HONG KONG: ‘ Legislature vetoes China-backed electoral reform plan ‘

#AceNewsReport – HONG KONG:June.18: Hong Kong’s legislature on Thursday vetoed a China-backed electoral reform package criticized by opposition lawmakers and activists as undemocratic, Reuters said.

The Legislative Council’s move is expected to ease for now the prospect of fresh mass protests in the financial hub. The rejection will likely appease some activists who had demanded a veto.

“Today 28 legco members voted against the wishes of the majority of Hong Kong people, and denied them the democratic right to elect the chief executive in the next election,” said the city’s current leader, Leung Chun-ying.


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MERS virus spreading across Asia, South Korea fails to contain outbreak

#AceNewsServices -Featured Post: South Korea:June.11: Hong Kong issued a red alert and advised against travelling to South Korea, where an epidemic of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is gaining pace. The virus is spreading despite attempts to contain the outbreak.

Workers in full protective gear disinfect the interior of a subway train at a Seoul Metro’s railway vehicle base in Goyang, South Korea, June 9, 2015 (Reuters / Kim Hong-Ji)

In Korea, the number of infected people passed 100 this week, reaching 122 on Thursday. Tenth patient died from the disease, health officials said on Thursday. Most of the victims are elderly patients with other health problems unrelated to the virus. Over 3,250 people remain in quarantine.

Two people in Hong Kong who traveled to South Korea recently are being tested for possible MERS contagion, the authorities said on Thursday. Previously 31 people were tested negative in Hong Kong.

Earlier a man tested positive for the disease in China after coming from S. Korea, and a man in Taiwan was taken to hospital with symptoms consistent with MERS.

South Korean authorities are trying to stop the spread of the virus by closing schools and canceling public events. Neighbors in the region are scaling down tourist travel to South Korea, with Hong Kong alone scrapping 600 tours to the MERS-hit country.

MERS virus spreading across Asia, South Korea fails to contain outbreak


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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – Hong Kong student leaders and government officials talked but agreed on little Tuesday as the city’s Beijing-backed leader reaffirmed his unwillingness to compromise on the key demand of activists camped in the streets now for a fourth week.

'Students Meet with Government Officials But Leave With No Compromise '

‘Students Meet with Government Officials But Leave With No Compromise ‘

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying told reporters that the government won’t let the public nominate candidates to run in inaugural direct elections to succeed him in 2017, as demanded by thousands of protesters occupying main streets across the city.

But he added that there’s room to discuss how to form the key 1,200-member nominating committee. 

Leung said such changes could be covered in a second round of consultations over the next several months.

“How we should elect the 1,200 so that the nominating committee will be broadly representative – there’s room for discussion there,” Leung said. “There’s room to make the nominating committee more democratic, and this is one of the things we very much want to talk to not just the students but the community at large about.”

Soon after Leung spoke to The Associated Press and three other news agencies, top officials from his government began much-awaited, televised talks with student leaders.

In opening remarks, student leader Alex Chow said that an August decision by China’s legislature ruling out so-called civil nomination and requiring the nominating committee has “emasculated” Hong Kong.

#FreedomNow T-Shirts '

#FreedomNow T-Shirts ‘

Chow and four other student leaders, wearing black T-shirts that said “Freedom Now!,” faced off against five senior government officials in dark suits across a U-shaped table.

“We don’t want anointment,” said Chow, secretary-general of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, one of three groups leading the protests.





#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 20 – Pro-democracy protests took a violent turn in Hong Kong early Sunday morning, as police officers clashed with demonstrators in the territory’s Mong Kok neighbourhood.

Riot police clash with pro-democracy protesters at the Mong Kok shopping district of Hong Kong on October 19. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

Riot police clash with pro-democracy protesters at the Mong Kok shopping district of Hong Kong on October 19. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

The scuffles, which caused at least three injuries, occurred amid news that Hong Kong’s government plans to meet with student leaders on Tuesday in an effort to resolve the crisis.

Mong Kok’s role as a separate front in the protest movement, however, will complicate efforts at a resolution.

The neighbourhood, located in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district, is a densely populated, working-class area where residents living cheek-by-jowl mingle with shoppers drawn to Nathan Road’s famous retail area.

“Mong Kok is very self-organized; it’s a real people’s movement.”

Previous protests, by contrast, have occurred in Admiralty, a neighbourhood on Hong Kong Island.

Hong Kong Island encompasses the city’s most elegant commercial streets and its main government buildings.

Protests there, while spirited, have been more orderly than those on Mong Kok, where a lack of sophisticated crowd-control infrastructure has exacerbated the chaos.

In Admiralty, groups like Occupy Central for Peace and Love and the Hong Kong Federation of Students are representatives of the students. The protests in Mong Kok, by contrast, have been more spontaneous, and appear to ebb and flow based less on political developments than on behavior by the police.

Trey Menefee, a professor at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, who described this contrast in great detail in a recent blog post, told me that “Mong Kok is very self-organized; it’s a real people’s movement. There isn’t a representative with whom the government can negotiate.”



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#AceWorldNews- HONG KONG – October 18 – A total of 26 arrests have been made and at least 15 police officers injured in scuffles with a crowd of about 9,000 people on Saturday, Hong Kong police said in a statement, according to an AFP report.

Dozens of arrests in new wave of demos in Hong Kong – police

Dozens of arrests in new wave of demos in Hong Kong – police

Using batons and pepper spray, riot police clashed with protesters who were trying to reoccupy a demonstrator’s camp in Mongkok district.

This development puts at risk planned talks between protest leaders and city authorities, aimed at stopping the weeks-long demonstrations of tens of thousands of people, who are calling for free elections and independency from China.

Source: RT – AFP – AP 


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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 17 – Riot police cleared an offshoot Hong Kong pro-democracy protest zone in a dawn raid on Friday, taking down barricades, tents and canopies that have blocked key streets for more than two weeks, but leaving the city’s main thoroughfare still in the hands of the activists.

Hundreds of officers, some in helmets and shields, descended in the early morning on the busy district of Mong Kok, a smaller protest zone across the Victoria Harbor from the main occupied area in the city's financial district.

Hundreds of officers, some in helmets and shields, descended in the early morning on the busy district of Mong Kok, a smaller protest zone across the Victoria Harbor from the main occupied area in the city’s financial district.

Hundreds of officers, some in helmets and shields, descended in the early morning on the busy district of Mong Kok, a smaller protest zone across the Victoria Harbor from the main occupied area in the city’s financial district.



The key thoroughfare in Admiralty, near the heart of the city’s financial district, remained occupied by protesters.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Leung Chun-ying says He is Ready to Start Talks with Pro-Democracy Leaders ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 16 – Hong Kong’s leader said Thursday he is ready to start talks with student pro-democracy protest leaders as soon as next week, suggesting a breakthrough in a political crisis that has seen activists taking over the city’s key business districts for almost three weeks.

But Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying reiterated that Beijing will not retract election restrictions that protesters oppose, raising questions whether the proposed meeting can overcome the vast differences between the two sides.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Pro-Democracy Activists Clash With Police and Barricade Themselves into a Tunnel ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 14 – Pro-democracy activists clashed with police and barricaded a tunnel near Hong Kong’s government headquarters late Tuesday!



As they expand their protest zone again after being cleared out of some other streets in the latest escalation of tensions in a weeks long political crisis.

The demonstrators blocked the underpass with tires, metal and plastic safety barriers and concrete slabs taken from drainage ditches. 



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#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 13 – Hundreds of unidentified people tried to break down protest barriers in the heart of Hong Kong’s business district on Monday, Reuters said.

Hong Kong protests: Hundreds of unidentified people try to break down barricades; scuffles with protesters

Hong Kong protests: Hundreds of unidentified people try to break down barricades; scuffles with protesters

The attackers, some wearing masks, scuffled with protesters who have occupied the streets for the past two weeks.

Some barricades were surrounded by taxi drivers who opposed the protests, which have seriously affected their business.

Police reportedly tried to protect protesters and barricades. 

“The group of people who look like gangsters, they start running toward them [protesters], and then one of them hit an old man with something hard, hit his head, so he’s injured over there right now,” said 20-year-old student protester and witness Winnie Locke.

Some said it was Taxi and truck drivers, who opposed the protests which have seriously affected their business, surrounded some barricades as police stood between the opposing sides.

Students in admiralty are reinforcing barriers with heavier equipment: Chain link, metal structures, plastic barriers

Students in admiralty are reinforcing barriers with heavier equipment: Chain link, metal structures, plastic barriers

A little later Students in admiralty were seen reinforcing barriers with heavier equipment: Chain link, metal structures, plastic barriers.

A number of the people present said this could be the police getting orders to remove the protesters, but without the Chinese government looking like they are the instigator’s.

Earlier the protesters erected tents in the business district and the after the leader Leung Chun-ying said they were not going to agree to the students demands.    


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HONG KONG: ‘ Leung Chun-Ying Vows to Stay in Office as Protesters Set-Up Tent City ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 13 – Hong Kong’s embattled leader Leung Chun-ying vowed on Sunday to stay in office, warning students demanding his resignation that their pro-democracy movement was out of control Reuters reported. 

' Hong Kong Leader Will not Changed his Mind as Protesters Set-Up Tent City '

‘ Hong Kong Leader Will not Changed his Mind as Protesters Set-Up Tent City ‘

Leung said the blockade of key parts of the Asian financial hub – now entering its third week – could not continue indefinitely.

Speaking in an interview with the local TVB television station, Leung said his government would continue to try to talk with student leaders but did not rule out the use of “minimum force” to clear the area.

The last few weeks had “proved that a mass movement is something easy to start, but difficult to stop,” he said.

“And no-one can direct the direction and pace of this movement. It is now a movement that has lost control.”


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HONG KONG: ‘ Chinese government will protect Hong Kong residents, as well as the legitimate interests of all foreign investors in the global financial hub, Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang ‘

#AceWorldNews – BERLIN, October 10. /TASS/. The recent protests in Hong Kong, the former British colony that returned to Chinese rule in 1997, are China’s internal affair, the country’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang said on Friday.

“The Chinese government will protect Hong Kong residents,” as well as the legitimate interests of all foreign investors in the global financial hub, Li told a news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is not only in China’s interests, but is mostly in the interests of the people of Hong Kong,” he added,

“The central government of China has always had the guiding principle — one country, two systems,” Li said, stressing that there will be no change to this policy.

Merkel expressed hope that the protests that began in late September will remain peaceful.

' Umbrella Revolution and Freedom Statue '

‘ Umbrella Revolution and Freedom Statue ‘

The Hong Kong protesters are demanding free elections and the resignation of the chief executive, Leung Chun-ying.

The movement has been dubbed “the Umbrella Revolution” after many people started using umbrellas to protect themselves from pepper spray and tear gas, as well as to cope with oppressive heat.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Ten and Thousands of Pro-Democracy Activists Turn Up for a Rally After Government Ditch Dialogue with Students ‘

#AceBreakingNews  HONG KONG – October 10 – Tens of thousands of pro-democracy activists turned up at a rally in front of Hong Kong’s main government office complex Friday night after the government ditched a dialogue with students on political reform in the territory.

30,000 rally in H.K. after gov't calls off dialogue with students

30,000 rally in H.K. after gov’t calls off dialogue with students

Student groups that have helped steer the 13-day protest campaign which blockaded major thoroughfares in the territory have vowed to hold rallies on consecutive nights starting Friday to drum up public support after the Hong Kong government called off the dialogue, which had been scheduled for Friday.

“We call for all citizens to each bring a tent to camp out here (in Admiralty — the main occupation site) to show our persistence on the long-term occupy action,” Joshua Wong of student group Scholarism said.



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HONG KONG: ‘ NO Concessions to Protesters NO End to Occupy Demonstrations ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 07 – Authorities in Hong Kong have conducted negotiations with protesters, and sent them a clear message that there will be no quick concessions.

' Authorities Refuse Concessions to Hong Kong Protesters '

‘ Authorities Refuse Concessions to Hong Kong Protesters ‘

Chinese authorities confirmed they are going to screen candidates for the 2017 elections for the province’s leader. Hong Kong’s current chief executive, Leung Chun-ying, who was appointed by the province’s Legislative Council, earlier this week turned down protesters’ demand to resign.

After over a week of mass rallies, the numbers of protesters has fallen to several hundred.

They remain camped along the main road leading to Hong Kong’s government headquarters and business districts, causing traffic jams on Hong Kong Island and across Victoria Harbour.

Despite the dramatically decreasing number of supporters, the leaders of the protesters maintain they are ready to go on with the Occupy demonstrations until their demands are met, Reuters reports.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Student-Led Protests for Democratic Reform Subsides with Just a Few Hard-Liners Camped Out on Streets ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 06  – Student-led protests for democratic reforms in Hong Kong subsided Monday but a few hundred demonstrators remained camped out in the streets, vowing to keep up the pressure until the government responds to their demands.

Schools reopened and civil servants returned to work Monday morning after protesters cleared the area outside the city’s government headquarters, a focal point of the demonstrations that started the previous weekend.

Crowds also thinned markedly at the two other protest sites, and traffic flowed again through many road that had been blocked.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Protesters Announce They Will Lift Blockade of Key Government Buildings Amid Looming Deadline ‘

#AceBreakingNews – HONG KONG – October 05 – Hong Kong protesters have announced that they would lift a blockade of key government buildings, amid a looming deadline by the government to clear the streets.

Benny Tai, leader of the Occupy Central movement, said during a major demonstration late Saturday that protesters should cede to a demand by Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to clear access to the government headquarters.  
“We only target CY (Leung), not other government officials. By opening a route, CY will have no reason or excuse to clear our occupation and spread foul rumors,” said Tai.

The decision came after Leung warned earlier in the day that the government was determined to “take all necessary actions to restore social order” and in particular allow 3,000 government staff to resume work by Monday morning.


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HONG KONG: ‘ Police Armed with Pepper Sprays and Batons Clash with Pro-Democracy Protesters ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – October 05 – Police armed with pepper spray and batons clashed with pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, as fears grew Sunday that officials would use force to clear key streets by the beginning of the work week.

Large crowds of protesters scuffled with police overnight in the blue-collar Mong Kok district in Kowloon, a flashpoint that has seen violent clashes between pro-democracy student protesters and their antagonists over the weekend.

' People injured by Pepper Spray '

‘ People injured by Pepper Spray ‘

Tens of thousands of people, many of them students, have poured into the city’s streets in the past week to peacefully protest China’s restrictions on the election for the city’s top leader. But as the stand-off between the protesters and the government entered its eighth day, tempers flared and patience was waning among residents who oppose the occupation of the streets and the disruption it brings.

Police said they had to disperse the crowds with force early Sunday because they provoked officers with verbal abuse, while the students accuse police of failing to protect them from attacks by mobs intent on driving them away.

The students claim that police had allied with criminal gangs to clear them, but the government has vehemently denied it.

The city’s top leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, appeared on television Saturday evening to once again urge everyone to go home, saying key roads paralyzed by protesters need to return to normal by Monday.

HONG KONG (AP) – The story of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, Hong Kong’s top leader, is the type of rags-to-riches tale that is generally admired in this commercially-minded city. But Leung is deeply unpopular, thanks mainly to his long-standing ties with mainland China.

Beijing’s burgeoning influence in this former British colony is a key factor driving protests that have paralyzed parts of this dynamic city and brought on some of the worst confrontations in decades.

Anger toward Beijing is not shared by all in Hong Kong, and the scuffles that began Friday between protesters and people trying to force them off the streets reflect widening rifts within this city of 7 million.



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HONG KONG: ‘ Midnight Deadline Reached as Mass Demonstrations Break-Out and Police and Protesters Clash ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 03 – Scuffles between protesters and groups supporting Beijing broke out in a key Hong Kong shopping district on Friday, Reuters said. More than 50 police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district on the Kowloon side of the harbour, to form a human chain between the groups.


‘ More than 50 Police were sent to Mong Kok, just north of the Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping District ‘

Several people were reportedly injured. Mong Kok is popular with tourists from mainland China. Meanwhile, the People’s Daily, the newspaper of China’s Communist party, said Friday that authorities will not make concessions to protesters in Hong Kong and that their cause is “doomed to fail.”


‘Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with Police outside Government Headquarters on Friday ‘

Protesters in Hong Kong scuffled with police outside government headquarters on Friday, despite an 11th-hour agreement for talks, AFP reported.

Most overnight demonstrators had gone home by Friday morning, but around 100 remained outside the government complex, while parts of the city have remained at a standstill for five days.

Demonstrators had set a midnight Thursday ultimatum for Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to resign and for Beijing to stop vetting candidates who want to stand for the chief executive’s job in 2017 elections.

Sources: AFP – RT – People’s Daily – Reuters   


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CHINA: ‘ Anonymous Declares CYBER-WAR on Government of Hong Kong ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – The Anonymous international hacktivist network has declared cyber war against the government of Hong Kong accusing it of ill-treatment of protesters in a video sent to and released by News2Share.

“To the Hong Kong police and any others that are called to the protests, we are watching you very closely and have already begun to wage war on you for your inhumane actions against your own citizens,” the transcript of the video, released on Wednesday shows.

' Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters - Sit-IN

‘ Anonymous Hacktivists Support Hong Kong Protesters – Sit-IN

“To the protesters in Hong Kong, we have heard your plea for help… Anonymous members all over the world stand with you, and will help in your fight for democracy,” the message says.

The Anonymous group has warned that “attacking protesters will result in releasing personal information” of Hong Kong government officials and seizure of “databases and e-mail pools”.


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CHINA: ‘Foreign Minister Says Beijing Will Not Tolerate Interference in its Internal Affairs ‘

#AceNewsServices – HONG KONG – October 02 – China’s foreign minister made it clear Beijing would not allow other countries to meddle into its ‘internal affairs’, responding in this way to US Secretary of State’s call for Beijing to grant Hong Kong the “highest possible degree of autonomy.

The American and the Chinese heads of foreign offices exchanged their views on the massive protests in Hong Kong before their talks at the US State Department on Wednesday.

Hong Kong affairs are China’s internal affairs,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said. “All countries should respect China’s sovereignty. And this is also a basic principle governing international relations. I believe for any country, for any society, no one will allow those illegal acts that violate public order.”

Wang added he believed the current Hong Kong leadership was able to handle the large-scale sit-ins by itself.

The remark was made after US Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated Washington’s support for “universal suffrage” in Hong Kong, the main demand put forward by protesters in the Asian financial hub.

We support universal suffrage in Hong Kong accordant with the Basic Law, and we believe in open society with the highest possible degree of autonomy and governed by rule of law is essential for Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity,” Kerry said.

Wang Yi received the same message from Barack Obama, whom he met later the same day, according to a White House statement about the meeting.

The United States has consistently supported the open system that is essential to Hong Kong’s stability and prosperity, universal suffrage, and the aspiration of the Hong Kong people,” the statement reads.



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‘ Hong Kong’s Leader Says China Defiant Over Reforms ‘

#AceWorldNews – HONG KONG – September 30 – Hong Kong’s leader said China won’t back down from its decision to limit voting reforms in the Asian financial hub as pro-democracy protesters set a Wednesday deadline for a response from the government to meet their demands.

The unequivocal statement from Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying on Tuesday dashed hopes that the stand-off between demonstrators and authorities could be resolved quickly through negotiations.

It does not come as a surprise given that showing a willingness to talk would have made the Chinese leadership appear weak, which could embolden dissidents, critics and separatists on the mainland.

As the student-led protests that have snarled traffic and disrupted public transport entered a fifth day, Leung urged demonstrators to show consideration toward other residents and stop the unprecedented show of civil disobedience.

Leung, a Beijing appointee who is deeply mistrusted by Hong Kongers, also said that mainland communist leaders would not reverse their stance requiring a pro-Beijing panel screen candidates in the territory’s first direct elections, scheduled for 2017, adding he wouldn’t resign before then.

“The central government will not rescind its decision,” Leung said.


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