(ETHIOPIA) LATEST: Military has called on former soldiers to re-join the army, as it battles to hold off a rebel advance from TPLF edging towards Addis Ababa #AceNewDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.07: The appeal comes as rebel forces – spearheaded by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – make advances towards the capital, Addis Ababa.

#AceDailyNews says according to latest news reports Ethiopia urges ex-soldiers to join fight against Tigray rebels & US embassy has told all US citizens to leave Ethiopia as soon as possible amid a “very fluid” security situation.

Ethiopian soldiers
Government forces have been battling rebels for a year

Hours earlier, nine anti-government groups forged an alliance to dismantle Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

The government has said it will continue to fight what it calls an existential war.

The conflict has entered its second year, with millions displaced and more than 400,000 on the brink of famine.

This week, government officials have declared a state of emergency, and called on residents to register their weapons and get ready to protect their neighbourhoods.

Ethiopia’s international partners have called for an end to the hostilities:

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss urged both sides to agree a ceasefire in a call with Ethiopia’s deputy prime minister on Friday.

“I made clear there is no military solution and that negotiations are needed to avoid bloodshed and deliver lasting peace,” she said.

On Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called for a ceasefire, saying: “The conflict in Ethiopia must come to an end.” 

US special envoy Jeffrey Feltman is visiting Addis Ababa to press for peaceful solution. 

The new rebel alliance includes the TPLF and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). Its leaders said they aimed to oust Mr Abiy’s government and establish an interim administration. 

Here are three reasons why Ethiopia is still at war, a year since the conflict began.

The OLA and TPLF have already started fighting alongside each other and this week claimed to have captured the town of Kemise, 325km (200 miles) north of Addis Ababa.

But government officials have dismissed the new coalition, saying it will have no support.

“They are very weak, the weakest political force in Ethiopia,” government spokesman Kebede Desissa told the BBC’s Newshour programme.

He said “the reality on the ground is not indicating” that rebel forces are advancing on the capital.

Fighting broke out a year ago between government troops and the TPLF, which ruled Ethiopia for decades and now controls Tigray.

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(ADDIS ABABA) JUST IN: Election Report: Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party on Saturday was declared the winner of last month’s national election in a landslide, assuring a second five-year term for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.12: The National Election Board of Ethiopia said the ruling party won 410 seats out of 436 contested in the federal parliament. Dozens of other seats will remain vacant ; one-fifth of the constituencies didn’t vote because of unrest or logistical reasons. Ethiopia’s new government is expected to be formed in October.

#AceDailyNews says Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Wins National Election in Landslide Giving PM Ahmed a Second-Fiver-Year Term In Office VOA US reported

FILE - In this Monday, June 21, 2021 file photo, A mother carries her baby on her back as she casts her vote in the general…

The vote was a major test for Abiy, who came to power in 2018 after the former prime minister resigned amid widespread protests. Abiy oversaw dramatic political reforms that led in part to a Nobel Peace Prize the following year, but critics say he is backtracking on political and media freedoms. Abiy also has drawn massive international criticism for his handling of the conflict in the Tigray region has that left thousands of people dead.

June’s vote, which had been postponed twice because of the COVID-19 pandemic and logistical issues, was largely peaceful, but opposition parties decried harassment and intimidation. No voting was held in the Tigray region.

Abiy has hailed the election as the nation’s first attempt at a free and fair vote, but the United States has called it “significantly flawed,” citing the detention of some opposition figures and insecurity in parts of Africa’s second most populous country.

200-plus complaints

The leader of the main opposition Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party, Berhanu Nega, lost while opposition parties won just 11 seats. The Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice party has filed 207 complaints with the electoral body over the vote.

Popular opposition parties in the Oromia region, the largest of Ethiopia’s federal states, boycotted the election. The ruling party ran alone in several dozen constituencies.

The head of the electoral board, Birtukan Mideksa, said during Saturday’s announcement that the vote was held at a time when Ethiopia was experiencing challenges, “but this voting process has guaranteed that people will be governed through their votes.”

She added: “I want to confirm that we have managed to conduct a credible election.”

Voter turnout was just more than 90% among the more than 37 million people who had been registered to vote.

The Prosperity Party was formed after the dismantling of Ethiopia’s former ruling coalition, which had been dominated by Tigray politicians. Disagreements over that decision signaled the first tensions between Abiy and Tigray leaders that finally led to the conflict in the region in November.

Though Abiy hinted in 2018 that Ethiopia will limit a prime minister’s terms to two, it is not clear whether he will act on that.

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: July.12: 2021:

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(CAIRO) Egypt’s irrigation Report: Minister said on Monday that he had received official notice from Ethiopia that it had begun filling the reservoir behind its giant hydropower dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), for a second year #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.08: The UN Security Council is set to meet Thursday on Ethiopia’s mega-dam project, which has sparked fears in downstream Sudan and Egypt over their water supplies, diplomats said.

CAIRO: Ethiopia tells Egypt it has resumed filling giant Nile dam and Egypt has informed Ethiopia of its categorical rejection of the measure, which it regards as a threat to regional stability, irrigation Minister Mohamed Abdel Aty said.


July 05, 2021 23:04:

Both nations have been pushing Ethiopia to ink a binding deal over the filling and operation of GERD on the Blue Nile that broke ground in 2011.
Addis Ababa, which said it last year reached its first target in the years-long filling of the dam, has announced it will proceed in July with or without a deal.

The public session was requested by Tunisia on Egypt and Sudan’s behalf, according to a diplomatic source.
France’s ambassador to the UN, Nicolas de Riviere, said last week that the council itself can do little apart from bringing the sides together.

We can open the door, invite the three countries at the table, bring them to express their concerns, encourage them to get back to the negotiations and find a solution,” he told reporters.

Sudan and Egypt have written to the council to urge it to take up the matter in recent weeks.
Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said in his note that negotiations are at an impasse and he accused Ethiopia of adopting “a policy of intransigence that undermined our collective endeavors to reach an agreement.”

Shoukry also held talks with his Sudanese counterpart Mariam Sadiq Al-Mahdi in New York on Monday as part of the framework of Egyptian-Sudanese coordination in the preparation for the Security Council session.

Egyptian Sudanese coordination in the framework of the preparations for the SC session on #GERD, FM #Sameh_Shoukry meets with his Sudanese counterpart FM Dr. #Mariam_Alsadig@MofaSudan@Mariam_Sadig

— Egypt MFA Spokesperson (@MfaEgypt) July 5, 2021

Moreover, Ethiopia said Tuesday it rejected “unwelcome meddling” by the Arab League in the dispute over the mega-dam.
“Ethiopia rejects the unwelcome meddling by the League of Arab States on the matter of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) following the League’s submission of a letter to the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly to intervene in the matter,” Tuesday’s Ethiopia foreign ministry statement said.
“The League of Arab States has a reputation for its unfettered and unconditional support to any claim Egypt has presented on the issue of the Nile.”

The Arab League announced last month it was backing Security Council intervention, despite Ethiopia’s insistence that talks proceed under an ongoing process led by the African Union.

Ethiopia says the dam on its Blue Nile is crucial to its economic development and providing power to its population.
Egypt views the dam as a grave threat to its Nile water supplies, on which it is almost entirely dependent. Sudan, another downstream country, has expressed concern about the safety of the dam and the impact on its own dams and water stations.
Egypt and Sudan have been engaged in a diplomatic campaign for a legally binding deal over the dam’s operation, but talks have repeatedly stalled.
The diplomatic push intensified ahead of the first filling of the dam with last summer’s rains in Ethiopia, and again in recent weeks ahead of the second filling.

Addtional News With (Reuters & AFP)

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: July.08: 2021:

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(ETHIOPIA) Press Freedom Report: Ethiopian authorities should immediately release all recently arrested journalists and media workers, and ensure that authorities cease harassing members of the press, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – July.05: Officers detained the employees at the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center, have not brought them to court, and have not stated the reasons for their arrest, according to the family members, who had visited the employees in detention.

ETHIOPIA: Authorities have arrested at least 15 employees of 2 independent media outlets, about 1 p.m. on June 30, police raided the office of the independent broadcaster Awlo Media Center in Addis Ababa, the capital, and arrested at least 12 of its employees, according to news reports, the outlet’s lawyer Tadele Gebremedhin, who spoke to CPJ in a phone interview, and two family members of the detainees, who spoke to CPJ on the condition of anonymity, citing safety concerns.

July 2, 2021 12:55 PM EDTPolice officers are seen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 19, 2021. Officers recently arrested more than a dozen employees of two media outlets in the city. (Reuters/Tiksa Negeri)

Separately, police arrested journalist Abebe Bayu yesterday and administrator Yayesew Shimelis today, both with the privately owned YouTube-based broadcaster Ethio Forum, according to Tadele, who is also representing them, those news reports, and Facebook posts by Ethio Forum.

The two journalists are also being held at the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center, Tadele said.

“Ethiopian authorities should immediately release all employees of Ethio Forum and the Awlo Media Center who were recently arrested in a brutal crackdown,” said Angela Quintal, CPJ’s Africa program coordinator. “Authorities’ brazen raid on the media center and the mass detention of its staff for undisclosed reasons, followed by the arrests of Abebe Bayu and Yayesew Shimelis, is alarming, and further evidence that authorities will go to any length to suppress information and criticism.”

The arrested Awlo Media Center employees include reporters Bekalu Alamrew, Fanuel Kinfu, Fana Negash, and Miherete Geberkirestos; camera operators Musse Hadra and Nebeyu Mikael; video editors Melkamfire Yemam and Fikerte Yensu; and at least four non-journalistic employees, including accountants, janitors, and technical staff, according to their lawyer.

Police also arrested Tewlde Taddesse, a lawyer with the media center, at his home, the employees’ family members said.

In May, Awlo Media Center registered with the Ethiopian Media Authority as an online media outlet, as required by new regulations in the country, according to a Facebook post by the authority.

Last week, unidentified men briefly abducted and attacked Abebe, and Ethio Forum announced that it would temporarily cease broadcasting, as CPJ documented at the time. Abede told CPJ in a phone interview following the incident that the men told him to stop criticizing the government, but did not cite any specific coverage prompting the attack.

Both the Awlo Media Center and Ethio Forum have recently covered the ongoing conflict in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, as well as other news topics, according to CPJ reporting and a review of their recent coverage.

CPJ called Jeylan Abdi, a federal police spokesperson, who said he had no information about the detentions and referred CPJ to the Federal Police Crime Investigation Center. CPJ called Nadew Alehgn, a spokesperson for the center, but he did not answer.

Jeylan later told the Addis Standard, “The journalists were not arrested because of their profession but rather due to their affiliation with a terrorist group which is banned by the parliament.”

Last year, police arrested Yayesew following his reporting on COVID-19, and arrested Bekalu for allegedly disseminating false news. Both journalists were later released on bail, according to news reports.

#AceNewsDesk report …….Published: July.05: 2021:

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(ETHIOPIA) LATEST: Tigray Report Military on Thursday said it was responsible for a deadly airstrike on a busy marketplace in the country’s region health workers said the attack killed at least 64 people, including children, but the military insisted only combatants were targeted #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.27: Ethiopia’s military on Thursday said it was responsible for a deadly airstrike on a busy marketplace in the country’s Tigray region health workers said the attack killed at least 64 people, including children, but the military insisted only combatants were targeted.

TIGRAY: At least 64 dead in Ethiopian airstrike on Tigray The Ethiopian military insists that only combatants were targeted as the Ethiopia’s PM urges world leaders to avoid ‘interference’ in the conflict

In this image made from video, an injured victim of an alleged airstrike on a village arrives in an ambulance at the Ayder Referral Hospital in Mekele, in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia, Wednesday, June 23, 2021. (AP Photo)

A doctor who managed to reach the market in Togoga village after Ethiopian soldiers blocked medical teams from responding to Tuesday’s attack described a “horrible” scene of badly wounded people lying on the ground, crying in pain with no medical care.

“It was very traumatizing,” he told The Associated Press. “I think most of the patients, they died because we were late there, because care wasn’t available.”

Most of the patients taken to regional hospitals weren’t critical, he said: “The critical patients were already dead.” Like others, he spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

A military spokesman, Col. Getnet Adane, told journalists that fighters supporting the Tigray region’s former leaders had assembled to celebrate Martyrs’ Day when the airstrike occurred.

“The Ethiopian air force uses the latest technology, so it conducted a precision strike that was successful,” he said.

But the doctor who reached the scene said “most of the patients we found were mothers, children and elderly fathers. There were few young men.”

The airstrike wounded more than 100 people, half of them seriously, a regional health official said. Health workers said Ethiopian forces blocked medical teams from responding and shot at a Red Cross ambulance trying to reach the scene.

Bodies were still being pulled from the rubble and dozens of survivors were still arriving at regional hospitals with shrapnel and blunt trauma wounds two days after the airstrike, said a doctor in the regional capital, Mekele. The International Committee of the Red Cross called the transport of seriously injured to Mekele “a matter of life and death.”

Amnesty report said that there was a tepid international response to Tigray conflict fuels horrific violations over past six months

4 May 2021, 00:26 UTC

African and other world leaders must urgently speak out and do more to stem the ferocious tide of human rights and international humanitarian law violations in the armed conflict that has now raged for six months in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, Amnesty International said today. 

Since the fighting broke out on 4 November 2020, thousands of civilians have been killed, hundreds of thousands of people have been internally displaced within Tigray, and 63,000 refugees have fled to Sudan. Amnesty International and other organizations have documented a string of serious human rights violations that include war crimes and likely crimes against humanity. There are also numerous credible reports of women and girls being subjected to sexual violence, including gang rape by Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers.

… the response from the African Union and United Nations has been woefully insufficientDeprose Muchena, Regional Director for East and Southern Africa

“Six months on from the start of the conflict in Tigray, there is no lack of credible evidence of human rights and international humanitarian law violations, but the response from the African Union and United Nations has been woefully insufficient,” said Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East and Southern Africa.

“The UN Security Council stalled for months before finally expressing concern about the increasingly dire situation in Tigray. The African Union and governments in the region, meanwhile, have done very little to speak out against the raft of likely war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

Violations on all sides

 The Ethiopian government has ignored Amnesty International’s requests to access Tigray, making it challenging to verify allegations of human rights violations amid severe, ongoing communications restrictions. 

However, Amnesty International has been able to document numerous atrocities in detail using open source investigative methods – including satellite imagery analysis and verification of video evidence – as well as by interviewing dozens of survivors, either via telephone with people in Tigray or in person with refugees in eastern Sudan.

The African Union and governments in the region … have done very little to speak out against the raft of likely war crimes and crimes against humanity

Among the atrocities the organization documented was the mass killing of hundreds of civilians in Mai-Kadra in western Tigray on 9-10 November 2020, allegedly by forces loyal to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). Subsequently, Amnesty has received reports of reprisal attacks targeting ethnic Tigrayan residents of Mai-Kadra, including extrajudicial executions, looting of property, and mass detention. 

Amnesty International found that Eritrean troops killed hundreds of civilians in Axum – in what likely amounted to a crime against humanity – on 28-29 November, and indiscriminately shot at civilians in Adwa, killing three of them and wounding 19 others, on 12 April 2021. Working in collaboration with CNN, Amnesty International also confirmed that Ethiopian National Defence Force troops carried out extrajudicial executions in Mahibere Dego, near Axum, on 15 January 2021.

Since being granted access to Tigray in late February, international media outlets have published a string of reports confirming earlier accounts, by Amnesty International and others, of atrocities, as well as revealing harrowing new reports of violations.

These have included allegations of ethnic cleansing in western Tigray – an area under the control of pro-government Amhara Special Police and Fano, an Amhara militia – forcibly displacing tens of thousands of people. Amnesty International has not yet independently verified these allegations but continues to research the situation.

In addition, there have been appalling reports of widespread rape and other gender-based violence targeting women and girls across Tigray. A recent statement by UN agencies and NGOs working in the region said they were “alarmed by reports of increasing violence against women and girls – including harrowing accounts of sexual violence” and that “the response remains wholly inadequate to the scale of need.” Meanwhile, humanitarian agencies have reported attacks on and looting of hospitals and other medical facilities across Tigray.

“It is unconscionable that women and girls in Tigray are facing sexual violence while the world looks on. Meanwhile hospitals and humanitarian providers have had supplies decimated in the conflict and are ill-equipped to assist,” said Deprose Muchena.

Even on Thursday, United Nations spokesman Stephane Dujarric told reporters that the U.N. still hasn’t been able to reach the scene. “Between the fighting and different groups on the ground we need clearance to go and we’ve just not been able to get it,” he said.

The airstrike, one of the worst massacres of the war, came amid some of the fiercest fighting in Tigray since the conflict began in November as Ethiopian forces, supported by neighboring Eritrea, pursue Tigray’s former leaders.

The Ethiopian military spokesman denied Tigray fighters’ claims of gains in recent days, saying Ethiopian forces had been deployed to other locations for Monday’s national election.

The United States and the European Union have condemned the airstrike in Togoga that left children, including a 1-year-old baby. screaming in pain.

A “reprehensible act,” the U.S. State Department said. “Denying victims urgently needed medical care is heinous and absolutely unacceptable. We urge the Ethiopian authorities to ensure full and unhindered medical access to the victims immediately. We also call for an urgent and independent investigation.”

The U.S. also called for an immediate cease-fire in Tigray, where thousands of civilians have been killed and 350,000 people are now facing one of the world’s worst famines in years.

“At least 33,000 children in inaccessible parts of Tigray are severely malnourished and face imminent death without immediate help,” the latest U.N. humanitarian update said Thursday.

Ethiopia claims that aid is being delivered to most of Tigray’s 6 million people, but aid workers have said they have been repeatedly denied access to several parts of the region by soldiers.

With Ethiopia recently declaring Tigray’s former ruling party a terrorist group, concerns have been widespread among Tigrayans, aid workers and others that anyone seen as linked to Tigray fighters, including civilians, could be targeted.

Tigrayans were appalled by Ethiopia’s assertion that the airstrike was aimed only at combatants.

“It’s an insult to the people and adding salt to the wounds, you know?” said Hailu Kebede, a former Togoga resident and official with the Salsay Woyane Tigray opposition party. He described how his brother, who has a shop in the market, ran for his life while his nearby home was destroyed.

“We know the area. I grew up there. There were no combatants,” Hailu said. “The destroyed homes are those of my friends and my family.”

One of his friends lost a child in the airstrike while another child had her hand amputated, he said.

The real death toll from the airstrike could be even higher because some people likely took the dead home to their nearby villages and buried them without telling regional officials, Hailu said.

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Jun.27: 2021:

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(ETHIOPIA) Tigray Crisis Report: Heavy fighting has broken out again after respite in several areas in the northern region of between rebels and federal troops, reports say today #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – June.23: This is the most serious fighting since November, when the Ethiopian government declared victory in the conflict: Thousands of people have been killed and millions displaced in the war that started almost eight months ago.

Ethiopia’s Tigray Crisis: Heavy fighting has been reported: ‘The rebel Tigray Defence Force (TDF) said it had seized several towns, where witnesses have told the BBC they have seen its fighters patrolling’ but the federal Ethiopian army dismissed the claim, saying it was fake news:

Units of Ethiopian army patrol the streets of Mekelle city of the Tigray region
Ethiopia’s army took control of Tigray’s capital, Mekelle, in November last year

Following the fighting, some five million people in Tigray are in need of food aid and more than 350,000 are living in famine conditions, according to a recent UN-backed estimate.

The reports of the fighting comes as ballots are being counted from Monday’s general election. No voting took place in Tigray because of the security situation.

Rebel spokesman Gebre GebreTsadiq said that the TDF had launched the attack last week targeting several towns. He said the fighters had destroyed military vehicles and captured some soldiers. 

Witnesses have told the BBC that rebel forces have entered the strategic town of Adigrat, which is just 45 km (30 miles) from the Eritrean border. If confirmed, this would be the most significant rebel advance since the war began.


TDF fighters have also been seen in several towns both to the north and south of the region’s capital of Mekelle.

Army spokesman Colonel Getnet confirmed there was fighting but denied that any towns, army equipment or soldiers had been captured. 

“While the Ethiopian government was busy with the national elections and the GERD [Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam] issues, the terrorist TPLF [a key part of the TDF], along with its young recruits, was actively involved in terrorist activities,” he said. 

He added that operations were underway to capture the rebel leaders.

Teklemariam Bekit, BBC Tigrinya This is the rebels’ biggest offensive since the conflict began in November last year. They suffered a series of setbacks at the start of the war, but now seem to have regrouped and are preparing for a long, brutal war.The timing is instructive, it started just days before the election which the ruling party is widely expected to win. The key question is: Will Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed use his electoral mandate to enter into talks with the rebels or he will press ahead with seeking victory on the battlefield? What is not in doubt is the rebels have sent a strong message to the rest of the world that Ethiopia is at war, despite the government’s narrative that the fighting was almost over. The reports of the rebel capture of Adigrat, which is within striking distance of Eritrea, would be significant, suggesting that Eritrean troops will not be withdrawing from Tigray any time soon despite growing international pressure. This war is set to linger for a long time, aggravating Tigray’s already dire food shortages and imminent famine.Ethiopia’s government, aided by troops from neighbouring Eritrea, launched an offensive in November last year to oust the region’s then ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). By the end of the month, it declared victory.The TPLF had had a massive fallout with Mr Abiy over his political reforms though its capture of federal military bases in Tigray was the catalyst for the invasion.The TPLF has since joined forces with other groups in Tigray to form the TDF.Speaking to the BBC on Monday after casting his vote in the twice delayed national election, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said he was working with the Eritrean troops to get them to leave but said he would not “push them out”.They are accused of carrying out massacres, mass rape and blocking humanitarian aid – charges Eritrea has denied.He also denied that there was hunger in Tigray. He admitted there was a problem but said the government could fix it.Abiy Ahmed: We’re not pushing out the Eritrean troopsMr Abiy has also ruled out talks with the TPLF, which was labelled a terrorist organisation by the national government, in May.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Jun.23: 2021:

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(ETHIPOIA) Tigray Latest Report An investigation by BBC Africa Eye has uncovered evidence that a massacre in northern Ethiopia was carried out by members of the Ethiopian military. It also reveals the precise location of the atrocity, in which at least 15 men were killed #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.03: In early March, a series of five video clips surfaced on social media showing armed, uniformed men leading a group of unarmed men to the edge of a cliff, shooting some at point blank range, and pushing dead bodies over the cliff.Unarmed men in civilian clothes seen on the ground shortly before the massacre began:

Evidence suggests Ethiopian military carried out massacre in Tigray: ‘The BBC has confirmed that the massacre took place close to the town of Mahbere Dego in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, where the Ethiopian army is fighting the forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), previously the region’s ruling party’

Africa Eye: BBC World ServiceFootage shows people in military uniforms shooting unarmed men

The fighting began last November when the government launched a military offensive against the TPLF, which Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accused of attacking a government military base. The TPLF is opposed to efforts by Mr Abiy to increase the power of the federal government, and has said it is committed to “extended resistance”.

The conflict has so far displaced more than two million people, according to Tigray’s interim administration, and left more than four million people in need of aid.

Geo-locating the footage

The BBC Africa Eye investigations team, working together with analysts from the media outlets Bellingcat and Newsy, set out to establish where the massacre took place. 

The first people to post the clips to social media claimed they were filmed near Mahbere Dego. Africa Eye analysed geographical features seen in the videos, including a dirt road, a plateau, and an escarpment with a distinctive profile, and compared them with satellite imagery of the area around the town.An escarpment with a distinctive profile was used to compare the footage with satellite imagery

The direction and length of shadows cast by the armed men helped to pinpoint the likely time of day and showed that the escarpment was oriented north-south, allowing Africa Eye to identify a likely location.

A ridgeline in the video footage was then overlaid on a topographical map of the location to confirm it was an exact match. A dry riverbed, band of vegetation, and pattern of trees further confirmed the match.Footage from one of the video clips was overlaid on a 3D rendering of the terrain to find a matchVegetation seen in the footage was matched against the 3D satellite model

The BBC spoke by phone to a resident of Mahbere Dego, who said the Ethiopian army took away 73 men from the town and surrounding area in January this year, including three of his relatives. He said none of them had been heard from since.

The BBC also spoke to a resident in a neighbouring village who said that his brother was among those killed in this massacre. He said that the killings took place in Mahbere Dego, and gave the same month: January 2021 – the government had declared victory in the conflict in November.

“They killed them at the cliff,” he said.

Identifying the armed men and victims

Africa Eye was not able to confirm the identities of the armed men seen in the video footage, but the details of their uniforms – including the camouflage pattern and arm badge in the colour of the Ethiopian flag – appear to match those worn by the Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF). 

Other features also match the ENDF uniform, including the cut and style of the pockets. One of the armed men wears a green beret bearing an insignia that appears to closely match the colour and insignia of the ENDF beret.Badges in the colour of the Ethiopian flag and the specific camouflage patterns seen on the armed men in the footage (right) match those worn by ENDF soldiers (left).

The armed men are speaking Amharic, the main official language of Ethiopia. In the first of the five video clips, they can be heard speaking to one another as they stand around the group of unarmed men, who are seated on the floor.

“We should not free these people. Not even one of them should be spared,” says a voice off camera.

“We have to get this on video, how these people die,” says another voice. 

More about the conflict in Tigray:

The next four clips show the unarmed men being led at gunpoint towards the cliff edge, and capture the armed men killing several prisoners and pushing the bodies of the dead over the cliff.

In some sections of the footage, the gunmen can be seen firing bullets from close range into the bodies. In others they can be heard insulting and mocking the dead.

“I wish we could pour gas over them and burn them,” says a voice off camera in one clip.

“It would have been great if there was gas to burn these people,” replies a second voice. “Burn their bodies like the Indians do.”

The identity of the victims, who are seen wearing civilian clothes, is not known. They can be heard speaking Tigrinya, the language of the Tigray region. In the footage, the killers appear to suggest they believe the victims belong to the TPLF. 

“This is the end of woyane,” says a voice of one of the armed men, using a slang term for the TPLF. 

Getty ImagesDisplaced people at a temporary shelter in Tigray last month

Laetitia Bader, the Horn of Africa director for Human Rights Watch, told the BBC that observers had seen “a whole magnitude of very serious abuses” in the region in recent months, but that this footage was “obviously particularly alarming”. 

“We see what appear to be unarmed detained men, who are being executed,” she said. “This is absolutely an incident that requires further investigation, because what we are seeing here in these videos could amount to war crimes.”

The BBC put the evidence it had gathered to the Ethiopian government, which said in a statement that “social media posts and claims cannot be taken as evidence”, adding that the Tigray region was “open for independent investigations to be undertaken”.

Investigation by Aliaume Leroy, Giancarlo Fiorella (Bellingcat), and Jake Godin (Newsy).

Additional reporting by Daniel Adamson, Joel Gunter, Chiara Francavilla, Bertram Hill, Carlos Gonzales, Mohammed Osman, Samir, and Leila Nathoo.

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(ETHIOPIA) JUST IN: The leader of Somalia’s al- #Shabaab militant group is calling for lone wolf attacks against American and French interests in Djibouti ahead of key presidential elections in the Horn of Africa country #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.29: Abu Ubaidah specifically called on the youth in Djibouti to “carry out individual lone wolf martyrdom operations” to expel the French and Americans.”

Al- #Shabaab Issues Threats Ahead of Elections in Djibouti: In newly released audio, Ahmed Omar Abu Ubaidah accuses the leaders of Djibouti of turning the country into a military base “from where every war against the Muslims in East Africa is planned.”

Map of Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya

“Make American and French interests in Djibouti the highest priority of your targets,” the audio posted by al-Shabab media says.   

Abu Ubaidah said his group was ready to offer “safe refuge” and “prepare and train” those willing to migrate from Djibouti if they cannot fulfill the “individual obligation of jihad.”

The United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), which has a base in Djibouti, responded to the new message from the al-Shabab leader.  

A spokesperson, Colonel Christopher Karns, told VOA Somali that the U.S. Africa Command is aware of the recent audio release from al-Shabab calling for attacks on U.S. and French interests in Djibouti.   

“U.S. Africa Command takes these statements seriously,” Karns said.   

“Al-Shabab remains a persistent threat to U.S. interests in East Africa. This is why it remains important to apply continued pressure on the al-Shabab network and isolate the threat it presents to the region and beyond,” he added.

The United States completed the withdrawal of most troops from neighboring Somalia in January following an order from then-President Donald Trump.  

The number of U.S. military personnel in Somalia ranged from 650 to 800 people. U.S. troops supported and mentored an elite Somali unit known as the Danab “lightning” brigade.      

The U.S. military has also been conducting airstrikes against al-Shabab. There have been no confirmed strikes in Somalia since President Joe Biden took office. Earlier this month, Somali military officials expressed concern about the reduction of strikes against al-Shabab, which they fear could give the militant group additional momentum.  

Karns said airstrikes remain an option.  

“We will not telegraph actions or our intentions. It would not be in al-Shabab’s best interests to incite a response from us,” he said. “We remain committed to security in East Africa and are postured to respond to threats.”  

Al-Shabab previously attacked Djibouti on May 24, 2014 in a double suicide explosion at a restaurant frequented by Westerners, killing three people.  

Djibouti voters go to the polls on April 9 for presidential elections. Incumbent Ismail Omar Guelleh is seeking a fifth term in office.  

Djibouti officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the new threat.

Djibouti has a military contingent serving as part of the African Union’s peacekeeping mission in Somalia.


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(CAIRO, Eygpt.) JUST IN: Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry said on Thursday that it was essential to resolve the ‘Renaissance Dam’ issue before the onset of the next flood season #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.12: Shoukry said during a discussion with Josep Borrell, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs, that Ethiopia’s decision to unilaterally fill the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will have negative repercussions and stressed the importance of global involvement to resolve the case, news channel Al-Arabiya reported:

Egypt & EU FM’s discuss Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam crisis: “ Meanwhile, Borrell tweeted that the “EU will keep working closely… with Egypt for a prosperous neighbourhood according to Arab News sources

March 11, 2021 11:20:

MEM Report:

I spoke last evening with #Egypt FM Shoukry. Good and open discussion on regional developments incl #GERD, Libya & bilateral relations in view of the new Agenda for the Mediterranean. EU will keep working closely engaging with #Egypt for a prosperous neighbourhood.@MfaEgypt

— Josep Borrell Fontelles (@JosepBorrellF) March 11, 2021

Egypt last month said it has endorsed a Sudanese proposal to internationalize arbitration in the years-long dispute with Ethiopia over the dam that Addis Ababa is building on the Blue Nile.
Shuokry said Cairo backs the formation of an “international quartet” including the US, the European Union, and the UN, along with the African Union to facilitate reaching a deal on the filling and operation of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam.
The dispute centers on how much water Ethiopia will release downstream if a multi-year drought occurs and how the three countries would settle any future disputes. Egypt and Sudan also call for a legally binding agreement on the dam’s filling and operation, while Ethiopia insists on guidelines.

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(ETHIOPIA) JUST IN: Federal forces in Ethiopia have surrounded the Tigray region’s capital, after the country’s government gave the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) a 72-hour deadline to surrender accoridng to RT News #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Nov.23: If the TPLF does not surrender within that time frame, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has threatened to begin a military offensive on the capital, amassing tanks and armed forces in the nearby city of Mekelle: Military figures had earlier told local media that anyone who chooses to remain in the city after the deadline has expired, without peacefully surrendering, will be shown “no mercy” when the assault begins: Sharing a statement on social media over the weekend, Abiy defended the military action, arguing that it was necessary to “ensure stability prevails” and that “citizens are free from harm and want.”


The Tigrayan government has not offered a response to the ultimatum, while international aid groups have expressed fear that the conflict will cause a humanitarian crisis in the country and surrounding parts of the Horn of Africa. 

In the first two weeks of the conflict, hundreds were reportedly killed and tens of thousands were displaced, fleeing across the border into neighboring nations.

Ethiopians who fled the ongoing fighting in Tigray region are seen at the Setit River on the Sudan-Ethiopia border in Hamdait village in eastern Kassala state, Sudan, November 14, 2020. © Reuters / El Tayeb Siddig / File Photo

UN refugee agency warns of ‘full-scale’ humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia as conflict forces thousands to flee

The United Nations refugee agency said aid support on the ground was at risk of being overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of refugees trying to escape the fighting: By last week, more than 27,000 people had already fled the fighting and crossed into neighboring Sudan, with the numbers rising to about 4,000 a day since November 10, according to a spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees:

The recent conflict is the latest escalation between Abiy’s government and the TPLF, who have refused to cooperate since his election as prime minister two years ago: After Abiy postponed national elections in June over coronavirus concerns, the TPLF declared his government illegitimate, with the PM responding in force, accusing the Tigrayans of being a rebel movement:

#AceNewsDesk report …………….Published: Nov.23: 2020:

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#AceWorldNews SUDAN May 17 Fox News KHARTOUM Sudan…

#AceWorldNews – SUDAN – May 17 – (Fox News) – KHARTOUM, Sudan – A pregnant Sudanese woman who married a Christian man was sentenced to death Thursday after she refused to recant her Christian faith, her lawyer said.

Meriam Ibrahim, whose father was Muslim but mother was an Orthodox Christian from Ethiopia, was convicted of “apostasy” on Sunday and given four days to repent and escape death, lawyer Al-Shareef Ali al-Shareef Mohammed said.

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` South Sudan Rival Leaders Sign a Ceasefire in Next 24 hours to Prevent All Out Genocide ‘

#AceWorldNewsSouth Sudan‘s two rival leaders have signed a ceasefire deal, following international pressure to avert famine and genocide.

President Salva Kiir and rebel chief Riek Machar met face-to-face on Friday in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, for the first time since mass violence broke out in December.

After a signing ceremony in the city’s presidential palace, Kiir said: “Now we have come to our senses…dialogue is the only answer to whatever problem we had. We will continue to move in the right direction.”

White House National Security Advisor Susan E Rice welcomed the development. In a statement issued on Friday evening, she said that fighting in South Sudan had “robbed the country of hope and denied its people the peace and prosperity they deserve”.

“We urge President Kiir and Mr. Machar to move swiftly to honor the agreement in word and deed by ending the violence and negotiating in good faith to reach a political agreement that can ensure stability, prosperity and peace for all of South Sudan’s people.”

Joseph Ochieno, a London-based commentator on African affairs, told Al Jazeera: “There is just about a possibility that it [the ceasefire] will work.


US Department of State Sanctions  

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#AceWorldNews SOUTH SUDAN May 08 Warring forces on…

#AceWorldNews – SOUTH SUDAN – May 08 – Warring forces on both sides of South Sudan’s brutal civil war have likely carried out crimes against humanity, the UN said Thursday.

The UN peacekeeping mission in the country also warned in a new report of “countless” gross violations of human rights.

It said the crimes include “extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances, rape, the direct targeting of civilians, often along ethnic lines.”

The report was issued one day before President Salva Kiir and rebel chief Riek Machar are due to meet for direct peace talks in Ethiopia.

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John Kerry says Sudan's President Agrees to Talks in Ethiopia on Forming Transitional Government to End Fighting '

AceWorldNews – JUBA – May 02 – South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir has agreed to fly to Ethiopia for talks and to consider forming a transitional government to try and end four months of fighting in the world’s newest nation, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday.

Kerry, who met the president in South Sudan’s capital Juba, said he hoped Kiir would be able to hold a face-to-face meeting with rebel leader Riek Machar as early as next week to settle a conflict which has already killed thousands.

The top U.S. diplomat did not spell out what form a transitional government might take, or go into any details of what it might mean for Kiir’s continued leadership of the oil-producing country.

Kerry’s meeting came a day after he warned that the increasingly ethnic violence could descend into genocide and said he expected the rapid deployment of more peacekeepers.

On Friday, he said Kiir had committed in their meeting to “to take forceful steps in order to begin to move to end the violence and implement the cessation of hostilities agreement and to begin to engage on a discussion with respect to a transition government.”

Delegations from both sides have been meeting in neighbour Ethiopia but their discussions have failed to advance since the Jan. 23 signing of a ceasefire that never took hold.

“I just spoke a couple of minutes ago to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia to convey to him President’s Kiir’s willingness to (travel to) Addis Ababa, sometime early next week, hopefully in order to engage in a discussion … with Machar,” Kerry told reporters.

Reuters – AP – AFP – Fox News


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` IFJ Stated Guilty Verdict and Prison Sentence for Aweys Mudey is Unacceptable and he Should be Released ‘

#AceNewsServices – ETHIOPIA – May 02 The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has stated that the guilty verdict and prison sentence given to veteran Somali journalist, Mohamed Aweys Mudey, is unacceptable and appealed to Ethiopian authorities to quash his sentence and release him with immediate effect.

According to IFJ affiliate, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), Mudey has been sentenced to 27 years in prison under Ethiopia’s Anti-terror law.

Ethiopian prosecutors reportedly accused him of having information on Al-Shabaab operations in Ethiopia and charged him for participating in terror activities.

The NUSOJ says he did not have a lawyer or family member with him during his trial, while at least three people detained with him at Ethiopia’s Crimes Investigations Sector (CIS), saw him being badly tortured and having difficulties with walking.

“We are dismayed at this unbelievably severe ruling against the respected veteran journalist, Mohamed Aweys Mudey, who is not guilty of any crime,” said IFJ President Jim Boumelha. “The charges against him are ludicrous and we urge the relevant authorities in Ethiopia to release him immediately and unconditionally.”

“Ethiopia has the second highest number of journalists in jail in Africa after Erytrea and has been using its notorious anti-terror laws to silence journalists and undermine freedom of speech in the country – this disregard for the rights and freedoms of the media must end now.

Such blatant disregard for human rights cannot be tolerated.”

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1. March 11 – IFJ – http://tinyurl.com/ntclttj


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” South Sudan launches Major Assault against `Malakal’ the `Government Controlled Capital’ of the `Oil-Rich’ Nile State”

#AceWorldNews says that reports of Rebel forces in South Sudan launched a major assault early on Tuesday against the key town of Malakal, the government-controlled capital of the oil-rich Upper Nile state, AFP said, citing witnesses.

“There is fighting on the outskirts of the town. It’s a very big, coordinated attack,” an independent source said.

The fighting is the heaviest since the government of President Salva Kiir and rebels loyal to former Vice President Riek Machar signed a ceasefire agreement in neighbouring Ethiopia on 23 January.

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The #Truth Behind Ethiopia’s Economic Miracle is Leaving Farmers Dispossessed in Favour of Productivity

Ethiopia‘s huge agricultural output has brought about an economic miracle for the nation. But inhabitants are being pushed out of their native land by foreign investors and have no share in the profits.

The right price for produce

The right price for produce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“When investors showed up we were told to pack up our things and go to the villages”, says Moot. Like thousands of other farmers he’s been relocated to an artificial village to make space for new foreign agricultural investments. The promise of social services, including schools and clinics, has not been fulfilled and fear of arrest paralyses the farmers. Government spokesmen defend the policy, arguing that “our population is spread all across the territory. We can’t give them care until they are grouped together”. But with Africa‘s most fertile land being rented well below international market price and little need for labour in the highly industrialised farmlands, traditional farmers are struggling for survival.

For downloads and more information visit:http://www.journeyman.tv/?lid=66103&a…

Courtesy of : Wild Angle Productions

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The Cost of Peace Keeping in this World when Brother Fights Brother

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color i...

English: Emblem of the United Nations. Color is #d69d36 from the image at http://www.un.org/depts/dhl/maplib/flag.htm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The United Nations owes $80 million to India, the most it has to pay any country for costs relating to peacekeeping operations, a top official said. Apart from India, among the largest troop contributing countries to UN peacekeeping missions, the other top countries which are owed outstanding payments for such operations are Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Rwanda and Nigeria.

“Among those countries waiting for our payment, on top of the list is India. We owe India 80 million dollars” for contributing troops, formed police units and related costs, Under-Secretary-General for Management Yukio Takasu told reporters on Wednesday. India is followed by Ethiopia, to which the UN owes $54 million, Bangladesh ($50 million), Pakistan ($49 million), Rwanda ($37 million) and Nigeria ($35 million). On the other hand, the United States owes $795 million to the UN for the regular budget, and $651 million for peacekeeping operations assessment.

It seems that keeping the peace in this world is becoming as expensive as the war chests, so many countries have filled up just lately, as conflicts in other parts of the world are building up!

This reminds me so much of a statement made by Jesus to his followers, where he is said to say – look for wars in other countries and the rumour of such wars ,this will not be the time of my coming!

He went onto to say that brother will fight brother, is this not so as Israel fights Palestine and Muslims born of the House of Islam fight among themselves, just to say l am right and you are wrong!

If the West is so right then how come as one War is settled such as Egypt another started in Libya followed closely by Syrian conflict, the truth is these wars have gone on for many years, these are a war of words, that eventually lead to arms. Though the real truth is never easily seen as the political machinations and intrigue of political figures hiding in the dark ,making and receiving phone-calls from counterparts go on daily, working out how to balance the budget! Of course the odd War will help to fill the coffers!

Meanwhile children die of poor sanitation, mothers are unable to feed their malnourished and orphaned offspring ,as their so-called leaders vie to become top-dog!

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1121

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1121 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The outcome of course is the UN Peace Keeping Forces of the world are sent into these War torn countries to sort  out the mess, created by man being right!

So maybe l should have called this post, the “UN Owes India $80-Million or the Us owes the UN $795-Million to Provide Peace for being Wrong ” not Right! The truth about being so-called “Right” is that innocents suffer and families wake up every morning, hearing the sound of guns, be it peace keepers or other military factions!

So being “Right or Wrong” really is not the question, when “Brother fights Brother”, it really is the beginning of the end as the only real mainstay in any of these countries for generations, has been family! Now this will no longer exist as each one battles out their in differences about who is “Right and who is Wrong”!

When Jesus spoke these words about “Brother fighting Brother” little did he personally know what the real truth would be in practice, as he was just born to speak the “Word of God” that one day in the future, and now coming to pass, would have such a dramatic affect on people’s every day lives!

My personal view is that nobody of any colour, creed, religion or country is either right or wrong ,as being right causes wars, and being wrong causes wars! We are all equal in the eyes of God, and it is time for us all to become equal in our own way of looking at these events! The question simply is to say to ourselves if these so-called leaders are so right ,why are their wars, why do people starve, why do people have pestilence and why so much death!

If we cannot answer because by saying l am wrong and l believe in sharing all that l have and in helping people everyday of my life, then we are doing something wrong!  As only by this method of being humble in the sight of God can we ever be able to do anything “Right” and bring health ,happiness and harmony to people’s lives #peace 


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