#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW:Dec.8 – Twitter’s Vice President Colin Crowell has discussed sharing data with Russian authorities with Alexander Zharov, director of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media, the authority said in a statement Monday./TASS/. reported. 

' Twitter’s Vice President Colin Crowell and Alexander Zharov, director of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, discussed Twitter's compliance with Russian laws -Screenshot from 2014-12-08 20:02:45 '

‘ Twitter’s Vice President Colin Crowell and Alexander Zharov, director of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, discussed Twitter’s compliance with Russian laws -Screenshot from 2014-12-08 20:02:45 ‘

“The meeting participants have discussed issues of law implementation, in particular, concerning Twitter’s compliance with Russian laws.

The participants have agreed to create a special communications channel on demands by the Russian oversight authority,” it said.

The Twitter executive visited Russia before to discuss new laws on protecting children from harmful information, data protection and blogger’s as mass media representatives.


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Why are all shooting’s by kids the same? This video needs watched

Sandy Hook’s is just an example

I have watched and looked and took notes over the years about kids who suddenly come from being a perfect child/kid to cold hearted killers. How many times do we have to be told a lie about a story. I am not saying Sandy Hooks was a lie (Image above) but in all shootings the Media spend days trying to work out how a perfect kid, a clever kid can turn into a killer. This is one video, one story but connects all stories. The question is always “WHY” This was JUST a few days ago from America where I questioned the reality of the killers last words, a video, like in the video below there is always a last word or a note of video left. They are ALL THE SAME! World Wide in the 1st World Media we see these kids being demonized with no reason given, just told so and we are to believe every world (Sheeple) The media almost make the kids famous, why do they do this? Can anyone see where I am coming from?

The chilling last words of Elliot Rodger’s

What am I missing here?

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#Sochi : “Russia `How the US Media Distort’ the Real Truth”

#AceWorldNews say according to VOR it is American Media that Villianise Putin and almost everything about Russia covered by US media is distorted, Stephen Cohen, a world-known American scholar of Russian studies and author of the article Distorting Russia published in The Nation claims.

Also, “When Putin makes an offer that is in the best national security interest of the US, the first impulse it to reject it”, he says.

In your opinion, how did Western media change their rhetoric towards Russia and President Vladimir Putin?

Let me explain why I wrote the article which is a very sharp criticism of the way the American media has covered not only Putin but almost everything about Russia since Putin became president back in 2000. I didn’t write the article to help Russia.

I wrote the article to help American national security because I believe that this distorted media coverage of Putin and of Russia is losing opportunities for American-Russian cooperation in areas that are vital to the American national security.

That is everywhere from Syria, and Iran, and Afghanistan, to the struggle against the terrorism that struck Russia and America, and that it gets worse and worse and we see it even in the coverage of Sochi.

Jay Johnson

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#Brazil : ” High Demand on Power Supplies `During Low Rainfall ‘could `Spell Trouble’ during `World Cup’ in June”

#AceWorldNews says Several Brazilian states reported power outages Tuesday, as high demand coupled with worries over energy supplies during a time of low rainfall led national grid operator ONS to warn of “disruption” in the north, south-east and south of the country.
Media reports suggest around three million people across 11 states, including Rio de Janeiro, have seen supplies cut, according to AFP. ONS reported the cut lasted about 40 minutes before a gradual return to normal levels. High temperatures in the south contributed to a record-high day of demand on Monday.
Low rainfall, though, has “nothing to do with the demands of the system,” mines and energy ministry executive secretary Marcio Zimmermann insisted.
The power outage concerns some in Brazil given the nation is set to host World Cup action in June.

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Indian media failed Sunanda Pushkar, and now she’s dead

#AceWorldNews ” India Media Fails Sunanda Pushkar and Now She is Dead” #socialmedia

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Royal Charter on Self-Regulation of the Press Final Draft

Ace News Group ELIZABETH THE SECOND by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Our other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith:

WHEREAS on 13th July 2011 The First Lord of Our Treasury announced to Our Parliament holden at Westminster the establishment of an Inquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the press:

AND WHEREAS Angela Frances Baroness Browning, Minister of State at the Home Office and the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt, Our Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport appointed the Right Honourable Lord Justice Leveson as Chairman of this Inquiry, pursuant to section 3(1)(a) of the Inquiries Act 2005, by letter dated 28th July 2011, to be  assisted by a panel of senior independent persons with relevant expertise in media, broadcasting, regulation and government appointed as Assessors under section 11(2)(a) of that Act:

AND WHEREAS the Terms of Reference for the Inquiry included provision for the making of recommendations for a new more effective policy and regulatory regime which supports the integrity and freedom of the press, the plurality of the media, and its independence, including from Government, while encouraging the highest ethical and professional standards:

AND WHEREAS the Report of the Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press
was presented to Parliament pursuant to section 26 of the Inquiries Act 2005 on 29th November 2012:

AND WHEREAS the Report of the Inquiry recommended that for an effective system of self-regulation to be established, all those parts of the press which are significant news publishers should become members of an independent regulatory body:

AND WHEREAS the independent regulatory body which is intended to be the successor to the Press Complaints Commission should put forward the Editors’ Code of Practice as its initial code of standards:

AND WHEREAS the Report of the Inquiry recommended that there should be a mechanism to recognise and certify an independent regulatory body or bodies for the press, and that the responsibility for such recognition and certification should rest with a recognition body:

AND WHEREAS the Report of the Inquiry recommended that such a recognition body should not be involved in the regulation of the press:

AND WHEREAS it is in the interests of Our People that there should be a body corporate established for the purpose of determining recognition of an independent regulatory body or bodies, in pursuance of the recommendations of the Report of the Inquiry.

If you would like to download a PDF: Visit this link


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(LONDON, UK) 20 March 2012: Leading strategic marketing and research consultancy KAE, in conjunction with Toluna, a global pioneer in online polls, surveys and opinions, this week reveal the startling findings of a new research study into the opinions of consumers towards the potential of technology giant, Apple, breaking into the banking sector. 

The survey, using Toluna’s global research panel community of 4 million consumers worldwide, collected data from over 5,000 respondents, across the US and UK, and revealed that one in ten people (10%) would consider banking with Apple. Of those who are already Apple customers, 43% would consider switching to Apple for their day to day banking needs. 

The impressive levels of trust generated between Apple and their customers was the main reason given for a possible switch to an Apple Bank, with around two-thirds citing their trust in the brand (66%) as the primary reason, and just over half claiming they think Apple would make their account easy to access and manage, as well as providing a reliable service. 

It comes as no surprise that the majority (81%) of people who would bank with Apple are technology savvy and currently do their banking online.  In terms of overall attitudes towards banking, the study also found that these consumers display great interest in using their smartphone for personal banking (62%), and are even of the opinion that call centres may not exist in the future as everything will be done online (53%). 

Of those surveyed in the UK, almost one in five currently bank with Lloyds Banking Group (18%) or Barclays (14%), while in the US almost a quarter (23%) are with Bank of America and around one in ten with JP Morgan Chase (11%). 

MD of KAE, David Rankin, commented: “Apple would face no capital constraints in building a deposits base. With a proven ability to cross-sell additional products, along with the highest sales per square foot of any retailer and an affluent customer base, it wouldn’t take long for Apple to become one of the most profitable consumer banks in recent times. Once the power of the Apple brand and its options for growth are understood, it tends to prompt one of three responses from financial institutions: accelerated invention, defensive benchmarking or blissful issue avoidance. We know that not everyone would be impressed by the arrival of an ‘iBank’; we also know that the boldness of the next big Apple move will inspire and terrify in equal measure”. 

“The strength of Apple’s relationship with consumers is a result of its ability to redefine the terms of competition in an industry and design emotionally rich ‘human’ experiences”, said Lee Powney, Chief Commercial Officer at KAE. “This research tells us Apple customers perceive a fit where at first glance we would assume the brand could not travel. To observe a ‘wrong’ and ‘make right’ is a core characteristic of this business. Apple’s ethos, its way of being and way of doing is instinctively understood by its customers. This makes it a truly dangerous animal to a startling array of sectors” 

On the likelihood of Apple entering into this sector, Powney also added “When you look at the possible cross fertilisation effects on purchases of moving this amount of cash into the model, and the resulting increases in preference for its platform from developers and content owners, it would take a remarkable display of discipline to resist. However it would be very ‘un-Apple’ to simply enter into a market without changing the terms of competition”. 


About the research

The nationally representative KAE Toluna survey was conducted across the US and the UK, with a total sample size of 5,092 (2,921 respondents from the US and 2,971 respondents from the UK). The profile of those consumers who would consider switching their banking services to Apple comprised men and women aged 25-44, living in city centres or city suburban areas, with an average monthly income of between £900-£2,099 in the UK and $1,000-$3,499 and $6,000+ in the US.

About KAE

KAE has been providing clients with an innovative, empirically supported advantage for the last 40 years. We are focused on working with our clients to provide them with key market insights and strategic advice on the full gambit of marketing issues, from evaluating potential markets through a rigorous, hands-on process, to working with you to develop strategies to better maximise market opportunities


About Toluna

Leading online panel community pioneer Toluna combines its online market research panel with industry-leading technology, enabling organisations to generate valuable customer insight by surveying their target audience quickly and efficiently.

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