(CALIFORNIA) Justice Dept Court Report: Californian Resident Sentenced to 121 Months in Prison for Facilitating Telemarketing Conspiracy that Defrauded Thousands of Vulnerable U.S. Consumers #AceNewsDesk report

#AceNewsReport – May.22: “ The Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection Branch will vigorously pursue and prosecute fraudsters who prey on others through international telemarketing schemes,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian M. Boynton of the Justice Department’s Civil Division. “The Consumer Protection Branch, working alongside the Postal Inspection Service and our U.S. Attorney’s Office partners, will bring to justice those who threaten and defraud consumers, including immigrants who may be vulnerable to schemes that involve false threats to their liberty and ability to remain in the United States.”

CALIFORNIA: A Californian man has been sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for partnering with call centers in Peru that defrauded Spanish-speaking U.S. residents through lies and threats: According to court documents, Angel Armando Adrianzen, 46, partnered with a series of Peruvian call centers that contacted U.S. consumers, many of whom were vulnerable recent immigrants, using internet-based telephone calls’

Those callers claimed to be attorneys or government representatives, and falsely told victims that they had failed to pay for or receive delivery of products. The callers also falsely threatened victims with court proceedings, negative marks on their credit reports, imprisonment, or immigration consequences if they did not immediately pay for the purportedly delivered products and settlement fees. Many victims made payments based on these baseless threats. Adrianzen received the victims’ payments and shipped products to the victims for these call centers, knowing that the call centers used fraudulent and extortionate means to extract money from vulnerable victims. Adrianzen was also convicted of and sentenced for two counts of possession of child pornography, found on his laptop computer and cell phone when search warrants were executed upon those devices.

As part of his guilty plea, Adrianzen admitted that from April 2011 until at least September 2019, he was the owner and operator of AAD Learning Center (AAD). Adrianzen operated and oversaw AAD from California and worked in partnership with call centers in Peru to contact Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States, including in the Southern District of Florida. At AAD, Adrianzen participated in a fraudulent telemarketing scheme that offered various products to Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States to obtain payments from vulnerable victims. 

“Today’s sentence serves not only as just punishment for this defendant, but also as notice to others who may prey on vulnerable victims,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Juan Antonio Gonzalez for the Southern District of Florida.  “The Justice Department and its partners will aggressively investigate such criminal activity. We will find you and ensure you are held accountable for your crimes.”

“In this international telemarketing scheme, deceptive scare tactics were used to threaten thousands of vulnerable U.S. consumers into purchasing undelivered products by falsely purporting to use America’s legal system against them and coercing them out of millions of dollars,” stated Inspector in Charge Joseph Cronin of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Miami Division. “Today’s sentencing hopefully brings relief to U.S. residents and immigrants who were victimized by this transnational fraudulent scheme. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service, along with the Department of Justice’s Consumer Protection branch and the U.S. Attorney’s Office, are committed to holding individuals who use the U.S. Mail to defraud consumers accountable.”

In pleading guilty, Adrianzen admitted that he assisted his co-conspirators in Peru in setting up and staffing call centers that contacted victims in the United States and, at times, provided the call centers with lists of consumers to contact and call scripts to use when doing so. The scripts incorporated various false statements, including directing callers to falsely claim to be attorneys with the U.S. Department of Education. In other scripts, the callers were directed to falsely claim to be associated with Spanish language television channels, radio stations, or toothpaste companies. 

Adrianzen further admittd that his co-conspirators falsely claimed that they were lawyers, sometimes calling from a “legal department” of a company, or from a supposed “minor crimes court.” Adrianzen’s co-conspirators falsely threatened to have victims deported, arrested, and charged with crimes, and to have negative marks placed on their credit reports if they failed to pay the hundreds of dollars of demanded fees. Ultimately, Adrianzen processed over $3,500,000 in payments as part of the scheme.

Adrianzen was sentenced to serve 121 months in prison by U.S. District Judge Robert N. Scola Jr., to be followed by fifteen years’ supervised release. He was also ordered to make restitution payments to victims of his offenses. Adrianzen was arrested on Sept. 16, 2019, and has remained incarcerated. On Nov. 21, 2019, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud.

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service’s Miami Division and the Civil Division’s Consumer Protection Branch investigated the case.

Trial Attorneys Phil Toomajian and Joshua Rothman of the Consumer Protection Branch prosecuted the case. Assistant U.S. Attorney Bertila Fernandez of the Southern District of Florida assisted with the prosecution of the child pornography charges. 

For more information about the Consumer Protection Branch, visit its website at www.justice.gov/civil/consumer-protection-branch

Click to view the Spanish language version of this press release. 

#AceNewsDesk report ……Published: May.22: 2021:

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PERU: ‘ Mayor Gambini Suspected of Bankrolling Cocoa Farmers and Turning them Towards Cocaine ‘

#AceNewsServices – PERU (Irazola) – October 04 – The two-term mayor of this poor farming district in a cocaine-producing region where the Andes meet the Amazon is one of hundreds of candidates in Sunday’s local and state elections suspected of being bankrolled by drug traffickers.

Manuel Gambini, a 43-year-old former coca farmer, is among at least seven gubernatorial candidates – in a quarter of Peru’s 24 states – under investigation for drug trafficking or related crimes.

Cocaine cash is threatening to hijack democracy in this nation that in 2012 became the world’s top cocaine producer. The infiltration has become so brazen and widespread as to draw comparisons with conditions in Colombia and Mexico that preceded major political bloodletting.

' Coco to Cocaine Turns Simple Farmers into Economic Potentates '

‘ Coco to Cocaine Turns Simple Farmers into Economic Potentates ‘

“We are  now a despicable reflection of what Colombia was – and what Mexico is today,” said Sonia Medina, Peru’s public prosecutor for drug enforcement.

Peru is far less violent, but drug-related murders have been on the rise.

'In this Sept. 25, 2014 photo, supporters of Irazola’s two-term mayor and Ucayali gubernatorial candidate Manuel Gambini, attend his campaign rally in Irazola, Peru. Gambini is among hundreds of candidates in the Oct. 5 nationwide local and state elections suspected of being bankrolled by drug trafficking, a phenomena that threatens to hijack democracy in a country that became the world’s top cocaine-producer two years ago'  (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)(Credit: AP)

‘In this Sept. 25, 2014 photo, supporters of Irazola’s two-term mayor and Ucayali gubernatorial candidate Manuel Gambini, attend his campaign rally in Irazola, Peru. Gambini is among hundreds of candidates in the Oct. 5 nationwide local and state elections suspected of being bankrolled by drug trafficking, a phenomena that threatens to hijack democracy in a country that became the world’s top cocaine-producer two years ago’ (AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd)(Credit: AP)

One of three Peruvian voters lives in a region with candidates under investigation, on trial or previously convicted of drug-related crimes. Medina said her office has identified 700 such candidates.

In his run for governor of the rough jungle state of Ucayali, Gambini has  sought to milk his praise from the U.S. Agency for International Development for promoting the cocoa bean over the coca leaf.

Yet he may have been enriching himself along with relatives and associates “closely tied to drug trafficking,” according to an eight-page order for a money laundering probe issued Aug. 29 and obtained by The Associated Press.

It says he transformed “simple farmers into economic potentates” after becoming mayor in 2007.


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#AceWorldNews EUROPEAN UNION May 06 The EU has…

#AceWorldNews – EUROPEAN UNION – May 06 – The EU has reportedly lifted visa requirements for 19 countries from the Pacific, Caribbean, Middle East and Latin America.

The EU Council adopted a regulation to exempt from visa requirements when travelling to the Schengen zone nationals from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Grenada, Kiribati, the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, Peru, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Samoa, the Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tuvalu, the United Arab Emirates and Vanuatu.

The decision prompted frustration in Turkey, which has been waiting for years to acquire the right to visa-free travel, Hurriyet Daily News reported.


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` Illegal Gold Mining has Become the ` New Cocaine of Latin America ‘ as Andean Countries Generate High Profits’

#AceNewsServices – COLUMBIA – May 01 – At least three people were killed and 25 others are still trapped after an illegal gold mine collapsed in Santander de Quilichao, a city in the south-western Colombian province of Cauca, Agencia EFE cited emergency services officials as saying.

The collapse occurred in a rural district off San Antonio Road, fire chief Victor Claros told reporters, adding that victims’ bodies have been removed from the site.

The media has dubbed illegal gold mining as the “new cocaine” of Latin America, as the Andean countries – including Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Brazil – are generating higher profits from it than from drug trafficking.

Illegal mining has become the “new cocaine” of Latin America in terms of illicit trading, as countries such as Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, are said to be obtaining higher profits from the unlicensed activity than from drug trafficking. The ecological damage is even greater.

According to Chilean newspaper El Mercurio (in Spanish), the shady business in the Amazonian jungle of Peru is already generating 15% more profits than the country’s total estimated drug trafficking. The figure is shocking, as Peru is said to already be the world’s largest exporter of cocaine.

The latest study published by Peru’s government last month, revealed that illicit gold extraction has led to violence, pollution and the destruction of parts of the country’s precious rainforest— more than 50,000 hectares so far. The figure is significantly higher than the 18,000 ha authorities estimated last year.

What it’s worse, unlawful mining has spread to surrounding countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Bolivia, which is intensifying the damage on the Amazon, as well in water sources, reports El Mercurio.


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` Chilean Earthquake after shock of 7.8 Magnitude has hit Chile’s Port City of Iquique ‘

#AceWorldNews – CHILE – April 03 – A powerful 7.8 magnitude aftershock has rattled Chile’s coast. The US Geological Survey reported that the quake nested at a depth of 20 kilometres. The epicenter was located 23 kilometers to the north-west of Chile’s port city of Iquique.

A tsunami alert has been issued for northern coastal areas. The tremor was initially reported at 7.4 magnitude.

An hour before the aftershock, another quake with a 6.4 magnitude struck the same area.

The Chilean authorities announced the evacuation of people from the coastal areas of the country, Reuters reported.

The tsunami threat has also been issued for southern regions of Peru. Chilean President Michelle Bachelet was evacuated from the city of Arica.

Ace Related News: April 02 – 20.55 GMT – http://wp.me/p165ui-4D8


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` Earthquake in Chile Magnitude 8.2 Causes Deaths of 5 People and Creates Tsunami Wave that could Reach to Japan '

#AceWorldNews – BUENOS-AIRES – April 02 – At least five people died, other three were seriously injured in a strong 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile on Wednesday, Chilean Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo said.

In his words, four men and one woman died in the quake. They died of heart attack under collapsed parts of buildings. The interior minister also noted that authorities had partially lifted a tsunami warning in the southern part of the Pacific coast according to Tass.

The earthquake nested at a depth of ten kilometres, the US Geological Survey said earlier. The epicentre was located 86 kilometres north-west off the Chilean port city of Iquique.

Thousands of local residents were evacuated over a tsunami threat that will remain in place for several more hours.

The earthquake damaged several buildings and roads and disrupted power supply. Looting cases were reported in several settlements.

Meanwhile, 300 prisoners escaped from a women’s prison in the city of Iquique.

In February 2010, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Chile and triggered a tsunami that claimed 524 human lives.

TOKYO – April 02 – Tass – The Tsunami wave from a powerful 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile can reach Japan. Japan Meteorological Agency reported that waves may reach the height from 20 centimetres to 1 meter.

Japanese meteorologists urged the residents of the endangered area to take precautionary measures, in particular not to approach the coastline if there is no immediate necessity.

As a result of an 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Chile 5 people died and 3 others were seriously injured. The earthquake damaged several buildings and roads and disrupted power supply.


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` Earthquake 6.5 Magnitude has shaken North Western Peru – Reports’

#AceWorldNews A 6.5 magnitude earthquake has shaken north-western Peru 42 km south-south-west of Piura, the US Geological Survey reported.

The quake’s epicenter was registered at a depth of 12 km.

There’re no immediate reports of injuries or damage.


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#Peru : ” Mysterious Death’s of Dolphin’s in Peru Cause Still Not Known”

#AceEnvironmentNews says `Over 400 Dead Dolphins Found in Peru in January’

- Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake ...

– Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake of a research boat on the – near the . Français : Un Grand dauphin (Tursiops truncatus) surfe dans le sillage d’un bateau de recherche sur la Banana river, près du Centre spatial Kennedy. Magyar: Palackorrú delfin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the report in Press TV the Peruvian officials say more than 400 dead dolphins were found last month on the Pacific Ocean beaches on the northern coast.

Jaime de la Cruz, a technician from Peru’s IMARPE marine life agency, said Monday that the dead dolphins were found at various times in January.

The latest discovery took place in the last week of January, when some 220 dead dolphins were found in the Lambayeque region on the northern coast.

Officials have begun performing autopsies on the latest dolphin deaths, focusing on lungs, kidneys and livers. De la Cruz said the results were expected in two weeks.

The latest dolphin deaths were discovered in the same area where more than 870 dolphins were encountered in 2012.

Peruvian authorities never established the cause of the 2012 deaths, as results of autopsies were inconclusive.

Speculations have ranged from bio-toxins in the sea to seismic testing to an unknown ailment.

Yuri Hooker, director of the marine biology unit at Cayetano Heredia University, said determining the cause is “complicated” in Peru since government laboratories lack a wide range of chemical reagents used to determine the dolphin’s death.

According to Hooker, the Peruvian government laboratories only have three or four of the world’s 100 or so chemical reagents.

Hooker also said dolphin deaths in other parts of the world are usually caused by environmental contamination, when they eat fish or other smaller species filled with toxins. Another cause for dolphins to die is ingestion of discarded plastic floating in the sea.


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