#FOIA MOD Documents Reveal Coalition Forces Bombing Syria without Democratic Sanction ‘

UKRAINE: ‘ On anniversary of Airliner #MH17 Crash 260 Airlines call for Global Convention on Anti-Aircraft Weapons ‘

BRITTIUS REPORT: Background Details Related to Charleston Shooter

‘ Project Muslim Brotherhood ‘

@TheJusticeDept Over 250-people charged in Multimillion $ Medicare Fraud @AceNewsServices

ICELAND: ‘ Recovering Fastest in Europe After Jailing Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out’

Edward Snowden ‘Has Blood On His Hands:’ MI6 Is Forced To Pull Spies Out Of Hostile Countries — After Russia And China Decode a MILLION Encrypted Files’ — Based On His Leaks;

Britain Pulls Spies Out of Russia, China — “Our agents and assets being targeted” as a Result of Snowden, Cyber Hacking, Leaks

Russia and China Crack Snowden Documents

RUSSIA/CHINA: ‘ Agreement on Far East Land Lease for 50-years ‘

WASHINGTON: ‘ Hillary Clinton blames Republicans for Inequality in US ‘

WASHINGTON: ‘ Congress prepares to vote on funding cuts to CIA ‘

FRANCE: ‘ Paris regrets loss of Russian Arms Market ‘

NORTH KOREA: ‘ Claims the US targeted them with Live Anthrax ‘

#BREAKING144 ‘ German prosecutors close probe into alleged NSA tapping of Merkel cellphone’

DOJ: ‘ Naturalised American admits Smuggling $65-Million in key Electronics ‘

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#BREAKING144′ Union: Hackers have personnel data on every federal employee ‘

MOSCOW: ‘ Student detained in Turkey trying to join ISIL returns home to Russia ‘

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