#AceWorldNews – VIENNA – Nov.25 – The Russian delegation arrived in Vienna on Tuesday for a meeting over oil output with Venezuela, Mexico and Saudi Arabia.

Igor Sechin, the head of Russian state oil company Rosneft and Energy Minister Aleksandr Novak will discuss the situation on the oil market, RIA Novosti said.

The meeting comes amid hints that Moscow could cut output or exports if OPEC does the same, Reuters said.

Analysts are divided on the outcome of OPEC’s meeting on Thursday in Vienna.

Oil prices have fallen 30 percent since June to around $80 per barrel.


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#Iran :” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Orders Creation of `Economy of Resistance’ to counter Western Sanctions”

#AceWorldNews says Iran’s Khamenei orders creation of ‘economy of resistance’ Iran’s supreme leader has ordered the government to create an “economy of resistance” to counter Western sanctions. In comments posted on his website on Wednesday,

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the sanctions “a full-fledged economic war,” adding that Iran is determined to force the West to retreat.

The program requires the government to diversify Iran’s exports, reduce dependence on sales of raw materials and promote high-tech industries.

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#Iraq: ” Warns Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan about their Involvement in Exports of Smuggled Oil without Baghdad’s Consent”

#AceWorldNews says Iraq has warned that it will take legal and other measures to punish Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as foreign companies, for any involvement in Kurdish exports of “smuggled” oil without Baghdad’s consent. The Iraqi oil minister, Abdul Kareem Luaibi, said the government was preparing legal action against Ankara, Reuters reported. Baghdad also said it would blacklist any companies dealing with oil piped to Turkey from Iraq’s autonomous northern region without permission from the central government in Baghdad.

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