(INDIA) JUST IN: Christians are force-feed raw meat for selling non-halal meat, torch his delivery trucks #AceNewSDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.11: The incident allegedly occurred when Shaji had gone to the area with 150 kg of fresh meat (beef and pork) in a three-wheeler, some members of Kisan Mitra claim.

India: ‘In an appalling incident in Kerala, Islamists have allegedly attacked a Christian farmer named Shaji for the apparent crime of selling non-Halal meat in Meenangadi, located in Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad District. Reportedly, Shaji was force-fed the raw meat by Islamists in a horrifying act. The Islamists also burnt down the delivery trucks carrying the non-Halal meat’

“Kerala: Christian man attacked by Islamists for selling non-Halal meat, forcefully fed raw meat, delivery truck burnt down,” OpIndia, April 6, 2021:

As per reports, a farmer’s collective called Kisan Mitra, which has about 6,000 members in Kerala, had initiated the sale of fresh non-Halal meat on the occasion of Easter Sunday. This initiative is what irked the Islamic fundamentalists, as the low quality of Halal meat in Kerala is an open secret. This low quality is the reason why Kisan Mitra decided to supply fresh, good quality meat.

The Non-Halal meat has received quite a positive response from the general public in Kerala, as per reports. Fearing the end of Halal meat dominance as people prefer non-Halal is allegedly the primary reason behind the attack.

After being attacked brutally by Islamists, Shaji can be seen on video, stating that he cannot figure out the cause of the attack.

“I can’t figure out what is their problem? Those who want to smoke, let them smoke. Those who want to eat buffalo meat, let them eat. Those who like pork, let them eat. Those who do not like it, why are they indulging in physical attacks on us,” said Shaji.

The main coordinator behind Kisan Mitra, Manoj Cherian, has received death threats from Islamists. Islamists have threatened to hack him to pieces if Cherian sells pork, which according to the Islamists is “haram”….

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Apr.11: 2021:

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(UTTAR PRADESH, India.) JUST IN: On the day of the ‘Holi Festival’ a priest has been found in a field with his throat-cut as police are put on high-alert #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Apr.01: On the day of Holi, a temple priest was found dead in a field close to a temple in UP’s Bulandshahr. As per a report by Swarajya, the police have informed that the sadhu’s throat was slit using a sharp weapon. Outrage has been reported by the aggrieved devotees against the brutal murder of a sadhu, following which the police have been put on high alert:

India: Hindu priest found brutally murdered with throat slit on the day of Holi festival: ‘50-year-old Ashok Kumar, a priest, had come to work at the temple a week back from Kailavan village in Salempur. The sadhu was found dead in a mustard field, near the famous Dhakwale temple in Aanchru Kala village of Shikarpur’

“Uttar Pradesh: Temple priest found brutally murdered with his throat slit near Bulanshahr temple, police on alert,” OpIndia, March 29, 2021:

CO Bijendra Rastogi and Police Officer Subhash Singh arrived at the scene after the body was discovered on Monday morning. The body has been sent for postmortem. SSP Santosh Kumar Singh assured that the police is investigating every aspect of the murder….

#AceNewsDesk report …………Published: Apr.01: 2021:

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(NEW DELHI, India.) JUST IN: Bayer AG said on Friday it had reached an “amicable settlement” in its #Monsanto unit’s long-running intellectual property dispute with Indian seed maker Nuziveedu Seeds Ltd (NSL) over genetically modified cotton seeds #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.27: Bayer’s Monsanto, India’s NSL settle long-running GM cotton seed dispute: In a statement to Reuters, the German company said it had resolved “outstanding issues and differences” over the dispute, giving no further details: Two sources familiar with the matter said the companies had reached a legal settlement that would end all ongoing litigation.

‘Mahyco #Monsanto Biotech (India) (MMB), a joint venture between Monsanto and India’s Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Co (Mahyco) had been at loggerheads with the NSL and the Indian government over how much it could charge for its genetically modified cotton seeds’ NSL did not immediately respond to a request for comment: https://t.me/reuters_news_agency/70072

Reuters Wire News, [Mar 26, 2021 at 3:46 PM]

The dispute triggered a clutch of legal cases, antitrust investigations and orders against Monsanto from the farm ministry, costing Monsanto tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue each year and eventually drawing in the Indian and U.S. governments. (reut.rs/2ncBknn)

One of the sources with direct knowledge said the companies had been in talks for more than a month, and that the settlement efforts were being handled by Bayer.

“It was a very big dispute … This will be relief for both,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Bayer spokesman said the company looked forward to working collaboratively with all stakeholders for the benefit of Indian agriculture, but did not elaborate.

New Delhi approved the first GM cotton seed trait in 2003 and an upgraded variety in 2006, helping transform India into the world’s top producer and second-largest exporter of the fibre. Monsanto’s GM cotton seed technology went on to dominate 90% of India’s cotton acreage.

NSL, which produces GM cotton seeds, stopped paying royalties to Monsanto in 2015, arguing that Indian law did not grant Monsanto patent protection for the seeds. The companies have been entangled in litigation ever since.

#AceNewsDesk report ………Published: Mar.27: 2021:

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(NEW DELHI, India.) JUST IN: The police in the northern state have registered a case against publishers and writers of a book in which a chapter links Islam with terrorism #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.23: Meanwhile, the publishers and writers of the book have been arrested, because apparently India enforces Sharia prohibitions against criticism of Islam, and it is illegal there to note the truth about the motivating ideology behind jihad violence:

India: Book links Islam with terrorism, Muslims ransack publisher’s office, publishers are arrested: “ Enraged over the book’s assertion that “Islamic terrorism is a form of Islam,” some Muslims “allegedly attacked and ransacked the publisher’s office.”

“India: 14 charged for anti-Islam contents in textbook,” by Shuriah Niazi, Anadolu Agency, March 20, 2021 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

The case was registered on Thursday with the Jaipur police station against the Rajasthan State Textbook Board, owner of Sanjeev Passbook Publication, and writers for linking Islam with terrorism, insulting and hurting the religious beliefs of Muslims, and criminal conspiracy. In all, 14 people have been booked in the case.

The textbook was published by the Rajasthan State Textbook Board and Sanjeev Passbook Publication for students in grade12 and was reportedly introduced during the previous tenure of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in the state of Rajasthan….

The complaint was lodged by Mohsin Rasheed, the coordinator of the Rajasthan Muslim Forum and Minority Cell of the Congress party’s Rajasthan unit.

“…It is an attempt to create suspicion towards Muslims and promote hatred for Islam,” Rasheed told Anadolu Agency.

“By directly associating Islam with terrorism and then using the word ‘Islamic terrorism,’ the book attempts to provoke Muslim students and the community and hurt their sentiments,” he stated.

Rasheed requested that the publisher and authors of the book be prosecuted and that “the hate material be immediately removed from the syllabus book.”…

“What is Islamic terrorism” is a question in the political science textbook.

The answer in the books says: “Islamic terrorism is a form of Islam, which has become stronger in the last 20-30 years.”…

Meanwhile, a group of Muslims allegedly attacked and ransacked the publisher’s office. Later, local police arrested three people….

#AceNewsDesk report ……..Published: Mar.23: 2021:

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(UTTAR PRADESH, India.) JUST IN: Muslim poses as Hindu to marry Hindu woman, presses her to convert, tries to burn her alive when she refuses #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport- Mar.21: And as for the burning attempt, domestic violence in all cultures. So to post this is just “Islamophobic,” right? Wrong: there is domestic violence in all cultures, but only in one does it have divine sanction:

India: ‘These “love jihad” incidents are motivated by supremacist assumptions. The idea is that the Muslim community will always grow at the expense of the non-Muslim community. Meanwhile, the international “human rights community” is indifferent: if no “Islamophobia” is being committed, then they have no interest’

In Uttar Pradesh, yet another case of alleged grooming Jihad has surfaced wherein a Muslim man assumed a fake Hindu identity to entrap and marry a Hindu woman. The case pertains to state capital Lucknow where a man named Afzal allegedly identified himself as Rajiv and married a Hindu woman in the Arya Samaj Temple:

“Uttar Pradesh: Afzal becomes Rajiv to marry Hindu woman, tries to burn her alive with children for refusing to convert,” OpIndia, March 19, 2021:

A few years after the marriage, the accused Afzal started pressuring his wife to give up her religion and embrace Islam. When the woman refused to abandon her religion for Islam, an enraged Afzal reportedly tried to burn her down, along with their children. However, the woman somehow managed to escape the fire and rushed to the nearby police station to file a complaint against the accused. Following her complaint, the police arrested the accused and slapped a case against him under the UP Anti-Conversion law.

As per the victim’s account, she had met Rajiv alias Afzal in 2009. Afzal had then described himself as a Hindu orphan and the duo had gotten married on 13 February 2009 at the Arya Samaj Temple. The couple had two children after their marriage. There was a dispute between the two when Rajiv alias Afzal insisted on keeping non-Hindu names of their children, the victim said. Rajiv’s insistence of keeping non-Hindu names of their children raised suspicions for the woman and she discovered that Rajiv was not a Hindu and that his real name was Mohammad Afzal Siddiqui. She also learnt that Afzal had parents and was not an orphan as he had claimed earlier.

In her complaint, the woman accused Afzal of not only pressuring her to convert her religion but also forced her to have physical relations with other men. When she raised her objections to this, she was subjected to domestic violence, the woman said. The woman also claims that she had filed complaints with the police several times about the violence inflicted on her by Afzal but no action was taken against him. According to the woman, on Wednesday night this week, when she was alone in the house with her children, Afzal bolted the door of the house from the outside and set it on fire….

#AceNewsDesk report ……….Published: Mar.21: 2021:

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(NEW DELIHI, India.) Interfaith Law Report: A controversial new anti-conversion law that criminalises interfaith love has put Hindu-Muslim couples on edge. Now, they face the wrath of not just their families, but also the Indian state #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – Mar.16: Ayesha and her boyfriend, Santosh (both their names have been changed) are on the run. “My parents have come to look for me and they are outside somewhere,” Ayesha said. “We are scared. We have been asked to stay inside: “ The couple, both 29, fled their home town in the western state of Gujarat. For now, they are living in a safe house – a nondescript two-story building – in Delhi. Also hiding with them is another couple from Uttar Pradesh state in India’s north:

India’s interfaith couples on edge after new law: In November 2020, Uttar Pradesh became the first state to pass a law – Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance – banning “unlawful conversion” by force, fraudulent means or marriage. It was in response to what right-wing Hindu groups call “love jihad”, an Islamophobic term denoting a baseless conspiracy theory that accuses Muslim men of seeking to make Hindu women fall in love with them with the sole purpose of converting them to Islam.Santosh and Ayesha have dated secretly for 13 years

15 hours ago

By Chinki Sinha
BBC Hindi

A civil right activist holds a placard during a demonstration condemning the decision of various Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led state governments in the country for the proposed passing of laws against "Love Jihad" in Bangalore on December 1, 2020.
Several couples have been arrested under a new law that targets interfaith marriage

The iron door opened just enough for the girl to peep out. She looked scared. 

A ‘lost baby’ in a battle over love and religion

The law has led to multiple cases and arrests in UP, a state governed by India’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Madhya Pradesh, another BJP-ruled state, has already passed a similar law and others, including Gujarat, are mulling doing the same. So couples are now leaving these states to marry in what they consider “safer” places such as Delhi. 

Interfaith marriages in India are registered under the Special Marriage Act, which mandates a 30-day notice period. But couples live in fear of reprisals throughout this time and even more so now, with a new law that targets such marriages. 

It’s yet another obstacle in Ayesha and Santosh’s 13-year-long relationship: ‘Our love is love, not jihad’

They met in college in Gujarat in 2009. He was studying Gujarati, and she was an economics student. 

“We had a common Hindi class,” Ayesha said. They became friends and grew close. Two years later, she finally asked him if he loved her and, if he did, why couldn’t he admit it?

Santosh loved her but he also knew that the road ahead would be hard in Gujarat, a state where communal tensions run deep. The couple met in college

They both belong to India’s middle class – Ayesha’s father ran a small local business and she was a school teacher. Santosh’s father was a clerk at the university, where he had a data entry job. He also worked as a freelance photographer. 

But Ayesha is Muslim and Santosh is a Dalit (formerly untouchable), a community that is at the bottom of the unyielding Hindu caste hierarchy.

They both recalled 2002, when more than 1,000 people, mostly Muslims, died in riots after a train fire killed 60 Hindu pilgrims in Gujarat. Muslims were blamed for starting the fire. It was one of India’s worst episodes of religious violence. 

And Ayesha and Santosh, who grew up in the shadow it cast, were well aware of the consequences of love that was considered out of bounds. 

“In Gujarat, being an interfaith couple is a big problem,” Santosh said. “You can’t meet, you can’t talk, you can’t do anything.”

But they were undeterred. Santosh told Ayesha that once they began a relationship, he would be in it until the end.

After graduating from college in 2012, they met rarely – but when they did it was the result of meticulous planning. They would meet in public places so it wouldn’t arouse suspicion. And they would keep it short. 

“We would meet with cloth wrapped around our faces,” Santosh said. 

The rest of the time they kept in touch over the phone. 

“We would save each other’s numbers under false names or call from other phones,” he added. Since Ayesha’s family monitored her calls, Santosh often mimicked a woman’s voice when he called her.

When Santosh’s parents found out about the relationship, they decided to get him married. They even forced him into an engagement with a girl last November.

“I was depressed for days. I couldn’t talk to Ayesha as her family had also come to know by then,” he said.

Ayesha’s father and brother were pressurising her to marry as well. 

So Santosh and Ayesha tried to get married in Gujarat – they filed a petition to register the wedding under the Special Marriage Act. But the clerk, who saw Ayesha’s name in the paperwork, alerted her father. The couple fled to Delhi to get married

Santosh paid a lawyer 25,000 rupees ($340; £250) to get their marriage registered, but the lawyer backed out.

“No officials agreed to help. No lawyers would take our case. They would say this is an interfaith marriage and it is dangerous for them. They told us to not to do it,” he said. “Perhaps, there are [right-wing] vigilante groups on the court premises.”

Time was running out. So the couple decided to run away. “I wanted to be with Ayesha. We had no other choice,” Santosh said. 

On 22 January, they came to Delhi hoping to finally marry. 

They say that it was on the flight to Delhi that they spent hours together for the first time in their 13-year courtship.

When they arrived, they sought out the offices of Dhanak, the group that runs the safe house. They informed their parents and the respective police stations that they were in Delhi. They moved to the safe house on 29 January.

Dhanak facilitates marriages between interfaith couples. Its founder, Asif Iqbal, says they have been receiving many calls from couples wanting to get married ever since the new anti-conversion law was passed in Uttar Pradesh. 

“Santosh was crying when he called,” Mr Iqbal said.

Most couples end up losing their jobs while in hiding. Santosh and Ayesha are looking for work. They are worried and scared but they say trust in each other is keeping them going.

“Love is sacrifice,” Ayesha said.

For now, they say, they have a place to live and they are with each other.

“They say love is blind but it’s hatred that is blind,” Santosh said.

All illustrations by Gopal ShoonyaWhat happens when a Hindu and Muslim YouTuber meet?

#AceNewsDesk report ………..Published: Mar.16: 2021:

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(HYDERABAD, India.) JUST IN: Christian woman expelled from village and threatened with death as villagers prevent her harvesting food for her family #AceNewsDesk report

Christian Mother Expelled from Village, Threatened with Death: HYDERABAD, IndiaMorning Star News reports that when villagers kept her from harvesting her fields because she had invited a Christian pastor to pray for the harvest, a tribal Adivasi mother in central India went to police thinking officers might help her’

Adivasi decorative figures from Chhattisgarh, India at Museum of Quai Branly in Paris, France. (Dalbera, Creative Commons)

Adivasi decorative figures from Chhattisgarh, India at Museum of Quai Branly in Paris, France. (Dalbera, Creative Commons)

Tribal woman kept from harvesting annual food supply: Instead, the police inspector at the Polampalli police station in Chhattisgarh state showed Kanni Barse a section of the Indian constitution, read a few lines from it and asked her if she understood it, she said.

“I replied, ‘No,’” Barse told Morning Star News. “Then he told me that the text from the constitution says that Adivasis cannot convert to Christianity, and that I have committed a huge mistake by adopting a foreign faith. He said that he should book cases against me.”

The Indian constitution guarantees religious freedom, and Barse said she told the officer that she had some education, her husband was a teacher and that she had never heard the text he cited.

“I asked him, ‘What about my life? There is a threat to my life,’” she said. “He said, ‘We can’t take the responsibility of protecting anybody’s life.’”

Three days later, she said, the inspector summoned Barse back to the police station, but when she arrived, she found the village elders and tribal animists surrounding it and did not dare try to enter.

“Afraid of what was happening, I called the inspector on the phone and told him that I will take the complaint back – it is enough if they would allow me to harvest the crop and work at the childcare center,” she said. “But the officer told me that the village elders said they want to fight this case.”

The tribal animist relatives who had expelled the Christian mother of four from her native Palamadugu village, in Sukma District, threatened to kill her if she returned, she said. The harvest was to feed the family for a year.

“It has been over two months now,” Barse said, tears in her eyes. “The oxen and birds have eaten the grain, and the crop has all got wasted.”

Death Threat

The attempt to obtain police help occurred in early January. Officers at Polampalli police station remained unavailable for comment despite several attempts to reach them.

“Since my husband and I had put faith in Christ because of health issues, we have been shunned by the villagers, who are our own kinsmen,” Barse said. “I worked very hard during the coronavirus lockdown to raise the crop. This field has been a primary source of income to feed my family of six.”

After inviting the pastor to bless the harvest fields, she said, her relatives reviled her in extremely derogatory language.

“They told me that they had been kind enough only to let me work in the fields to feed our stomachs, but they can’t tolerate Christian worship,” she said, “They made accusations that I had defiled the Adivasi land by bringing a pastor to conduct Christian prayer.”

Barse has worked at the rural childcare center teaching and caring for pre-school children for 20 years. She worked and lived in Palamadugu village, returning to her family in Dornapal village on weekends, until her relatives expelled her from the village in late December.

“They told me that they would chop me into bits and pieces if they see me again at the childcare center,” Barse told Morning Star News. “My sister’s family did not allow me to stay in Palamadugu and were forcing me to leave for Dornapal, where my husband and children reside.”

She asked her nieces to allow her to stay, as she desperately needed the income from her job in the village, she said. She used that income to pay for medical care of her husband, whose seizures have kept him mostly unemployed since 2007, and the needs of her children, ages 3, 6, 13 and 15.

“To our shock, we heard a knock in the middle of the night yelling my name,” Barse told Morning Star News. “Afraid that I will be killed if I stayed there any longer, my mother and sister insisted that I must leave the village.”

Kinsmen in Palamadugu arranged for Maoists known as Naxalites to kill an uncle and a brother for reasons unrelated to faith, and in February two other relatives were found murdered, she said.

“If they vow to kill, they will surely kill the person,” Barse said. “They are staunch, stone-hearted Adivasis.”

Struggling to Survive

When Barse delivered a hand-written complaint to police, she notified them that she and her husband had accepted Christianity in 2016, and that since then her husband’s health had steadily improved, she said.

“I requested the officers in Polampalli police station to not book any cases and only make my relatives understand that I have accepted Christian faith for my own personal reasons, and that I have nothing against their practices, but I should only be allowed to work and practice my faith,” Barse said.

A Chhattisgarh attorney allied with legal advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom India advised her to apply with the district child development officer for a transfer to a post with the childcare center in another village since there is a threat to her life in Palamadugu, Barse said.

She submitted the request on Feb. 8, and on March 1 she inquired whether there was any decision.

“I was told that the officer was on vacation and would only go through my application after he assumes his duties,” she said.

Barse, 35, requested prayer for her family and job. A nearby school has allowed her husband to teach a few subjects that, because of the coronavirus pandemic, are carried out online.

“But the school management told us that they can’t continue it for very long because of his health issues, and that they do not want him to teach in a physical set-up, where children can get intimidated watching him suffer seizure attacks,” she said.

The hostile tone of the National Democratic Alliance government, led by the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, against non-Hindus, has emboldened Hindu extremists in several parts of the country to attack Christians since Prime Minister Narendra Modi took power in May 2014, religious rights advocates say.

India ranked 10th on Christian support organization Open Doors’ 2021 World Watch List of the countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian, as it was in 2020. The country was 31st in 2013, but its position worsened after Modi came to power.

If you would like to help persecuted Christians, visit https://morningstarnews.org/resources/aid-agencies/for a list of organizations that can orient you on how to get involved.  


© 2021 Morning Star News. Articles/photos may be reprinted with credit to Morning Star News. https://morningstarnews.org

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(NEW DELHI, India.) #CycloneFani Alert: Nearly 800,000 people in eastern India have been evacuated from the expected path of a major cyclone packing winds up to 125 miles per hour and torrential rains, officials said Thursday that made landfall on Friday killing at least seven people and lashing the the east coast with ferocious winds and eventually being down graded to a tropical storm #AceNewsDesk reports

#AceNewsReport – May.03: The strongest tropical cyclone to hit India in 20 years made landfall Friday, killing seven people and lashing the country’s east coast with ferocious winds and torrential downpours: Tropical Cyclone Fani struck near the city of Puri, in Odisha state, as the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane — packing sustained winds of 240 kilometers per hour (150 miles per hour). The storm is expected to weaken as it moves toward Kolkata, one of India’s most populous cities, and Bangladesh: The seven people who died in Odisha were killed by falling trees and collapsed walls, police spokesman Sanjeev Panda said: After it was predicted: #India Alert: Cyclone Fani, currently over the Bay of Bengal, is predicted to intensify further and cross the Odish… https://t.co/RJ6SuYuANV 

VIDEO: Cyclone Fani hits India’s east coast. Read full story here: https://t.co/S9QCdcmoWc https://t.co/OxDiFMLYoS— The Associated Press (@AP) May 3, 2019 

Fani made landfall as the strongest cyclone to hit the region since a 1999 storm killed at least 10,000 people. That incident prompted India to reassess its disaster management planning: More than 1 million people were evacuated ahead of Fani, Odisha’s chief minister said in a tweet. About 10,000 villages and 52 towns in nine districts in the state were in the storm’s path, forecasters said. Eleven districts along the Odisha coast were placed on red alert, and some 900 cyclone shelters were set up to house evacuees. 

Meteorologists say storm surges remain a risk as Fani is hitting low-lying coastal regions: Aid agencies are also concerned for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees who fled ethnic violence in Myanmar and are living in refugee camps in Bangladesh near the coast………………….All flights to and from Odisha’s Bhubaneswar airport were canceled from midnight on Thursday. Kolkata’s airport canceled flights from 3 p.m. local time Friday.

The country’s coast guard and navy deployed ships and helicopters for relief and rescue operations: Army and air force units are also on standby in the states of Odisha, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.

The storm — which has been downgraded to a “very severe cyclonic” storm — is the first tropical cyclone of the year in the northern Indian Ocean: The country’s cyclone season has two main periods of activity: late April to early June, and October to November.These two periods are before and immediately after India’s southwest monsoon season, which lasts from June through September and provides India with the vast majority of its annual rainfall.

Nearly 800,000 people in eastern India have been evacuated from the expected path of a major cyclone packing winds up to 125 miles per hour and torrential rains, officials said Thursday: The Indian weather service said Extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Fani was expected to make landfall Friday afternoon. CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN’s Elaine Quijano with the latest: https://cbsn.ws/2VJb09T 
#AceNewsDesk report …………..Published: May.03: 2019: CNN’s Sugam Pokharel contributed reporting 
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LAHORE: ‘ India releases 16-pakistani prisoners as reciprocal gesture after 16-fishermen released ‘

#AceNewsReport – LAHORE: Aug.08: India released 16 Pakistani prisoners including nine fishermen on Saturday as a reciprocal gesture five days after Pakistan freed 163 Indian fishermen.

According to a statement by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, 16 Pakistani prisoners, whose nationality has been confirmed by Pakistani authorities, are being repatriated to Pakistan via Wagah border.

The statement added that the cases against nine Pakistani fishermen have been withdrawn.

The confirmation of the release came from the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi, which said that a total of nine fishermen detained at a prison in the Indian state of Gujarat for more than two years have been released.

Ace Worldwide News

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INDIA:’ Accuses Pakistan of Killing one of its soldiers near Kashmir border ‘

#AceNewsReport – INDIA:July.31: India on Thursday accused Pakistan of killing one of its soldiers near the de-facto border that divides Kashmir between the two states, AFP said.

Defacto border with Kashmir

Defacto border with Kashmir

Pakistani troops opened “unprovoked fire” Wednesday evening targeting Indian positions in Poonch sector along the Line of Control, according to Colonel S. D. Goswami, a spokesman for the Indian army.
“Pakistani troops violated the ceasefire again during which our soldier was injured who died later,” he said. A border ceasefire agreement was signed in 2003.

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@RedditWorld Mumbai: 94-people die from tainted alcohol @AceNewsServices

#AceNewsReport – India(Mumbai):June.21: At least 94 people have died and 45 are in hospital after consuming homemade liquor in a slum in India’s financial capital, Mumbai.


Police say they have detained five moonshine-makers in connection with the deaths, and eight police officials have been suspended for suspected negligence. “More than 150 have consumed this alcohol.

The death toll may rise,” Mumbai’s deputy police commissioner said, according to Reuters.

Homemade liquor is popular with India’s poor because it is cheap, but it is often made using poisonous industrial ethanol.


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@AceNewsServices Indian Fishermen released from Karachi Jail

#AceNewsReport – PAKISTAN:June.18: Pakistan on Thursday released 113 Indian fishermen, AFP reported. The fishermen, who had been kept in a Karachi jail for nine months to a year, were put on a train bound for the eastern border city of Lahore.

The release of the Indian fishermen followed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s phone call to his Pakistani counterpart, Nawaz Sharif, on Tuesday.

India’s leader offered best wishes to his counterpart on the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and announced the release of the detained fishermen in an apparent move to ease bilateral tensions.

Fishermen are frequently arrested by both India and Pakistan because the maritime border between the two countries in the Arabian Sea is poorly defined.


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INDIA: ‘ Journalist reportedly burned alive for reporting politicians corruption ‘

#AceNewsReport – INDIA:June.10: An Indian politician reportedly has been arrested and charged with murder after a journalist covering his alleged corruption was burned alive.

Jagendra Singh was set on fire by police and men sent to his house by Uttar Pradesh dairy development minister Ram Murti Verma on June 1, Singh’s family claimed Tuesday, according to the Times of India.

“They had a heated argument with my father, caught hold of him, poured petrol over his body and set him on fire,” Raghvendra Singh told the newspaper. Singh died from his injuries on Monday and authorities have now filed charges against Verma and four other men.

But police have denied any wrongdoing and claim that Singh tried to commit suicide.

“There was a case against Jagendra Singh. We tried to arrest him but he committed suicide,” a Shahjehanpur police spokesperson told IBN Live, without specifying the allegations.


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‘ American Disney blacklist of American tech workers ‘

@AceBreakingNews – USA:June.09: (DAILY CALLER) The American tech workers Disney laid off in January after forcing them to train their foreign replacements were put on a “black list” that disqualified them from hire by any contractor that works with Disney, emails obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation between one of the laid off workers and a recruiting firm show.

The worker, who asked to remain anonymous because he is waiting on legal advice, learned of the black list when he sent his resume and performance review to a local IT recruiting firm that wanted to place him with a company contracting with Disney.

He had plenty of past experience doing similar work for Disney contractors, and had received the highest possible rating on his performance review, so he thought he would be a top candidate for the job.


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INDIA: ‘ Maoist Rebels Killed in Gun-Battle with Security Forces ‘

#AceNewsReport – INDIA:June.09: Twelve Maoist rebels were killed in a gun battle with security forces in a remote forest in eastern India, police said Tuesday.

The fighting broke out when policemen tried to intercept a group of suspected guerrillas late Monday in eastern Jharkand state, a rebel stronghold, AFP reported.

The Maoist insurgency began in the 1960s and has cost thousands of lives, as rebels say they are fighting against the authorities for land and other rights for poor tribal groups.


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AceNewsServices – Featured Post: Jan.06: This gives me pause. . .  as I have been pondering this  problem lately. The grand experiment which is the United States was built on personal rights for all written in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution. . . . . freedom of religion, speech, press, to assemble and to have personal privacy.


After 9/11 , the country was united in the desire of “Never Again” and there was not much questioning  as to how  that security  was accomplished. But as the years have past and news and experiences of NSA spying on the nation and the world, control of the internet, airport searches and indignities at the airports,  and prisoner enhanced interrogation; Americans, including me, are questioning our freedoms, security and the methods used to establish both.

This week in the world’s largest democracy where there is understandably obsessed with security has further fuelled my thoughts. Information was circulated of a credible terrorist activity in India. Access to certain sites on the internet was stopped or limited to all of India.  I had trouble accessing Facebook, in the morning, evening, and at night. Hmm, all times when people were home using the internet. I have experienced in the US having some news and YouTube videos not available as they are in the rest of the world. I have learned that from other bloggers. Here in India,  we have been working  for days to get just the proper documentation for the students. . . photos. . . on different paper for different applications. .  phone, school, immigration.  They need copies of their passports, visas, stamped pages of their passports, forms to be filled , a letter from the hostel and the University. . .  all  this to study here for 4 months.  And all this to try to insure safety.

Some of you might  ask, “Why not just ignore it all?”  Well, one group a few years ago did just that due to ignorance of the policy.   When they got ready to leave, 7 students were allowed to leave even though they didn’t have the proper exit stamp.  Two students were detained.  They were Americans of various heritages.  Many people and countries find it hard to understand that American is  a “salad mixture” of people from all nationalities.

These detained  students had to stay in a hotel for a week while their departure was  discussed by many calls between India and the US!  Finally, this happened and all other groups from Rensselaer have meticulously  completed the process.  This time the forms seem even more complicated than in 2013. Could it be bureaucrats justifying their paycheck?

I want to be safe, unquestionably, but at the price of our freedoms? Fascist countries take these same actions and I don’t want to live in like that.  I am concerned, too, as to whom  is making these decisions.  In my lifetime, I have observed with taxes and government involvement, that once instigated or eliminated it is seemingly impossible to regain freedoms once they are gone.

Security or Freedom?

What say you?



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#AceWorldNews – PAKISTAN:Jan.02: A Pakistani fishing boat has exploded on Wednesday in the Arabian Sea, 365 kilometre off the coast of India, killing all four crew members.

The Indian Coast Guard chased the boat for almost an hour trying to stop and search it before firing warning shots, the government statement says.

The crew set the boat on fire which caused the explosion.

However, the authorities gave no comment whether the explosive was intended to be used in a possible attack.

In 2008, central Mumbai was attacked by gunmen who arrived in rubber boats.

The fighting resulted in 166 casualties.


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#AceBreakingNews – INDIA – October 19 – Bolstered by wins in Maharashtra and Haryana, Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah came in triumphant to a press meet on Sunday, driving home his party’s goal of “Congress-mukt Bharat”.

BJP can approach us for support: Uddhav Thackeray

BJP can approach us for support: Uddhav Thackeray

“We’ve taken a few more steps towards a Congress-mukt India (Congress-free India),” he said as voters showed the door to the incumbent Congress in both states.

The BJP was poised to go past majority mark of 46 in the 90-member Haryana assembly on its own, while it was evident the party would fall marginally short of the majority mark of 145 in the 288-member Maharashtra assembly.  



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Regional elections held Wednesday in two states will test the popularity of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and a good performance could strengthen his government and give him more elbow room to initiate tough economic reforms.

Two State Elections Test Modi's Sticking Power   Screenshot from 2014-10-16 17:22:32

Modi wants to unseat Congress Party-led governments in Maharashtra and Haryana states and repeat the impressive performance that catapulted his Bharatiya Janata Party to power in national elections in May.

Both states are politically crucial. Maharashtra is a large state that is home to India’s financial hub, Mumbai. Haryana is relatively small but one of the country’s fastest-developing states adjoining the capital. But the BJP has never been a major force in either. 

Modi personally led his party’s campaign in both states. At dozens of rallies, he appealed to voters on the same plank that won him national support — development and good governance.

Hoping to win on the backs of young voters, his strongest constituency, Modi tweeted as polls opened, “Youngsters must show the way and ensure record turnout.”

Political analyst Satish Misra at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi said a good showing by the BJP would be a vote of confidence in the prime minister. He pointed out that these will be the first state elections held since the national polls last May.

“If the BJP under Modi has to establish to people at large that it is the most popular party, then the BJP must emerge the winner of these two elections, if not with clear majority, then at least with credible enough numbers to be single largest party,” Misra said. “For the first time, Modi’s credibility and popularity and credibility is at stake. Modi is the BJP’s face.

Modi is the BJP’s vote-catcher.”

Opinion polls show that BJP could win in both states, although it might fall short of a majority.

Confidence is still high in Modi, but several analysts said some of the magic that helped him romp to power has begun to wane as people impatiently wait for him to fulfill his promise that “better days are here.”

For that promise to be bear fruit, Modi must implement tough reforms needed to rev up India’s slowing economy.

Analysts said victories in the state elections could embolden the prime minister to take some of those difficult steps, such as labour reforms.



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INDIA: ‘ Battered by Cyclonic Storm HUDHUD in Port City of Visakhapatnam ‘

#AceWorldNews – INDIA – October 12 – Cyclonic storm Hudhud has hit India with speeds up to 195km per hour (over 120mph), leaving two people dead, while damaging everything in its wake – uprooting trees, battering buildings and so on.

Earlier a 150,000-person evacuation was under-way, as the port city of Visakhapatnam, home to two million people and a major naval base, received the full impact of Hudhud after the force had gathered up the warm waters of the Bay of Bengal.

Two people, however, strayed from the safe areas – one of them was killed by a falling tree, the other by a wall.

Reuters spoke by phone to K. Hymavathi, the special commissioner for disaster management for Andhra Pradesh state, who said the Visakhapatnam situation is very serious.”


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