#AceWorldNews – IRAN – Nov.20 – Tehran sees “no more room” for negotiations on the design of its Arak reactor, AFP reported, citing Iran’s nuclear chief.

Arak Nuclear Reactor'

Arak Nuclear Reactor’

On Arak, we have said we were ready to design it so that the concerns are lifted,” Ali Akbar Salehi was quoted Thursday as saying.

This matter is settled to some extent on the technical aspect and there is no more room for further negotiations.”

The West fears the heavy water reactor could provide Iran with weapons-grade plutonium, while Iran says it is solely for research purposes.


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#AceWorldNews – Republicans are flexing their muscles and threatening to block President Obama from cutting a nuclear deal with Iran on his own terms.

International negotiators have until Nov. 24 under an interim agreement to reach a deal with Tehran that would curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, or seek another extension of talks.

By Kristina Wong @ The Hill


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#AceWorldNews – IRAN – Nov.12 – Iran has confirmed it tested a new centrifuge that could speed up its enrichment of uranium, Reuters reported.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham said such tests were conducted before the Geneva agreement between Iran and the world powers, and these have continued after the deal was reached.

The US said on Monday that Tehran had ceased the activity.

Iran dismisses suggestions the move may have violated last year’s nuclear deal with world powers.

The IR-5 was simply an ordinary piece of kit belonging to Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, IRNA quoted Afkham as saying.


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#AceNewsServices – IRAN (Tehran) – At least two former Iranian nuclear negotiators joined with Holocaust deniers, 9/11 truthers, and anti-Semites from across the globe this week in Tehran for Iran’s second annual New Horizons conference, an anti-American hate fest that U.S. lawmakers say highlights the country’s dangerous duplicity.

Among those in attendance at the conference—which the U.S. State Department admitted it was not even aware of—were notorious Holocaust deniers, American anti-Israel activists, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s closest adviser.

They were joined by two of Iran’s former nuclear negotiators, Saeed Jalili and Ali Asghar Soltanieh, both of whom were once responsible for inking a deal with the West over Tehran’s contested nuclear program.

The presence Jalili and Soltanieh triggered concern on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers warned that this is another sign that Tehran cannot be trusted to deal honestly in ongoing nuclear talks, which have been extended through November.

As the Obama administration continues to provide billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Tehran in a bid to foster a final nuclear deal, some in Congress say that the White House is letting itself be fooled into backing a bad deal with Iran.

“The so-called ‘New Horizon’ conference in Tehran proves why the current Iranian regime under President Hassan Rouhani is, at its core, no less extremist and dangerous than the regime under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” Sen. Mark Kirk (R., Ill.) said in a statement.



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BRITAIN: ‘ Watch-Dog Slam UK Nuclear Weapon’s Maker for Flouting Safety Regulations in Disposal of Hazardous Waste Materials ‘

#AceNewsServices – BRITAIN – October 05  – A British nuclear weapons maker has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations regarding the disposal of hazardous radioactive material.

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations. (Reuters/Phil Noble)

The Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) has been issued official warnings by two state watchdogs for flouting safety regulations. (Reuters/Phil Noble)

A private firm that runs Trident nuclear facilities for Britain’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been heavily criticized by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) and the Environment Agency (EA) for inadequate management of hazardous waste.

English: Atomic Weapons Establishment at Alder...

English: Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The consortium in question, known as the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE), produces nuclear weapons for the MoD and has bases at Aldermaston and Berkshire.

Following its failure to ensure key staff positions were filled in order to monitor vital waste disposal practices, the AWE was sent an official warning by the Environment Agency, the Guardian revealed on Friday.

The compliance issue was detected by the EA following a site audit. The vacant positions included specially appointed waste officials, radioactive specialists, and a top executive responsible for environmental issues.

The AWE claimed security procedures, which entail intensive vetting of potential employees, created delays in their recruitment processes. But the EA argues the AWE has contravened regulations implemented in 2012 to ensure an adequate amount of skilled employees are available to oversee the safe disposal of radioactive waste.

“Operators are expected to comply with their permit conditions at all times,” an EA spokesman told RT on Friday. “Following a site audit we found that AWE Aldermaston was not fully complying with all their permit conditions.”

Integrated waste disposal facility, Allington

Integrated waste disposal facility, Allington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the EA’s warning, however, the AWE insisted its staffing arrangement is constantly reviewed, and its radioactive waste disposal methods are “robust.”

“At the time of the EA inspection candidates were identified to fill the posts, but the security requirements have led to recruitment delays. In the interim, existing staff are covering the roles,” the firm told the Guardian.

The AWE has also come under fire from the government-funded Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) over an ongoing failure to meet the body’s basic requirements.

A picture shows the Trident Nuclear Submarine, HMS Victorious, on patrol off the west coast of Scotland on April 4, 2013. (AFP Photo/Andy Buchanan)

A picture shows the Trident Nuclear Submarine, HMS Victorious, on patrol off the west coast of Scotland on April 4, 2013. (AFP Photo/Andy Buchanan)

In 2007, the firm pledged to repackage and downsize its waste by 2014, but failed to honor its commitment. As a result, the ONR is currently considering legal action against the AWE, particularly with respect to the company’s failure to make 1,000 containers of radioactive waste safe.

“ONR is continuing to investigate AWE’s failure to meet the requirements of the license instrument, in accordance with our normal processes,” an ONR spokesman told the Guardian. He added that the ONR will “consider enforcement action in accordance with our enforcement policy when all investigations are completed.”

Reflecting on the threat of legal action, the AWE said it was working with the ONR to solve the matter.

But the company, responsible for the production of military wares regularly utilized by the MoD, stressed that the ONR was content with its waste storage practices in the short term.

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s (CND) general secretary, Kate Hudson, described the AWE’s breeches of safety obligations as “outrageous.”

“Not filling key posts which are essential to ensure hazardous waste is dealt with properly is unacceptable,” she told RT on Friday.



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“Six World Powers and Iran begin talks on Tehran’s role in the Nuclear Programme”

#AceWorldNews says today six world powers and Iran began talks on Tuesday in pursuit of a final settlement on Tehran’s disputed nuclear program in the coming months,

Reuters said. Both sides warned that a breakthrough deal may prove impossible. It is the first round of high-level negotiations since a November-24 interim deal.

It has seen Tehran curb some nuclear activities for six months in return for limited relief from sanctions.

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#AceBreakingNews says according to reports just received ‘…

#AceBreakingNews says according to reports just received,’ Iran‘s largest private bank is suing the British government for almost $4 billion in damages after the Supreme Court quashed sanctions imposed against it over alleged links to Tehran‘s nuclear programme.

Reuters,Voice of Russia


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” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei saying “I repeat it again that I am not optimistic about negotiations and they will lead nowhere, but l am not against them’ – Remarks Published on his Website”

#AceWorldNews says Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Monday he is not against a resumption of nuclear negotiations with the world’s major powers, but warned the talks will lead nowhere.

“Some of the officials of the previous government as well as the officials of this government think the problem will be resolved if they negotiate the nuclear issue,

” AFP quoted him as saying. “I repeat it again that I am not optimistic about the negotiations and they will lead nowhere, but I am not against them,” he said in remarks published on his website.

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“US `DOE Monitor’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant’ in New Mexico’s Nuclear Waste Repository for Possible Radiological Event”

#AceWorldNews says that the US Department of Energy is monitoring for a “possible radiological event” at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico’s nuclear waste repository. Officials have been called in after an air monitor detected radiation in the facility’s underground levels late Friday night, when no employees were on shift.

Workers on the surface have been sheltered in place as a precaution.

So far, the probe has not revealed any contaminated persons.

The Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is a depository of plutonium-contaminated waste taken from a number of federal nuclear projects including Los Alamos National Laboratory.

It is the US’s only deep geological nuclear waste repository.

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“Earthquake hits `Fukushima’ Measuring 5.1 off the Coast of Naime City”

#AceBreakingNews says an earthquake measuring 5.1 has struck 34 kilometres off the coast of Namie city in Fukushima prefecture, according to the United States Geological Survey.

The quake occurred at 2:18 am local time on Saturday at a depth of 63 kilometres Fukushima prefecture was the site of a disastrous earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 which led to a nuclear disaster, causing wide scale damage and thousands of deaths.

No Tsunami warning has been issued in this instance.

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#Japan : ” Sixty Percent of `Japanese’ are `Against’ Restarting Reactor’s at `Nuclear Power’ Plants”

#AceWorldNews says Over 60 percent of the Japanese are against restarting reactors at nuclear power plants across the country, according to a poll conducted by the local Kyodo news agency.
At the same time, the approval rating of the current cabinet, headed by PM Shinzo Abe, in comparison with last year, has slightly increased to more than 55 percent. Abe’s government considers nuclear energy necessary for the country.
Anti-nuclear sentiments are quiet strong in Japan. After the nuclear disaster in 2011 at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, Japan urgently halted work at nuclear power plants across the country.

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North Korea: ” Will Take Decisive Defensive Countermeasures in Case of Provacation by US or South Korea”

#AceWorldNews says North Korea will take decisive defensive countermeasures in case of a provocation by the US and South Korea, reports the DPRK’s official newspaper Rodong Sunmun. The paper denounced the upcoming American-South-Korean join drills, Key Resolve and Foal Eagle, as “a rehearsal” of a nuclear strike against the DPRK, cited Itar-Tass. The US-Korean annual drills always cause anger in the North, with Pyongyang seeing the drills as threat to its security and preparation for invasion. Washington and Seoul and Washington maintain though that exercises are a routine and strictly defensive event.

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Iran: “IAEA Inspectors Arrive in Tehran to Facilitate Implementation Towards Landmark Deal with Six other Powers”

#AceWorldNews says a team of inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) arrived in Tehran to facilitate implementation towards the landmark deal reached between Iran and the six world powers regarding the country’s uranium enrichment program, Reuters reports, citing the semi-official Fars news agency. The IAEA team, led by nuclear engineer Massimo Aparo, will visit the Natanz and Fordow nuclear facilities to ensure that Iran will stop enriching uranium to 20 percent and that its stockpile of enriched uranium is diluted. Under the terms of the agreement with the P5+1 – the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany – Iran will curtail its nuclear program in return from relief from international sanctions. The team is expected to start reporting back to the IAEA on Monday regarding its progress.

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UN : ” IAEA Will Play Pivotal Role in Checking that Iran Lives up to its Commitment to Curb Disputed Nuclear Work”

#AceWorldNews says The UN nuclear agency said Friday it would cost it about 6 million euro ($8.2 million) to verify the implementation of a landmark nuclear agreement between Iran and six world powers. A confidential report to member states, obtained by Reuters, said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) needed extra money from member states to pay for most of it. The IAEA will play a pivotal role in checking that Iran lives up to its commitment to curb disputed nuclear work, in exchange for easing international sanctions.

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Vladimir Putin: ” Implementation of `Geneva Nuclear Deal Between Tehran & Six World Powers` will `Guarantee Iran’s Right` to Use Peaceful Nuclear Technology”

#AceWorldNews says Russian President Vladimir Putin says the implementation of the Geneva nuclear deal between Tehran and the six world powers will guarantee Iran’s right to use peaceful nuclear technology.

Speaking during a ceremony held to receive credentials of a number of foreign envoys including new Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanaee on Thursday, the Russian president said the nuclear accord, which was inked between Iran and the Sextet of world powers – Russia, China, Britain, the US, France and Germany – on November 24 last year, should not remain only on paper.

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“Nuclear talks with Iran postponed to Feb. 8 – IAEA”

#AceWorldNews says UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Tuesday that a planned meeting with Iran next week had been postponed to February 8, without giving a reason, Reuters reported. The IAEA wants Iran to address allegations that it has researched how to develop nuclear bombs. Tehran says the nuclear program is entirely peaceful. In November, Iran and the IAEA agreed a cooperation pact, and six initial steps include access to two nuclear-related facilities and the provision of information.

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#AceNewsServices says according to INFOWARS — The Department…

#AceNewsServices says according to (INFOWARS) — The Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide, the compound that protects the body from radioactive poisoning in the aftermath of severe nuclear accidents, to be delivered before the beginning of February.

According to a solicitation posted on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the DHHS asks contractors to supply, “potassium iodide tablet, 65mg, unit dose package of 20s; 700,000 packages (of 20s),” a total of 14 million tablets. The packages must be delivered on or before February 1, 2014.

Potassium iodide helps block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland and is used by victims of severe nuclear accidents or emergencies. Under current regulations, states with populations living within 10 miles of a nuclear plant are encouraged, but not required, to maintain a supply of potassium iodide.

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#Iran's Deal with the West Could Provide the West with 50% More Oil on the World Market#Nuclear

#AceNewsServices says WASHINGTON — Iran’s nuclear deal with the West could allow more Iranian oil on the world market in the coming months, but it remains to be seen whether sanctions will be lifted enough to allow the pariah nation to return to its former position as an energy power.

The deal lasts for six months, during which time the two sides will seek a permanent settlement. The consequences for global energy will be huge if the negotiations eventually lead to an end of international sanctions, including the European Union’s ban on purchases of Iranian oil.

“If Iran really gets back to producing its oil and expanding capacity, the potential is almost as big as the shale gas revolution in the United States,” said Phil Flynn, senior energy analyst for the Price Futures Group.

Iran holds the world’s fourth-largest proven oil reserves and second-largest natural gas reserves, according to the International Energy Agency. Iranian oil exports have plummeted by 60 percent in the past two years as a result of the international sanctions. The sanctions have crippled Iran’s economy, which relies on crude oil sales for 80 percent of its export earnings.



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Kerry Blames Iran for No Nuclear Deal!

An Iranian lawmaker says US Secretary of State John Kerry is laying the blame on Tehran in an attempt to justify the failure of the six world powers in reaching a nuclear agreement in Geneva.

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