#France : “Raises `Maritime Pollution Alert’ after `Spanish Cargo Ship’ splits in half near Bayonne”

#AceWorldNews says an empty Spanish cargo ship split in half on a breakwater near Bayonne on the Atlantic coast, and France has raised a maritime pollution alert, the BBC reported.
Drifting after its engine failed, the Luno crashed into the breakwater at Anglet. All 12 crew members were winched to safety by helicopter.

The wreck leaked fuel oil, the report said.

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UK Citizens are Paying Some Politicians Energy Bills for Their Second Homes

According to the BBC News tonight some of our dedicated politicians who serve the public, are serving themselves, with charging tax-payers for their gas and electricity! What makes it worst is the charges are for their “SECOND HOMES” and while people who are elderly and fuel poor struggle!
This reminds me of the days of “Scrooge” treating people as second class citizens, disgraceful!

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