INDONESIA: ‘ Undersea Earthquake Measuring 6.0-Magnitude hits coast of Java ‘

#AceWorldNews – INDONESIA:July.26: A 6.0-magnitude undersea earthquake has hit off the coast of Indonesia’s main island of Java.

There were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, according to AP. Indonesia often sees tremors due to its location on the so-called Pacific “Ring of Fire.”

In 2004, a huge quake off the coast of Sumatra left 230,000 people dead.


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AUSTRALIA: ‘ Tony Abbot refuses to deny officials paid asylum boat crews to turn back to Indonesia ‘

#AceNewsReport – AUSTRALIA:June.12: Prime Minister Tony Abbott is refusing to deny claims Australian officials have paid asylum boat crews to turn back to Indonesia, saying the Government will stop the boats “by hook or by crook“.

Australian border officials reportedly handed over thousands of dollars to the captain and crew of a vessel carrying 65 asylum seekers which was intercepted off Java last week.

An Indonesian police chief was quoted as saying the six crew members said they had each been given $US5,000 by Australian officials to turn back.

Their vessel later crashed into a reef near the remote Rote Island.

Indonesia’s foreign ministry later told the ABC Indonesian police were investigating the claims.

Audio: Listen to Julie Doyle’s full report. (PM)

“This is endangering life. They were in the middle of the sea, but were pushed back,” foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir said.

Mr Abbott said on Friday “creative strategies” had been developed to stop the boats.


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#BREAKING ‘ 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake hits East of Manokwari ‘

#AceBreakingNews – INDONESIA:May.30: A 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck 174 kilometers east of Manokwari, Indonesia at 5:10pm UTC on Friday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) reported.

The quake’s epicenter was at a depth of 46.9 kilometers. No tsunami threat has been issued.

Earthquakes in eastern Indonesia occur rather frequently due to its location on the Australia-Pacific plate boundary.


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#AceWorldNews – INDONESIA – October 20 – Joko Widodo, sworn in as Indonesia’s president on Monday, reached out to political foes seeking support for his agenda.

Joko Widodo is sworn-in as Indonesian president during the inaugural ceremony at the House of Representative in Jakarta, on October 20, 2014 (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Joko Widodo is sworn-in as Indonesian president during the inaugural ceremony at the House of Representative in Jakarta, on October 20, 2014 (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Widodo is the first leader without deep roots going back to the era of dictator, Suharto, AFP reported. 

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (centre) rides on a horse-drawn carriage as they greet the crowd as their motorcade makes its way towards the presidential palace in Jakarta, on October 20, 2014 (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Indonesian President Joko Widodo (centre) rides on a horse-drawn carriage as they greet the crowd as their motorcade makes its way towards the presidential palace in Jakarta, on October 20, 2014 (AFP Photo/Romeo Gacad)

Widodo, a 53-year-old former furniture exporter known by his nickname Jokowi, won the presidency in July after a close race against controversial ex-general Prabowo Subianto.

The former Jakarta governor, who won legions of fans with his man-of-the-people image, is the country’s first leader since the end of Suharto’s three decades of dictatorship in 1998 to have no major links to that era.

Hopes are high for a new style of leadership in the world’s third-biggest democracy, but there are also fears an opposition-dominated parliament could make it hard for Widodo to enact reforms to revive the G20 economy and help society’s poorest.

The inauguration was attended by foreign dignitaries, including US Secretary of State John Kerry and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. 

A hostile parliament dominated by parties that opposed Widodo at the election could make it hard for him to push through reforms aimed at reviving South East Asia’s top economy and helping the poorest.




IRAN: ‘ Foreign Minister Tongue Lashes Australia for Mistreating Asylum Seekers on the Death Ships’

#AceNewsServices – IRAN (Tehran) – October 07 – Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister for Consular, Parliamentary and Expatriates’ Affairs Hassan Qashqavi lashed out at Australia for mistreating asylum seekers, and warned Iranians, specially the youth, not to travel to Australia through illegal channels, particularly on “death ships” sailing from Indonesia to Australia.

' Death Ships Sailing from Indonesia to Australia '

‘ Death Ships Sailing from Indonesia to Australia ‘

“Young people travel to some regions legally and then get on these death ship to sail the way between Indonesia and Australia (illegally), which in 90 percent of the cases leads to ship sinking and their death,” he added.

He further expressed regret that even if the Iranian nationals reach Australia sound and safe, they will still lose their lives in refugee camps, and demanded Iranian families to discourage their youth from travelling to Australia through illegal channels.

Last month, the Iranian deputy foreign minister had rapped Australia for mistreating the refugees after an Iranian national died in the country due to the inhuman conditions of a refugee camp.

The "Death Ships" Sailing from Indonesia to Australia.

The “Death Ships” Sailing from Indonesia to Australia.

“The islands that Australia has considered for sheltering the refugees who intend to enter the country via the sea have hard and inhumane weather conditions and the refugees are not treated well in them,” Qashqavi said.

He referred to the Iranian refugee who lost his life after suffering septicemia and then brain death in Australia, and said, “The bad respiratory conditions in Manus Island and the impacts of this region’s sewage on people’s living conditions made the Iranian national’s health conditions grow critical and led to his septicemia.”

Noting that he had held several meetings with Australian officials and the country’s ambassador has been summoned to the Iranian foreign ministry to protest at the situation of the Iranian nationals seeking asylum in Australia, Qashqavi called on human rights activists and institutions to use their capacities to put an end to such inhumane conditions in Australia.

“Sometimes, the refugees are deliberately kept in bad weather conditions, made to suffer malnutrition and don’t receive proper medical treatment, and we have always protested at such a behaviour of the Australian government,” the deputy foreign minister stressed.



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‘ Machete Wielding Pirates Hijack Tanker and Steal a Million Litres of Oil ‘

#AceWorldNews – MALAYSIA (Kuala Lumpur) – June 13 – Malaysia is hunting for a group of machete-wielding pirates who hijacked a tanker off its eastern coast, stealing a million litres of oil, in the latest in a spate of attacks in its waters, an official said Thursday.

Pirates hijacked the Malaysia-registered tanker MT Budi Mesra Dua last Saturday off Bintulu in the oil-rich Sarawak state as the ship sailed from neighbouring Singapore.

“Ten machete-wielding pirates boarded the ship, which was carrying about a million litres of diesel. They took control of the tanker for about 10 hours,” Mohamad Sufi Mohamad Ramli, a local commander with the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency told AFP.

The armed pirates siphoned off the diesel fuel to another ship, robbed the crew of their valuables and destroyed communication equipment before escaping, he said.

“We have activated 24-hour sea patrols around Bintulu waters (in the South China Sea) to prevent similar attacks,” Mohamad Sufi said.

“We are hunting down the pirates,” he added.

Pirates have attacked a number of vessels in waters off Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia recently.

In April, pirates injured the captain and stole diesel fuel from a Thailand-owned tanker off the eastern coast of Malaysia.

In the same month, three Indonesian crew were kidnapped and diesel fuel stolen from a Singapore-managed tanker in the Strait of Malacca, an important shipping lane.

The International Maritime Bureau’s Kuala Lumpur-based Piracy Reporting Centre urged maritime agencies in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia to bolster security measures to stop the piracy menace.

“In recent weeks, we have recorded five hijackings (including this latest incident), in the South China Sea area and in the Malacca Strait,” the centre’s head Noel Choong told AFP.


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Let’s join the indigenous people of West Papua…

Let’s join the indigenous people of West Papua in their fight for self determination and freedom from oppressive Indonesia. Please see the Free West Papua| Trailer of documentary the “Forgotten Bird of Paradise”.
Thank you so much.

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` Indonesia Tests Products of Cadbury to Check if they Comply to Islamic Standards '

#AceWorldNews INDONESIA (Jakarta) – May 30 – Indonesia is testing products made by British confectioner Cadbury to check they comply with Islamic standards, officials said on Friday.

The move follows a scandal in neighbouring Malaysia, after two chocolate varieties were found to be contaminated with pork DNA, Reuters said. “It is prudent to do a test on the other variants to see if they also have traces of the pig DNA,” said Roy Alexander Sparingga, head of Indonesia’s Food and Drug Monitoring Agency.

Some Muslim groups in Malaysia have called for a boycott on all products made by Cadbury over the ingredient banned under Islamic dietary laws.

(Asiaone) – Malaysian Islamic authorities tried to cool anger against Cadbury by saying it remained unclear if the contamination was the company’s fault. “People need to understand that we can’t immediately take action against Cadbury when there’s no solid evidence yet or if contamination occurred in the factory itself or if it was external factors,” said Othman Mustapha, the director general of Malaysia’s Department of Islamic Development, or JAKIM. “What’s happening to Cadbury now is akin to a person who’s remanded and placed in lockup. They have not been found guilty so this is just a suspension,” he added.

JAKIM, which is responsible for awarding halal certification in Malaysia, is conducting further tests on the suspect Cadbury products to confirm the initial findings by the health ministry.

Malaysia Authorities Dampen Concerns

Cadbury Malaysia said in a statement that it had withdrawn the two products as a precaution and that it had no reason to believe there was pork-related content in its other foods.

“We stand by our halal certification and we have the highest levels of product labelling standards,” it said.

Products in Muslim nations are regularly checked to ensure they are halal. Besides pork, items considered non-halal by Muslims include alcohol and the meat of animals and birds that have not been slaughtered according to Islamic rites.

Ace Related News:
1. Asia One – 30/05/2014 –
2. RT News – 29/05/2014 – Enraged Muslims in Malaysia have called for a holy war or Jihad to be waged on Cadbury after traces of pig DNA were picked up in their chocolates. As a result of the complaint, the company has pulled two of its products from Malaysian shop shelves.

Reuters – Islamic Standards Officials – Asia One



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Dear Admin Ace News I will request to…

Dear Admin, Ace News I will request to please share this link related to the human rights atrocities happening in Indonesia with West Papuan indigenous people, am currently doing media coverage with their human rights defenders, more at for the

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` Boat on Good Friday Procession has Capsized in Eastern Indonesia Killing Seven and Injuring Thirty '

#AceWorldNews – KUPANG – April 18 – (DWN) – Police say a boat loaded with people in a Good Friday procession has capsized in eastern Indonesia, and at least seven people have died.

Rescuers and fishermen saved 30 injured people and were looking for more survivors.

Local police spokesman Lt. Col. Okto Riwu says the fishing boat was designed to hold only 30 people but had more than 70 on-board.

It sank shortly after a 2-meter wave crashed into it off Flores island.

The boat was participating in a parade at sea while taking the passengers to Larantuka town in East Nusatenggara province for Good Friday prayers and processions through the town.

Boats and ferries are popular transportation in the vast Indonesian archipelago, and accidents due to overcrowding and poor safety standards are common.


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` Earthquake magnitude 5.0 hits under the sea in Eastern Indonesia ‘

#AceWorldNews A 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck eastern Indonesia early Tuesday morning, 352 kilometers south-west of the city of Tual in Maluku province, Ria Novosti reported.

No tsunami warning was issued as the quake struck at a depth of 114 kilometers under the Banda Sea.

No casualties or damages have been reported.


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” Torrential Rains trigger floods and landslides in `Papua New Guinea’ killing at least 11 people & causing devastation”

#AceWorldNews says that `torrential rains triggered floods and landslides’ that killed at least 11 people in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua, AP reported.

Two people are still missing after the landslides hit three locations in the provincial capital of Jayapura, according to Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, spokesman for the National Disaster Mitigation Agency.

More than 50 houses have been damaged in the landslides and flooding due to incessant rains that began Saturday night.

Rains caused three rivers in the city to overflow.

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`Saudi Arabia signs agreement aimed at protecting rights of `Indonesian Maids’ following allegations of Abuse’

#AceWorldNews says that according to the BBC – Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with Indonesia aimed at protecting the rights of Indonesian maids following allegations of abuse.

The 1.2 million domestic workers will no longer be deprived of their passports and will also be guaranteed a monthly wage and time off.

Before allowing recruitment to continue, Indonesia’s government will wait to see how the deal is implemented.

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#NSA ” Secret Document reveals `Gathering of Information of Private Communications of US Lawyers’ and their Clients”

#AceSecurityNews says that a `Secret Document’ obtained by `NYT‘ reveals that the #NSA has gathered private communications of `US‘ lawyers with their clients in the `Indonesian Government‘ involved in a `Trade Dispute with Washington”

With help from the Australians, the NSA has gathered private communications of US lawyers with their clients in the Indonesian government involved in a trade dispute with Washington, a secret document obtained by the New York Times reveals.

#NSA Indonesia ClientsThe document provided by the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden exposes NSA activity in monitoring an American law firm at a time when it was representing the Indonesian government during its trade talks with counterparts from the US.

Titled “SUSLOC (Special US Liaison Office Canberra) Facilitates Sensitive DSD Reporting on Trade Talks” the document did not specify which trade case was being monitored by Australian intelligence through the so-called Five Eyes network that includes, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand.

The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) offered to share with the NSA the information about monitored communications between Indonesian government officials and the unnamed US law firm, according to the February 2013 document.

At that time the Indonesian government was involved in a number of trade disputes with Washington and the New York times reports that the only US law firm involved was Chicago-based Mayer Brown

“I always wonder if someone is listening, because you would have to be an idiot not to wonder in this day and age,” Duane Layton, a Mayer Brown lawyer involved in the trade talks told NYT “But I’ve never really thought I was being spied on.” 

US intelligence officials have repeatedly claimed the NSA is not targeting American citizens and businesses without a warrant and not using its Five Eyes international network as a loophole. 

But the new leak confirms that US firms providing services to foreign clients can never be sure they aren’t being spied on. Last year, the US States Supreme court dismissed such fears as “speculative theory” of “hypothetical future harm,” refusing to let Americans challenge a provision in a foreign intelligence law that lets the NSA conduct secret warrantless surveillance on any US citizen as long as they are suspected of conversing with any foreigner.


NSA BaseAccording to 2009 procedural guidelines for the NSA, when a US citizen becomes an intelligence target, the agency is required to adhere to rules to protect the target’s privacy, for instance removing the identity of the American or data that does not add to the intelligence probe before sharing it with other agencies. 

Australians have been long cooperating with the NSA, focusing on the Asia region, mainly China and Indonesia. Last November is was revealed that they worked side by side on a large-scale joint surveillance operation on Indonesia during the 2007 UN climate change conference in Bali.

The intelligence report Australia offered to share could contain “information covered by attorney-client privilege,the spying agency warned the NSA liaison office in Canberra. Upon receiving guidance from NSA general counsel’s office, the Australian agency has been encouraged to continue their surveillance of the talks “providing highly useful intelligence for interested US customers.”

It remains unclear who those “interested customers” might be.

The new documents reveal that Australia obtained almost 2 million encrypted master keys from the Indinesian Telkomsel mobile network, and colleagues from NSA have helped ASD decrypt them. 

The Australian Defense Force public affairs office maintains that all intelligence is collected under strict legal guidance and is vital for supporting national interests, echoing the US officials’ narrative.


p style=”text-align:center;”>Meanwhile, the NSA when reached by the New York times about the new leaks “declined to answer questions.”

NYT, RT,  


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“Indonesia Releases Australian Woman Convicted of Smuggling Marijuana”

#AceNewsServices says `Indonesia `Releases’  Australian Woman Convicted of smuggling Marijuana’

An Australian woman convicted of smuggling marijuana into Indonesia walked free from jail on Monday after being given parole. Schapelle Corby, 35, said nothing as she left Bali‘s Kerobokan prison Monday, AP reported.

Schapelle Corby,Her release from prison was carried live on TV networks across Australia. Corby was convicted of smuggling 4.2kg of marijuana onto Bali in a boogie board bag in 2004 and sentenced to 20 years in prison. In 2010, she asked for clemency, citing her poor mental state.

Corby will have to stay in Bali and cannot return to Australia until 2017.

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“Asylum Seekers Towed on Boat to Indonesia Accuse Australia’s Navy of Abuse’

#AceWorldNews says `Asylum seekers towed on boat to Indonesia accuse Australia Navy of Abuse’

Asylum seekers on the roof of Villawood Immigr...

Asylum seekers on the roof of Villawood Immigration Detention Centre, Sydney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Forty-five asylum seekers who slid ashore on a small island off the Australian city of Darwin on New Year’s day were forced by Australian military personnel back onto their wooden boat and towed out to sea, Reuters said.

Five asylum seekers from Africa and the Middle East said in interviews the journey to Indonesia was marked by physical and verbal abuse, and the passengers were reportedly denied proper access to food, water and medical treatment. Australian Immigration and Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison said he did not give “credibility to malicious and unfounded slurs.”

The Navy and Customs and Border Protection Service “act in accordance with their training and lawful orders and would only use force where necessary,” the minister said.


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#UKWeatherNews : ” Global Perspective on Storms and Floods According to Met office”

#AceWeatherNews says `Global Perspective on the Recent Storms and Floods in the UK

Strong winds and high tides batter the coastal road close to Newtownards, Northern IrelandFebruary 2014 – This winter the UK has been affected very severely by an exceptional run of winter storms, culminating in serious coastal damage and widespread, persistent flooding. This paper documents the record-breaking weather and flooding, considers the potential drivers and discusses whether climate change contributed to the severity of the weather and its impacts.

This series of winter storms has been exceptional in its duration, and has led to the wettest December to January period in the UK since records began. Heavy rains combined with strong winds and high waves led to widespread flooding and coastal damage, causing significant disruption to individuals, businesses and infrastructure.

The severe weather in the UK coincided with exceptionally cold weather in Canada and the USA. These extreme weather events on both sides of the Atlantic were linked to a persistent pattern of perturbations to the jet stream, over the Pacific Ocean and North America.

The major changes in the Pacific jet stream were driven by a persistent pattern of enhanced rainfall over Indonesia and the tropical West Pacific associated with higher than normal ocean temperatures in that region. The North Atlantic jet stream has also been unusually strong; this can be linked to exceptional wind patterns in the stratosphere with a very intense polar vortex.

As yet, there is no definitive answer on the possible contribution of climate change to the recent storminess, rainfall amounts and the consequent flooding. This is in part due to the highly variable nature of UK weather and climate.

Nevertheless, recent studies have suggested an increase in the intensity of Atlantic storms that take a more southerly track, typical of this winter’s extreme weather. There is also an increasing body of evidence that shows that extreme daily rainfall rates are becoming more intense, and that the rate of increase is consistent with what is expected from the fundamental physics of a warming world.

More research is urgently needed to deliver robust detection of changes in storminess and daily/hourly rain rates and this is an area of active research in the Met Office.

The attribution of these changes to anthropogenic global warming requires climate models of sufficient resolution to capture storms and their associated rainfall. Such models are now becoming available and should be deployed as soon as possible to provide a solid evidence base for future investments in flood and coastal defences.

Report on the recent storms and floods in the UK, February 2014 Download a briefing report on the recent storms and floods in the UK (PDF, 3 MB)

Last updated: 7 February 2014 


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#Indonesia : “East of Java `Torrential Rain’ & `Landslides’ Claim Lives”

#AceNewsServices says `19 Villagers Killed, 10 Missing in Indonesia Landslides’

cropped-header-news-room.jpg Two landslides triggered by torrential rain killed at least 19 people on Indonesia’s main island of Java, a government official said Tuesday. Ten others remain missing, AP reported.

Five houses were buried when mud rolled down from surrounding hills just after midnight in Mekarsari village of East Java‘s Jombang district, according to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency. Tuesday’s fatal landslide was the second in several days on densely populated Java.


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#AceNewsDesk : “World News – Today – 20 January 2014 – Good Afternoon”

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15 journalists hurt in Kiev clashes

Fifteen journalists, mostly Ukrainian, have been hurt over two days of clashes between protesters and police in downtown Kiev. They include a news photographer for Russia’s Novaya Gazeta newspaper, Yevgeny Feldman, Interfax said. On Monday, a photographer for Ukraine’s, Maks Levin, was beaten up, media reports say. Police also reportedly detained TV operator Vladimir Karagyaur.


Woman suspected of torturing her Indonesian maid arrested in Hong Kong

Police in Hong Kong have arrested a woman suspected of torturing her Indonesian maid, the BBC reported. Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 23, who is currently in hospital in Indonesia, said she suffered months of abuse from the 44-year-old woman in Hong Kong. Several thousand domestic staff rallied in Hong Kong to demand justice for Sulistyaningsih on Sunday. She was reportedly badly beaten and was in a critical condition when she arrived in Indonesia last week.


14 companies bid to destroy Syrian stockpile – watchdog

The global chemical weapons watchdog said Monday it had received tenders from 14 commercial companies, offering to destroy part of Syria’s toxic stockpile, Reuters reported. The companies include those from America, Europe and China, the Hague-based Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons said. It is tasked with overseeing the destruction process, and has earmarked up to $54 million for the commercial processing of 500 metric tons of industrial chemicals and millions of liters of toxic waste.


600 people evacuated in Italy flooding

A Syrian-born doctor out visiting a patient died and hundreds of people were forced from their homes by flooding in Italy, AFP reported. The doctor, Elias Kassabij, 66, was carried away by the flood waters from a swollen stream near the port of Genoa in northwest Italy. The father of the young patient he had visited was rescued. Emergency workers near the city of Modena were looking for a man who took to a dinghy on a canal amid heavy rain to help some stranded people and fell into the water. Some 600 people were evacuated from their homes around Modena.

EU ministers approve the military mission in Central African Republic

EU foreign ministers on Monday approved sending up to 1,000 soldiers to the Central African Republic, Reuters reported. The forces will back up French and African soldiers trying to restore order after bloody clashes. Diplomats earlier said the mission would be limited to four to six months, and soldiers would take over security at Bangui Airport to free up French troops.


RussiaUS-UN meeting ahead of Geneva 2 possible on Jan. 21 – Moscow

A trilateral Russia-US-UN meeting on preparing the Geneva 2 international conference on Syria could be held on Tuesday, Interfax quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov as saying. It is possible that a trilateral meeting with the participation of US representatives and UN Special Representative on Syria Lakhdar Brahimi “could take place tomorrow,” Gatilov said Monday.


Workers to strike at top platinum firms in S. Africa

The AMCU union on Monday served notice to strike for higher wages within 48 hours at top global platinum mines in South Africa, AFP reported. Anglo-American Platinum, Impala Platinum and Lonmin confirmed members of the dominant Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union will start their strike at morning shift from Thursday. Earlier talks failed to provide a solution. Over 80,000 workers will strike at the firms, just over half their combined workforce. Workers demand a basic salary of 12,500 rand ($1,150) – more than double the 5,000-rand entry-level pay, according to the union.


Militants attack NATO base in Afghanistan, ISAF service member killed

An assault by suicide bombers and gunmen against a NATO base in southern Afghanistan on Monday killed one service member, according to the coalition. All nine insurgents wearing coalition uniforms were killed during the attack on the base in southern Kandahar’s Zhari district, AP reported, citing officials. Two civilian bystanders also died. As foreign troops withdraw this year, the Taliban have intensified a campaign against Afghan and international forces.


Al-Qaeda has enough arms to ‘take Baghdad’ – official

Al-Qaeda fighters entrenched in a city they seized late last month west of Baghdad have enough heavy weapons allegedly to take the country’s capital, Iraq’s Senior Deputy Interior Minister Adnan al-Asadi said Monday. Iraqi forces are fighting “fierce battles” against heavily armed militants to recapture parts of Ramadi, the capital of the western Anbar province, and also the nearby city of Fallujah, he said. The weapons in Fallujah that are in the hands of Iraq’s Al-Qaeda branch and other Sunni militant groups are “advanced and huge and enough to occupy Baghdad,” AP quoted the official as saying. Iraq announced on Sunday an all-out military operation to push Al-Qaeda out of Ramadi.


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#AceWorldNews says Over 10,000 have been forced to…

#AceWorldNews says Over 10,000 have been forced to flee the Indonesian capital due to the deadly flooding that killed five people over the past week. Residents used rubber dinghies and waded through waist-deep water. Indonesia is affected by floods regularly during its wet season which lasts for about half a year.

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