China: Everest shifted 3 centimeters after Nepal quake

#AceNewsReport – BEIJING:June.16: Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, was moved three centimeters southwest by the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that devastated Nepal in April, Chinese authorities say.

But the April 25 quake, which left more than 8,000 people dead, did not affect the height of the 8,848-meter mountain, according to the report by China’s National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation.

Chinese state media reported the administration had set a satellite monitoring system on the peak in 2005 to observe the movement of the mountain.

In the decade since, Everest had been moving northeast at a speed of four centimeters a year, and had grown by 0.3 centimeter annually, state media reported.

The April earthquake reversed the direction of the mountain, shifting it to roughly where it would have been nine months earlier.

It triggered a number of avalanches on and around the mountain — which is located at the border of Nepal and China — claiming the lives of many climbers. The deaths led mountaineering companies to call off their climbs for the rest of the season.

New data showed a second deadly quake in Nepal, which struck on May 12 with a magnitude of 7.5, did not move the mountain, state media reported.

Previous analyses by seismologists have said that the mountain likely shifted by as much as meters in the quake, but the height was likely unchanged.

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#AceNewsReport – Breaking Post: April.25: Several hundred people have been killed after a 7.9-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal and India with the most severe damage seen in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. The quake caused an avalanche on Mount Everest.

READ MORE: Nearly 450 killed, dozens trapped after 7.9-magnitude quake strikes Nepal (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Saturday, April 25

13:27 GMT:

At least five people have been killed and 13 injured in Tibet, southwest China, as a result of the quake, local authorities said.

13:19 GMT:

Current death toll from the earthquake so far:

Nepal – 758, confirmed by Home Ministry,

India – 34, confirmed by Home Secretary, LC Goyal,

Bangladesh – 1, confirmed by police,

Avalanche death toll – 8, confirmed by Nepalese and Indian tourism officials.

12:47 GMT:

12:45 GMT:

12:39 GMT:

About 14 aftershocks of varying magnitude have jolted Nepal since the main earthquake. They were felt for more than two hours after the quake.

12:30 GMT:

At least 758 people have died in the Nepalese earthquake so far, a Home Ministry official confirmed. Four hundred and sixty-seven people were killed in the Kathmandu Valley, the most developed and populated place in Nepal.

12:21 GMT:

The death toll from the earthquake in India has reached 25 people, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said. The maximum number of deaths has been recorded in West Champaran district.

12:18 GMT:

12:14 GMT:

Russian Emergency services offered help to Nepal, said its press service. At least 50 rescuers who have experience in tackling quake consequences in Haiti, Turkey and China, are ready for the mission.


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#AceWorldNews – NEPAL – November 01 – A collision involving two commuter buses in Nepal’s Makwanpur District resulted in 10 deaths and 30 injuries, among them one Russian female tourist, Darya Mlochkova.

' 2 Buses Crash Head-on in Nepal: 10 Dead, 30 Wounded '

‘ 2 Buses Crash Head-on in Nepal: 10 Dead, 30 Wounded ‘ 

Eight victims died on the spot and two died after medics had arrived at the scene.

The wounded have been taken to a hospital in Biratnagar.

Police say the crash occurred at 2 am, as reported in the Himalayan Times.

A driver of one of the buses was speeding and lost control of the vehicle, causing the fatal crash.

Soon after the incident, the culprit apparently fled the scene.

Ace News recently did an article on buses crashes in Nepal and the dangerous roads and conditions for drivers, with many driving too fast.      




#AceNewsServices – NEPAL – October 24 – An overloaded bus plunged down a hill in central Nepal on Friday, killing at least 14 people including three foreigners, AFP reported.

' Kathmandu to Nepal Roads are Dangerous '

‘ Kathmandu to Nepal Roads are Dangerous ‘

Rescuers have reportedly taken more than 50 people to hospitals in and around Kathmandu.

The bus carried tourists and Nepalese people travelling for the Hindu festival of Tihar when it crashed in Nuwakot, a small hill town outside Kathmandu, police said.

They are also attempting to find a passenger list, but the holiday season usually sees bus drivers picking up travellers without registering them.

The bus was travelling from Jorayal in Doti district to Dhangadi, about 800km (500 miles) west of Kathmandu, when the accident occurred.

Local and wire reports said it veered off a hilly road and fell at least 200m (656ft) into a gorge.

' Roads in Nepal are the Most Dangerous in the World '

‘ Roads in Nepal are the Most Dangerous in the World ‘

In January 2013, the same number of people were killed in the same area when a bus driver lost control on the road amid foggy conditions.

Bad roads and reckless driving are among the leading causes of road accidents in Nepal, says BBC Nepal’s Surendra Phuyal.

In recent years, road accidents have claimed the lives of more than 1,500 people annually, says our correspondent.


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#AceWorldNews – NEPAL – October 15 – A snowstorm in the Himalayan region of central Nepal has killed three foreign trekkers and a Nepali, AFP said.

4 killed in Nepal by Himalayan snowstorm

4 killed in Nepal by Himalayan snowstorm

More than 100 other people remain out of contact, officials said on Wednesday.

In a separate incident, rescuers are searching for a 67-year-old French man who fell into a river on Tuesday while following the Manaslu trekking route.

4 killed in Nepal by Himalayan snowstorm

4 killed in Nepal by Himalayan snowstorm

A total of 168 tourists had registered to trek in the remote Mustang district near the popular Annapurna circuit this week.



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` Transparency International Report Says South Asia is Most Corrupt Region of the World ‘

#AceNewsServices – KATMANDU – May 21 – South Asia is the most corrupt region of the world and governments must strengthen their anti-graft agencies to prevent political interference and protect whistle-blowers, Transparency International said Wednesday.

The watchdog group found serious problems with anti-corruption efforts in Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“South Asia now is the worst region in the world when it comes to corruption based on our studies,” said Srirak Plipat, the group’s regional director for Asia Pacific.

All six countries have public bodies charged with stopping corruption, but “their hands are tied by political control over the staff appointments and budget,” the group said in a report.

“The lack of political will on the part of the governments to make laws work means that government action to fight corruption is largely ineffective,” the report added.

The group urged the governments of the six countries to strengthen their anti-corruption agencies and judiciary by ensuring that appointments, transfers and removal of the heads of the agencies are conducted independently.

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  2. Contributions from Transparency International


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` Sherpa Mountain Guides Leave Mount Everest in Walkout Demanding a Fund be Set for Those Killed '

#AceWorldNews – NEPAL – April 22 – Most Sherpa mountain guides have decided to leave Mount Everest in a walkout certain to disrupt a climbing season, AP reported. Earlier Tuesday,

Nepal’s government agreed to some of the Sherpas’ demands in the threatened boycott, such as setting up a relief fund for Sherpas who are killed or injured in climbing accidents.

However, the funding falls well short of what the Sherpas wanted.

Last Friday, several Sherpa guides were hauling climbing gear between camps when a chunk of ice triggered an avalanche.

Thirteen bodies were recovered and three Sherpas are still missing.

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1. #AceWorldNews – April 18 – NEPAL – An avalanche swept down a slope of Mount Everest on Friday, killing 12 Nepali mountaineering guides, a Tourism Ministry official said.


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` Avalanche sweeps down the slope of `Mount Everest ‘ Killing 12 Nepali Mountaineering Guides ‘

#AceWorldNews – April 18 – NEPAL – An avalanche swept down a slope of Mount Everest on Friday, killing 12 Nepali mountaineering guides, a Tourism Ministry official said.

The first major avalanche this climbing season hit the most popular route as hundreds of foreign and Nepali climbers flock to the mountain to attempt to climb its 8,850 meter peak.

Three Nepali guides were injured and some people may be missing, Reuters quoted Tilak Ram Pandey, an official at the ministry’s mountaineering department, as saying.

The avalanche hit the Sherpa guides between base camp and camp 1 early on Friday.


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` Police in `Nepal ‘ make 94 Arrests after Students take to the Streets over Huge Hike in Fuel Prices ‘

#AceWorldNews Police in Nepal have made 94 arrests after students took to the streets attacking vehicles and setting fire to a parked bus as they protested a fuel price hike in Kathmandu on Wednesday.

Student unions called for the rally during a city-wide strike following a rise in petrol, diesel, kerosene and aviation fuel prices last week, which in some cases was as high as 7.6 percent.

Schools and colleges shut, while some 2,000 police officers patrolled the streets to counteract the protests.

Himal Sharma, president of the UPCN (Maoist) student union accused police of using ‘excessive force’ to subdue the demonstrations.


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` Indian Airbus Jet-Liner with 170 people on-board catches fire as it is landing at Nepal ‘

#AceWorldNews says that an Indian Airbus 320 jet- catches fire as it is landing liner with 170 people on as it was landing in Nepal’s capital, Katmandu, on Saturday, AP reports.

The right wheels of the plane ignited reportedly before it touched the runway, as the passengers complained of a “rubber burning-like smell.

Emergency workers quickly responded to the incident to control the fire and evacuate the passengers. No casualties were immediately reported.

The jet belongs to Indigo budget airline and was flying from New Delhi.


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“Nepalise Police Discover Plane with No Survivor’s”

#AceWorldNews says `No Survivors were found in the wreckage of the missing Nepal Passenger plane that l reported on Sunday, as Missing’

Nepalese police on Monday discovered the wreckage of a plane that had gone missing one day earlier in the country’s mountainous west.

No survivors have been found, AFP said, citing an official.


150 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Nepal Airlines plane with 15 passengers and three crew crashed into a forested hill in Arghakhanchi district, 226km west of the capital, with aircraft pieces found in a nearby village.

The plane, carrying locals and one passenger from Denmark, lost contact with air traffic controllers after taking off from the town of Pokhara on Sunday afternoon. The aircraft from the state-run carrier encountered heavy rain en route from Pokhara to the town of Jumla, 353km west of Kathmandu.


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” Nepal Airlines Plane goes missing with 15 passengers on board after taking off from Pokhara Airport”

#AceWorldNews says that a `Nepal Airlines Plane’ carrying 15 passengers, including one infant, and three crew members went missing on Sunday afternoon shortly after taking off from a popular tourist resort, police and airline officials said.

Nepal police spokesman KC Ganesh told AFP that the Nepal Airlines plane took off from Pokhara airport at 1:30 pm and disappeared 15 minutes later.

“One of the passengers is from Denmark,” spokesman Ram Hari Sharma told AFP. “The rest of the passengers are from Nepal.

The airline has alerted police to find the plane’s location” and is “preparing for rescue operations,” Sharma said.

The state-owned aircraft was travelling from Pokhara to the town of Jumla, 353 kilometers (220 miles) west of the capital Kathmandu, when air traffic controllers lost contact with the cockpit.

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