution, and called on state officials involved in the scandal surrounding the theft of nearly a billion euros from three banks to face punishment. The civic group gave the government until August 27 (Moldova’s Independence Day) to meet their demands, threatening to return with larger protests. 

The phrases “Down with the traitors!”, “Down with the Mafia!”, “Criminals to Jail!” and “Igor Plahotnyuk [a local oligarch], don’t forget, your home is in jail!” could be heard coming from the crowd and seen on homemade posters. Some of the protesters carried Moldovan, Romanian and EU flags.

Speaking before the crowd, Igor Botan, a well-known local pro-EU political scientist and one of the leaders of Dignity and Truth, stated that “we must step up protests in order to see justice, including over the theft of a billion euros from the banking system. We believe that the architects of this robbery of the century are themselves the leaders of the ruling parties. Without active protests, [authorities] will not do anything.”

Botan added that authorities have promised that a third of the money stolen in the country’s recent banking scandal may be returned, “two thirds will be transferred to the national debt, so that we the tax payers will be forced to return it. We cannot sit idly by and watch this. It is obvious that those who are responsible for this situation will not punish themselves.”

Dignity and Truth had earlier held several large-scale meetings, the last of which took place in early May and gathered nearly 50,000 people.



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#AceWorldNews – Update: WASHINGTON: Jan.05: Two US residents have been charged for their involvement in the failed December 30 attempt to overthrow the Gambian government, the US Justice Department said Monday.

Cherno Njie, who lives in Minnesota, and Papa Fall of Texas, are set to appear in court later on Monday. The coup attempt was reportedly led by a former commander of the presidential guard.

Last week, while President Yahya Jammeh was away, shots were fired near the Presidential Palace. Jammeh has dismissed the severity of the attempt, attributing it to “terrorist groups backed by some foreign powers.” Gambia has also begun arresting people suspected of having ties to the attempt.


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AceWorldNews – Nov.18 – A Pakistani man can sue the UK government over claims he was unlawfully detained and tortured by British soldiers in Iraq, the High Court has ruled the BBC reported.

' Yunus Rahmatullah '

‘ Yunus Rahmatullah ‘ 

According to Reprieve: Yunus Rahmatullah was captured in 2004, then sent from British to US custody and held for 10 years without charge.

The UK knew he may face unlawful detention and torture, lawyers said.

The Ministry of Defence said it should not face UK courts as the alleged behaviour was also conducted by the US.

The MoD also said it should have either state immunity or that the courts do not have jurisdiction over the acts of a foreign state, the US in this case.

Sapna Malik – who represents Mr Rahmatullah – said: “It is now high time for the British government to abandon its attempts to evade judicial scrutiny of its conduct in operations involving the US in Iraq and Afghanistan.”


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#AceWorldNews – COLUMBIA – Nov.18 – Rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) came under heavy international pressure on Monday to free a general as the government suspended peace talks after his kidnapping, AFP said.

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC)

Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) 

The EU urged FARC to free their hostages immediately and unconditionally, and the European Commission said the incident “seriously put at risk the continuation” of the peace talks to end Colombia’s 50-year-old conflict.

General Ruben Alzate disappeared in a remote region on the Pacific coast on Sunday, in what the government denounced as a kidnapping by FARC.


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#AceWorldNews – IRAQ (Mosul) – Nov.18 – Iraqi security forces entered the country’s largest refinery for the first time on Tuesday, Reuters reported.

' Baiji Oil Refinery in Mosul '

‘ Baiji Oil Refinery in Mosul ‘

“The anti-terrorism force called Mosul Battalion, entered Baiji refinery for the first time in five months,” said police colonel Saleh Jaber.

Government forces had battled militants of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), who had surrounded it, for months.

State TV showed what it said was live footage of the complex from outside its walls.


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#AceWorldNews – BURKINA FASO – Nov.17 – Burkina Faso’s former ambassador to the UN, Michel Kafando, will be in charge of a civilian transitional government after the military briefly seized control of the country last month, AP said.



Kafando, 72, was named early Monday as transitional president until elections to be held in a year.

President Blaise Compaore, who ruled for nearly three decades, fled office earlier this month amid rising opposition protests.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Midnight Deadline Reached as Mass Demonstrations Break-Out and Police and Protesters Clash ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 03 – Scuffles between protesters and groups supporting Beijing broke out in a key Hong Kong shopping district on Friday, Reuters said. More than 50 police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district on the Kowloon side of the harbour, to form a human chain between the groups.


‘ More than 50 Police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping District ‘

Several people were reportedly injured. Mong Kok is popular with tourists from mainland China. Meanwhile, the People’s Daily, the newspaper of China’s Communist party, said Friday that authorities will not make concessions to protesters in Hong Kong and that their cause is “doomed to fail.”


‘Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with Police outside Government Headquarters on Friday ‘

Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with police outside government headquarters on Friday, despite an 11th-hour agreement for talks, AFP reported.

Most overnight demonstrators had gone home by Friday morning, but around 100 remained outside the government complex, while parts of the city have remained at a standstill for five days.

Demonstrators had set a midnight Thursday ultimatum for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign and for Beijing to stop vetting candidates who want to stand for the chief executive’s job in 2017 elections.

Sources: AFP – RT – People’s Daily – Reuters   


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